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Logic or Intimidation at Sahaj Marg?

This is taken from Shashwat's Site on Orkut: Freedom from SRCM-Sahaj Marg in the article: SRCM Working Committee.

Thank you to the "pro democracy" individuals inside SRCM(California) for bringing this to our attention. Karan Jami, the blog's owner from Iran, has withstood other attempts to shut him down in the past. (Author of this Blog)

This was posted on that site:

Shashwat said:

One of the member of SRCM working committee is Dr. Aditya Arya. I noticed him sometime back, when he was asking someone to remove mention of SRCM from his profile, below is what he is stating to owners of (some) other SRCM communities on Orkut:

Dr. Aditya's message is on scrap book of Karan Jami owner of one of Sahaj Marg community here is the link of the message posted.

Karan Jami's Sahaj Marg "community" on Orkut (1550 members):

Sender's Profile:
Aditya Arya's profile on orkut is here:-

Dear Brother Karan:

This is regarding your community on S. R. C. M on orkut. I thank you on behalf of Master and all abhyasis for your good intentions to propagate the cause of S. R.C. M. However, lately we have also been watching certain people trying to target ids/communities like yours to spread misinformation about S. R. C. M. and its activities. Your id/comunity could be also a target of such people soon. We would therefore urge you to join hands with Revered Master and remove your community and any mention of S. R. C. M. from your profile with immediate effect. We would also urge you to remove any such reference on any other blogs if you have ever done so. This would help us to spoil all wrong intentions of the miscreants before it spreads using technology. Hope you understand and would walk the said path with Master.

With love and regards,

Dr. Aditya Arya
Member, Working Committee, S. R. C. M.
Jt. Commissioner of Police
Rashtrapati Bhawan
New Delhi 110 001

Cyril Borg Said:

To the Miscreants

Interesting that this person uses his "Jt. Commissioner of Police" title, along with "SRCM Preceptor" and "Working Commitee" membership ... Now that is a typical example of "Loving", "respectful", and "professional". NOT... lol (4d-Don said: Fear mongering and Intimidation? YES!)

Instead of accusing "some" of being "miscreants", he should address the now-exposed, and (reported, "alleged" verbal) attacks by his group on other religions, groups inside his own religion, marginalized minorities such as the "gays" which Chari calls: "un-natural" and their protection in "legislation" an "abuse of rights of man legislation".

About other religions, he attacks their rituals such as the catholic "confession", their validity and credibility, calling them "corrupt", and he even says that they "promote" war and violence and SRCM teaches that to the "children" in their VBSE School curriculum.

That type of "miscreant" behaviour should be reported to the UN DPI Program by some SRCM(California) "insiders" who still have "morals" and ethics.

If Sahaj Marg is going to UNITE the World under the Chari Banner, then he is going about it like a spoiled juvenile delinguent and is causing more divisions even in his own GROUP. Barak Obama seems to have more UNITING power than the self-appointed "representative of GOD".

The religions who want "freedom of SPEECH" so as to SPEW their hatred of other groups should not try to "intimidate" other's FREE SPEECH. Those who expose them as "miscreants"? What's next? Are there no MIRRORS in INDIA? The SRCM like all religions have no "correcting mechanisms", once something is said or "endorsed" it has to be defended to the end. LOGIC can't defend their POSITIONS so they try "intimidation" and then violence and war ... Krishamurti was right! Faith leads to VIOLENCE! Well NOW IT WILL BE ON TV and on the NET... For all to see... We just need the "MEDIA" of the 5th estate, the INTERNET, to be TOLD...and we will do that!! We are doing that! We are THAT!

Those who fund these "miscreants" will remember this when the next "gay" person is beaten up by some "lunatic fringe" of these FAITH-BASED "literalists", fundamentalists and adherents to obedience to religious dogma by decree from the top of their PYRAMIDal corrupt paradigm. (As Sister Kasturi stated,...) IT's the MONSTER you, who fund it created, YOU REIN IT IN...or EXPOSE IT and Bring it DOWN! DISMANTLE IT! Give it back to the PEOPLE who gave it to you!

Cyril Borg...

4d-don Said:

When the power (police, military) of the secular "democratic" state with its communal "tax base", is used to enforce through intimidation, the edicts and decrees of a specific religion, or a specific pseudo-spiritual group such as SRCM, registered in another country (California, USA) what we, the citizens have is a societal drifting towards a "theocracy", and we, as a society, are losing a "democracy" with it's "FREEDOMS". . Such use of the power of the state is a retrograde motion back to the feudal medieval days of the "divine rights of kings" and the aristocracy. Such intimidation tactics are not sanctioned by the UN in their DPI program criteria, and "free" information should flow "freely".

The right to "own land and property", the freedom of "free thought and speech", and the freedom to "assemble" is what democracy is built on.

It is time for the funders of this SRCM(California) group to forsake "OBEDIENCE" and to exert their democratic "power" and their freedom of SPEECH, or lose it for themselves and for future generations. Our democratic freedoms were not a gift from the aristocratic and autocratic "elite", which includes RELIGIONS, but they were "taken" by the PEOPLE, and at a cost. Some sacrificed their lives for these FREEDOMS. We all have a responsibility to protect them, so as to pass them on intact and/or enhanced, to the next generations.

Those who sell our "democratic freedoms" for volunteer "titles without power" will be recorded and remembered, just as we recall those who in the past, have betrayed their ideals, their countries, family, friends and compatriots for "beads and trinkets", (30 pieces of silver) and other illusions of power such as the religious cons of "salvation" or "liberation", or a "better seat" in the "other world", in the "brighter world" or in the AFTERLIFE.


In solidarity with Barak Obama, "YES WE CAN!"


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