Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More "Simple Life" Lessons From SRCM (California)

From Alexis' Comment on Elodie's blog in France: Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg

Cleveland 2008, at the end of the month is fast approaching…

Sleep sites: 10000 people
Objective SRCM last January, 2008: 5000 abhyasis
Entries from April 1, 2008: 2000 abhyasis, including children!

"Here and Now or Never…" turns into "never, ever" since Chari has cancelled his visit for health reasons.

It is his son, P.R. Krishna who will come! He will be in North America April 26th to May 1st. He will also visit the centers in Dallas and Austin, Texas, Atlanta (Georgia), Dayton (Ohio), Chicago (Illinois), Detroit (Michigan) et Toronto (Canada).

One can expect more retreats such as the SPURS Ranch for the weary businessmen so they can take a break from "making money". And the CARBON FOOTPRINT? Who cares, he's SPIRITUAL!! and as such, is LIBERATED from the EGO and the MATERIAL... so he will TEACH and PREACH...

By the way, you can still register for Cleveland, and instead of Papa (Chari), PR Krishna (Chari's son) will come! (Sound like a TOTALITARIAN dynastic structure?)

Who is PR Krisha? You will no doubt get a lesson in "SIMPLICITY" from PR Krishna (Chari's son)!! Is Namrata still LIVING, Married and still in SRCM? Do you pay for Krishna's travels? Does he need the charitable "ASSISTANCE"?

This appeared on a blog by Namrata, a new abhyasi and was soon removed. You can see why! The blog was called: "A Search For The Truth".

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Warm house of Poor

Today was Krishna Bhaiya's house warming. He built a new house in Bangalore, Sarjapur Rd. Its a huge house. Master conducted satsang. Yesterday I expected that Krishna will give an open invitation to Blore abyases for Satsang but, there was no announcement regarding the same after morning satsang. I felt a bit upset as I have seen that middle class ppl are now a days giving open invitation to all abhyases for marriage reception. Why not Krishna?? He is big guy? After all ppl cannot be so disturbing. I am sure everyone understands that they should not disturb master.

He must be having his reason? But today morning we came to know that its an open invitation to all blore abhyases to attaend the satsang. I was GLAD.
Some abhyases were telling that master went all the way to Nasik for house warming of a rich abhyasi who built a palace like house.

I dont have any issues with master going and inaugrating big houses. Those ppl must be close to him or he may be bound to oblige. Somewhere i feel there is a contradiction in what Sahaj marg is teaching and following. Master tells make a simple house & one house is enough. Then why abhyases are making 3 0r 4 houses?

I dont have credibility to tell master not to go for house warming of riches. But, I havnt seen or heard that he has gone to the house warming of poor too.
I feel there is a gap widening between poor & rich in abhyases. Many abhyases feel tat master gives attaention to only those who are rich. Physical nearness is only for rich...poor has to just stand in queue waiting forever.


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Sunday, April 09, 2006

This was the last post on this blog...

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Answer to :Warm house of poor


In my last post i was upset as why sahaj marg phylosophy is not followed by master's own son. Well i got the answer, we should see only our master as example not even his son. Well his son may have built many houses but not master. So we should not get upset by somebody doing something which does not match the phylosophy of sahaj marg. Master is working every moment for upliftment of humanity. He has no other aim.
I just need to help him in this. This should be my role. Thas all, period!!!

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

This is a comment on the same Blog:


During a discussion with my Preceptor I was made aware that some French Preceptors posed questions to our brother Ajay (Chari's hand picked successor) on the need or not to continue to produce their annual reports to be sent to Master. They stated that these reports are read by no one, and that consequently they are useless.

The response from Brother Ajay left me perplexed, however, because it invites the Preceptors not to ask questions about wether they serve some purpose or not, or if they are read or not by anyone. In fact for them to send these reports is a sign of obedience to our Lord. Each Preceptor should just be guided by him without asking questions. Without admitting that he does not agree with the response from Ajay, my Preceptor prefers to avoid the question (and the subject) without giving me an answer. I was not aware of that report and I wonder about the spiritual bonds and obedience, and on what is important and what is not, on what is fair and what we must accept to feel integrated.

Anonymous Abhyasi...

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