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Open Your Heart ! Chari !

Taken from: Open Your Heart

Malampuzha Ashram Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony,
23rd December, 2005, Kerala, India

Chari replies to an abhyasi:

...Yes. But, in real fact, what a prefect should do is to win the heart of the abhyasi. We have a saying that ‘Love is God. God is love.’ If that is so, when you work on the heart where God is supposed to be, what are you doing?

Is this not telling? The Prefect's job is to "win the heart of the abhyasi".

Maybe the correct term for the proselytizing mechanism used by such "Cults of Personalities" is not "brainwashing" but first convincing people to think with, and to trust their hearts (become emotional rather than "rational"), and then performing "heart washing" or playing on the "emotions" with contradictory and confusing statements. Come on people, the HEART IS A PUMP, not a BRAIN! Use your "noggin" if you want to be FREE!!

Then Chari goes into the "training" of his soldiers, comparing them to "horses" (animals) so they will "behave well"...

(...) Suppose you have a coach and four horses, and you are harnessing them to the coach. And then the boss comes and says, “You drive him.” And he thanks you for taking him to wherever he wants to go. In reality, who is doing the driving? The horses. Why do they go? Because you love the horses. If you don’t love horses and you hate them—neighhhhhh [sounding like a recalcitrant horse]! So you pat them on the neck, you brush them, you kiss them, give them a cube of sugar, and then they will behave well. The feeling is important; the horse must look at you and recognize you.

(...) Do you understand? So in spirituality when you are able to harness the hearts of your people, they work as if they are not working for you, but for themselves—which is true.

And the preceptor or the prefect (priest) is to "harness the hearts of your people", so "they work as if they are not working for you" but that they think that it is for "themselves". They (the targeted "serf" ) will then have no (voting) power in the METHOD or the MISSION except as a "proselytizer" or as a recruiter!! If they protest, they will be removed by the PRESIDENT as per their own constitution ( a dictatorship). And they will do the work "willingly" if the prefect or preceptor has done his job well ...

And later....

So what are we to say? Every one of you should love in such a way that you have kavarchi, you know, aakarshana shakti [power of attraction]. And how will it come? When you are not there and only the other person is there. If you give a sitting just to put on record that today I gave seven sittings, that is for yourself, isn’t it? Babuji never said he has transformed so and so; he never said that. In fact once, one very senior officer of the government came. He said, “Babuji, can you show me two people whom you have liberated? Then I will join your Mission.” I was going to hit that fellow in the face, you see. It’s like telling an apple tree, “Show me an apple and then I will accept you are an apple tree”—and they are hanging from the tree! Isn’t it?

So one of the goals of the the preceptor or prefect is to work on his/her "power of attraction" so he/she will please the Master with "numbers" of obedient sheep !!

Notice the "anger" in Chari who was going to use violence in reply to a legitimate question. What are the names of the "apples" that have been LIBERATED by SAHAJ MARG?

Now he reverts to "name-calling" and insults the French people yet again. Ah the LOVE in the MAN!! And he transmits that to the World as SPIRITUALITY!!

So we have fools. And fools—why are they fools? Because again arrogance will not allow them to say that, “I do not know.” “Oh yes, I know everything. Spirituality—chi chi! It’s a cult.” Like they have in Europe, the problem of the cult (SRCM was named in 1995 by a French (and also a Belge) Government Comittee (30 members) as a "harmful sect". (translation to English) Only fools talk about something they don’t know, with the vehemence of somebody who knows everything about it. “Oui, oui,” they say. So you see, talking about something about which you know nothing in a way that you know everything, is the first sign of arrogance and ego. Pride! And then when we ask you the first question, you say, “Do you know anything that you are asking me a question?” “No, no, brother. You said you are a scientist. Can you tell me the velocity of light?” “Look in a textbook. Who are you testing?” One who dare not be tested will refuse to be tested, as if he knows everything and you are insulting him by asking! You understand?


Does Chari "know" about GOD? Does he say: "I don't know!"? Or like an "arrogant fool", does he go on preaching to others about God being MALE, and what God thinks of "homosexuality", and claiming to know wether women can be MASTERS or not, according to GOD. "Methinks he doth protest too much" (Shakespeare).

When someone asks to be OBEYED in everything, then the rest of us can say that that person is creating the "CULT OF A PERSON" ... Only a "fool" would say differently. Since "name-calling" is Chari's forte, then we can also say that he displays a certain "megalomania" and "arrogance".

From now on, we want all MASTERS to be TESTED... It is starting to happen already. Self-titled GURUs BEWARE! ...

Any "contender" who desires to become a "spiritual Master", through "self-titling (megalomania), writing his/her autobiography (ego), shows by his/her desire that they are not "Spiritual Master Material", but are motivated by the glitter of the MATERIAL and lust for its illusion of POWER. Taking other contenders to court or using violence against other contenders would immediately disqualify a contender as that process shows a desire for Earthly or Material POWER and hence creates "idolatry" in the true seekers these "false Masters" would attract through personal or "animal" magnetism, also called "charisma". Charisma cannot be the gauge of Spirituality, nor is the number of "followers" a person attracts. Many Idols have many followers.

The journey of Spirit is an "interior" journey, as opposed to the exterior rituals of the business of RELIGION and "cults", which need material structures and un-democratic organizations (dictatorships), and "numbers". A person who registers his "spiritual path" as a "trade mark" meant for commercial products has corrupted (material-ized) his/her own spiritual path and can't be called a Master of Spirituality. That path would also corrupt (harden) and divide the followers of this person from their families, friends and societies.

Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it." (New American Standard Bible, Matthew 7-13 attributed to Jesus of Nazareth, called the Christ (Messiah) be he historical or myth)

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Information will set us FREE!!

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