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Questions To Chari, Guru Of Sahaj Marg(tm) and His Answers!

From a Question and Answer session with abhyasis from Iran, 19th March 2010, Kharagpur, India. It seems that the Iranian "seekers" are more astute than the other "sheep" from Asia and the West...

Comments by 4d-Don are in "red italics"

Q: What is the reason for some abhyasis leaving Sahaj Marg after a while?

PR: Well, you see, when you take a horse to the pond, it drinks until it has enough water. How thirsty are you when you come? You know in spirituality, it is called the thirst for spiritual life.

How thirsty are you? Some people drink like this [drinking a handful of water] and they are happy. You know many people come to Sahaj Marg because they have problems at home, they have no jobs, they have problems with the wife, or the wife has problem with the husband. Somebody tells them, you know, "Oh, Sahaj Marg, you know — everything okay," they come. And unfortunately (remember this), unfortunately if that problem is solved, they go home. I am not saying, ‘fortunately'. It is unfortunate, because the moment their personal problem is solved... It is like going to a doctor when you are sick. When you are well, you don't go to the doctor again. So you are reducing spiritual teaching, you are reducing the Morshed [Master] to the level of the doctor (the hakim), whatever you see. And when you are satisfied, you go. Or, on the opposite side, nothing happens, and you go home. You understand?


Maybe because they (true seekers) thirst for Spirituality and they see that Sahaj Marg(tm) is really commercialized SPIRITUALISM and fantasy, (ghosts, spirits, beings of light, egregores, Mediums, etc... ), promoted by arrogant preceptors, many of whom are also adherents to, and promoters of various new-age therapies, and other commercial "products" which they sell to a captive, submissive and obedient abhyasi market. They imitate their opportunistic Master, and his inner circle of businessmen, nationalists, developers and wannabe Gurus.

Most true seekers want SPIRITUALITY in REALITY!! Not another alternate Marketplace!

Since Chari won't answer the concerns of this "seeker", then I will list why I will not belong to such a group:

1. Flawed Theology which has drifted into "idolatry" and spawned "false philosophy . God is not "male", and nature is not "female", to the exclusion of the other genders, as Chari (and you?) teaches the children; and "women can't be Masters in Sahaj Marg(tm) because they don't have the capacity for the "destruction" needed by a Master, is simply NOT TRUE!! We are speaking "SPIRITUALITY" here, there is no "heavy lifting" except for such false dogma, made up by "old men". That type of "sexism" is from male "out there" or "sky religions" (as opposed to "in here" or "nature religions" which the Sahaj Marg of Babuji, wanted to call itself: The Natural Path??) . That type of sexism, as well as the displayed "idolatry", and admitted arrogance and narcissism in Sahaj Marg, which was once accepted in the past, before the "communication revolution", is a visible sign that we are dealing with a very flawed (or "no philosophy" as Chari admits, and even boasts... Chari is a engineer) philosophy and a corrupt and corrupting new religion.

Chari, and his priests (preceptors), always refers to the Divine, the ONE SPIRIT as "Him"... Sahaj Marg(tm) teaches and displays its "idolatry". (statues of Ganesh?, golden lion, busts and images of the Masters of Sahaj Marg, beings of light (light is matter), egregores ( made from the recepts(stimulus from the receptors, senses), percepts (analyses and assimilation of groups of recepts, producing "perceptions") and concepts (ideas), the units and/or "particles" of MIND), etc..etc ...

To worship MATTER (idols), ENERGY (light, sound, etc...) and/or MIND as having consciousness and/or having "infallible consciousness", is IDOLATRY! There are no "entities of SOUND, or "entities of "MOTION"... or conscious "beings of light" accessible by some and not by others (or by technology) !! I'm from Missouri or a "doubting Thomas" ... show me!! Smells like a nationalist, materialist and spiritualist "scam" to me ...

Don't kill your innocent mother because a "self-titled" guru said so, as Chari writes in his books (even as a "TEST") ... If you know of someone who will, call for some help ... Police or "mental health professionals" ... Let the guru offer himself to be slaughtered for no reason, for a test, if he so desires ... But don't let anyone use your mother, husband, child, neighbour, Anyone, that way.

NO KILLING of PEOPLE allowed except in self-defense or by accident... PERIOD!)

2. SRCM (California-1997) Teaches Intolerance. Other religions, minorities (gays, lesbians and trans-genders) and other cultures (and even the ashrams of his own preceptors and the family of the founder of his organization), are continuously attacked by Chari. (I guess they don't tell the "flock" about their "sins" or their accumulating "samskaras"!!)

3. I don't pray for a "favourable egregore" and call it "spirituality".

4. I don't believe in, nor do I go to Mediums and/or attend their seances to contact the mythical "spirits" or "ghosts" of the dead, and then claim that these phantasms and/or spirits have given me a "message", as if it was REALITY ... I reject that spiritualist scam as a hoax and I call it: SPIRITUALISM ... not SPIRITUALITY. I don't adhere to the fantasy of spirits, ghosts, angels, demons, beings of light, beings of sound, beings of MOTION, or other "fairy tales, etc... etc...

5. I don't see "simplicity" at Sahaj Marg(tm) but I see the opulence of materialism, and all the pyramidal structures of POWER among the "inner circle" of businessmen, retired military, police, professionals, etc ...

I see a gang mentality and addicts to sensuality and power, who will go to any lengths to control and manipulate their fellow man/woman. I have watched over the years, as the philosophers, thinkers, etc... left SRCM (California-1997) in disgust, as mobs attacked the ashrams of the old preceptors who were loyal to Babuji, and his SRCM (Shahjahanpur-1945), and as spiritual preceptors were replaced by more ruthless and obedient "SPIRITUALIST" lackeys.

6. Truth and honesty seems to be sacrifed to opportunism at SRCM. The history of the origins of Sahaj Marg and the SRCM is full of un-truths and outright fabrications (Example: "Lalaji had no Master!" or "Lalaji invented Sahaj Marg", "Sahaj Marg is a modified Raja Yoga" (beginning at step #7, (of eight), etc. )

7. SRCM(California-1997) is sexist, nepotist, nationalist, materialist, spiritualist.

8. SRCM(California-1997) has become a marketing place for many questionable new-age therapies.

and many, many more reasons ...

Q: What is your opinion about the destruction of the world in the year 2012 which was projected by Nostradamus?

PR: We shall wait and see. [Laughter] No, because at the moment, my opinion is as good as yours! My opinion is as good as yours, what is going to happen in 2012. If I am a good Muslim, I will say, "Insha-Allah, whatever will happen, will be His will." If I am a fool I will say this, and you will say that, and she will say, no, both will not happen. And what we say will be guided by our fears, and by our hopes. There are only two things, you know, like you have two reins for a horse: fear, hope. So we are using this always to guide our life, our opinions, our wisdom, everything. So let us wait. Let us wait patiently and with faith, that whatever happens will be good for us. Okay?

Ask the "spiritualist" anonymous French Lady Medium or her "beings of light"!! Did Babuji not write his prophetic, "My Vision" (prophesies), as a chapter in one of his books? Chari needs a Medium, as he is not in touch with the "spirits" !! Chari says: "If I am a fool I will say this, and you will say that, and she will say, no, both will not happen.", and yet, he promotes the "prophesies" of his "medium" and Babuji's as if it was not from a "fool"!! Double standards and opportunism?

Q: Master is not paying attention to me. Does this ignoring have any meaning?

PR: Why should I pay attention to you? [Laughter] No, no, tell me. Why? I should attend to your need. If you are hungry and you come, I must feed you, not attend to you. "Oh, Bozorgmehr, what a wonderful Iranian. How happy and handsome you are." And he says, "Mamma mia, I am hungry, he is attending to me!" Now which would you like? That I attend to you and flatter you, and praise you, or that I do what is good for you? Which? Be wise!

Yeah ... who are you anyway? Remember, having no "glittering in the heart", according to Babuji, Chari can't "love" and he thinks it is impossible to reach ONE (or his male God) by "loving"... So he's trying out "service" (to his dreams and desires of conquering the world?... According to their constitution, ... " and bringing (his?) spirituality (spiritualism?) to those who are not already with us (…) ... According to this questionner, Chari is not giving him/her good "service" either ... sort of like his arrogant Sahaj Marg(tm) preceptors ...

You are obviously not of his "inner circle" and/or are not important to his MISSION! Apparently, only retired military, police, judges, the wealthy, businessmen, and specially the professionals (health, mental health, lawyers, doctors, engineers, developers, etc..) ... get his undivided attention ... he can get something from them!! It seems that the spiritual service of this un-loving Sahaj Marg(tm) "techie" is not much service at all ... it's in the "FLAVOUR" of the "service" that one finds "spirit"... the predominant flavour at Sahaj Marg(tm), beside "recreation", is arrogance.

Q: Next question. How can we remove doubt about the system in ourselves? This doubt is bothering me.

PR: Doubts come because of comparison. When you give a child two biscuits, you have put the child in trouble — this is better, or this is better? And when you give two children different biscuits, even if they are the same biscuit in different shapes, you have created trouble.

Babuji, as any "wise person" would, said to check out (or test) the guide (and his ability to read the spiritual map) and his Method, all the time ... daily!! Hourly!! If you see some short-comings, then leave and don't follow him and his spiritualist and nationalist/materialist mob, over the precipice, ... he is supposed to be PERFECT or at least "competent", not simply "practicing" at the game of "spiritualism"... or at least as competent as he expects you to be ... One who "pooh poohs" the material and the intellectual realm, should not surround himself and his "entourage" to such nationalism, materialism, idolatry and commercialism... and with such "oppulence"

What a silly game they play ... What a waste of time at this critical time in our Planet's and our civilization's evolution ... Do you abhyasis ever think about the environment any more? The Poor? Do you really trust the CEO's and the Corporations to save the World, a world which they messed up so badly to enrich themselves, and continue to avoid dealing with!

They play the "SPIRITUALIST" game of : "Now... God decided to destroy the world, and he is using the Guru to do it as God can't, but the Guru can"... As you (and they) burn more carbon (fossil fuels) chasing their mythical male GOD or gods (Ganesh and the other statues (matter) of devas) looking for your "liberation" or "salvation" ... Shame! Start using your head and the true Raja Yoga!! Which can be done "at home" and by yourself. On the path to "hell", one journeys with a gang! On the path to salvation, one journeys alone!

Q: Whenever I read your diary, Master, In His Footsteps, I become disappointed with myself because my experience is very far from yours. In fact, I have no vision during sittings and meditation, so I cannot figure out my progress as you could.

PR: Now, why compare? Again the same story. Why compare? You know, suppose I have a safe journey — I go to Teheran and come back: safe, happy, no trouble with immigration, no trouble with customs, I have nothing to write about. But suppose I have trouble with the Indian immigration — "Where are you going? Why are you going to Iran? What are you doing there?" And my customs open [the luggage] and say, "What are you taking to Iran? Why are you taking this and that?" And I land in Teheran and they say, "What are you doing here?" and you say, "But I was asked the same question there!" Then I have a lot to write about. "I went in a taxi to the airport. I was cheated by the porter who took from me twenty rupees instead of five rupees" — I have things to write about. (...)

How dare you "compare"? You "bad disciple"... The egotistical Guru should only be obeyed!! ;-))

If you start believing the "indoctrination", you too will have the experience ... but it will be "auto-hypnosis" or "auto-suggestion" narcissism or "sensuality" ... as with any such experience ... ( I was a Catholic... I know the POWER!).

The experience is believe-able enough that some, such as Biblical "Abraham" agreed to kill his own, Isaac, on such FAITH (desireable?? ) and historically, many have committed crimes and atrocities after having been "brainwashed" or "in-doctrinated"... Grown people can be made to believe in angels, heaven hell, fairies, aliens, a personal God, etc... We can witness the power of "religion" and its divisive and destructive ability in the news of the day. But it is not REALITY ... It is made up by MIND ... the great dual deceiver! Mind can build a pseudo-REALITY from various sources of information, be they from Logos (logic, reason) and/or from Mythos (myth) which can be believe-ble to the masses or the crowds ... Example: mass hypnosis, or, the
Miracle of the Sun, Fatima, Portugal (Oct. 29, 1917) , where the sun danced in the sky and was seen by thousands.

The sun did not move in the sky as the crowds witnessed. That's the TRUTH!!

But the sun "did move in the sky", they claim, ... that's "their" truth ... and they will swear to it until "death"! ... That's their "pseudo-reality"!!

Q: When we talk about simplicity and being one with nature, when I see Master's office, I have contradictory feelings.

PR: Yes, but you see the Master instead of his office. You know, rich people, when they have a dog, they have diamonds in the collar and diamonds in the leash. But what does the dog get? Think of that.

Huh!! Did he answer that question to your satisfaction? ... is this not called "Questions and Answers"?? That's one more "happy customer" eh? He's as slippery as an eel!! ( a businessman... an agent) I guess one has to use the heart so as to make (not) any sense of that silliness!! One has to laugh, because it's not funny!! lol lol lol ;-))

Master is a CEO...he meets important people and he needs more "service" than the poor lowly "serf" who must support him ... You'll understand it all in the "Brighter World" ... Until then, Obey and give him more "SERVICE" or money or lure others into giving either "service" (time) or money ....

Ah the simple life... and they, the spiritualists, they will retire to their retreats (charity??) at the sunny resorts in the Indian ocean, or at their ranches (Austin, Texas), so as to take a break from making so much money ... The poor? ... oh well ... There will always be the poor... because some (the Ceo's and the Gurus... the Religious) take so much and and leave nothing for those who are not "ruthless" enough, and simply take, steal or scam ...

Q: We are claiming that Sahaj Marg is above all religions. Why is there a statue of Ganesh in this place?

PR: Because I like it! [Laughter] How do you know what is Ganesh? (see photo) You don't know what is Ganesh, who is Ganesh, until I told you this is Ganesh. No? What I mean is, you could not know it is Ganesh except because I told you. Now why do you think of what is Ganesh? It may be anything. May have been my lover in a past life! Isn't it?

When the questionner begins his question with, "we", he/she should stop lying for them, the Sahaj Marg(tm) spiritualists, and then he could begin his/her question with: "you"

Then he/she would realize that the only option he/she has is to leave this spiritualist gang, and search for SPIRITUALITY elsewhere...

Chari is back-peddling and is as slippery as a "salesman" or an "agent"!!

Ganesh? The pantheist " deva of intellect and wisdom." Is "intellect" now OK as long as it is pantheist and "Hindu"? Constant flip-flops by the Master of Sahaj Marg(tm)!! So much for UNIVERSALITY or is it the acceptance of some RELIGIONS and/or their mythical "gods" ?? Where are the statues, bust, of images of Christian, Jewish or Muslim "gods"?? The ones with "no form, no image, etc...) The ones (SPIRIT) which are not "IDOLATRY"!! Matter, Energy, light, sound, etc...

This statue of the elephant headed deity, Ganesh, was purchased or acquired as "charity"? To impress or lure whom? Could that not be sold and the money used to feed a few "poor"? Are we seeing many such Hindu "idols" and/or "gods and devas" beginning to surface in the Sahaj Marg(tm) Mythology? (golden lion, etc...) Will Ganesh later become an object of worship? Is it now? Who will answer the questions? Not Chari!!

Q: Raja Yoga is the yoga of the mind. Why are we meditating on the heart?

PR: Raja Yoga is not the yoga of the mind. Raja Yoga means it is the king among yogas, and the yoga of kings. It uses the mind, that's all. We also use the mind. How do we use the mind? We use it like a dog. When it barks, we say, "Shut up!" So we tell the mind: Quiet! Sheytan, keep quiet. Now I am here [heart]. It is like the sheikh, you know. He said, "Don't disturb me."

Huh? That should satisfy the un-thinking "gullible" and the "naive", who don't read, eh? But it does not satisfy the "THINKERS", those who have, and use their MIND!! ... like Chari? That is why the philosophers and the thinkers "leave Sahaj Marg(tm)" when it becomes "spiritualism", commercialism and materialism (idolatry). Anonymous mediums, messages from the spirits of the dead, and egregores, are not "the TRUTH" ...Spirituality or REALITY! It is a SCAM!!

But the rest of the abhyasis are supposed to think with their HEART, the Pump for Blood. The heart is not the seat of the soul, nor the seat of the emotions or an instrument (organ) for thinking ... it is a PUMP for Blood! That is the REALITY!!

The rest is "metaphor" and remnants of our cultural fantasies, superstitions and ignorant past. It sounds good in "poetry" but not as a spiritual path to seriously base one's life and/or "afterlife" upon ...

Give your collective spiritual heads a shake!! Just to make sure you still have one, you who have drifted into "spiritualism" !

Here are some attempts to be "scientific" and "rational" at least...

From Patanjali's Raja Yoga:

FOREMOST among the Yoga teachings of India comes that of Patanjali dating back, according to popular tradition, to at least 300 B.C. His Yoga Sūtras give definitions and instructions which are accepted by all teachers, even when they also make additions in minor matters. He begins with a description of yoga as "Chitta vritti nirodha." Chitta is the mind, the instrument that stands between the man and the world.


Vritti means literally a whirlpool, and nirodha signifies restraint or control. Thus yoga practice is control of the whirlpools or changes of the mind or, in simple terms, voluntary direction of what is commonly called thought, or control of the ideas which are in the mind.

From Shri Swami Sivananda

Raja Yoga is the king of Yogas. It concerns directly with the mind (...)

Wikipedia: Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga is so-called because it is primarily concerned with the mind. (...)


If you took all the spirituality in Sahaj Marg(tm), and put it in a thimble, you would have enough left over to fill the navel of a flea and the heart of a "spiritual representative". (an AGENT, acting for a mythical male GOD.)


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