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Abhyasi of Sahaj Marg(tm) is Angry and Outraged!!

Taken and translated from a comment by Alexis (the interpretation of Whispers is Polemics), which is a reply to Mounis (see comment with Mounis' anger and outrage here), on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Insertions and comments by 4d-don are in "red italics"

For Mounis (or "Moonie") ... your so-called "illumination" has many "hues" . There's the red of anger and lust. And, there's the green of greed, and desire, and more ...

Illumination, or enlightenment should carry knowledge of, not addiction to, or control by, all of the human emotional colours united to form the "WHITE" light of Cosmic Consciousness.

New Age Man! ;-))

Elodie said...

The interpretation of Whispers is Polemics

Mounis has just react violently to the decryption (of Whispers) by Alexis. He / she must not be alone in this case, but is one of the few people to take the step, and leave a message.

I share the point of view of Alexis, but I'm willing to hear other arguments. I opened this debate exactly for that. It is unfortunate that the abhyasis do not participate more. I have always published their criticisms or attacks of any kind. In a real debate there always comes good things. The ball is in your court. Speak up, you will be published and we will discuss.

The location of the debate here (in French) (comment in English on this blog)

Below is a quick summary of the arguments of Alexis


said ...

Well. You are all just idiots! You do not even know what you think! Just look at Babuji's comments on the fall of the Soviet empire and the rest.

The United States is impoverished.

You are not up to judging a spiritual Master.

You are
just minions, putting on airs over your fate. I pity you very much!

Know that the master is the master, you are not up to understanding any of his thoughts or attitudes.

Instead of wasting your time on frivolous attitudes, think about his life and what he has dedicated to you.

Shame on all those who publish such ridiculous comments. Shame on you all! Too bad, seeing you at this point. So go to your church and confess your sins of pigs, but do not say another word about my Master.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Alexis Said ...

Man (kind) has lost its mind

It is amusing to note that Whispers says that man(kind) has lost its mind, when Chari, on the other hand, repeats that we have to stop thinking and open our hearts. To remain in the sphere of the mind is to deny the spirituality that is the voice of the heart ...

In popular parlance, the heart, it is the emotions, the head is the reason. And Whispers tells us that things are not right because man has lost his mind. Like love, the lower instincts, such as hatred, revenge, etc.. are indeed emotions, (said to be) emanations of the heart. There are some positive, others negative. But Chari never said one had to listen only to the positive emotions from one's heart, he said one must listen to his heart, that's it!

Man has (those who have) listened to his heart, and he has lost his mind but so far, has not gained spirituality. And nothing works, we must change everything. Mankind must find reason again, then reconnect with the sphere of the mind. But it must also grow spiritually. So how?

One more contradiction, understand who can, and this is not the last ...

Danger, the punishment is coming!

Whispers exploits fears. Since the end of the glorious 30's and the first oil crisis, our world is going from crisis to crisis. The year 2011 is the year of disasters: climate, nuclear, economic, financial and social, etc.. The world is in permanent crisis. And Whispers benefits by surfing the wave of ambiant decline. We are not very far from the Apocalypse any more. (I will return) ...

Man will have to pay for his mistakes, it is the divine punishment. One is close to the Judeo-Christian imagination when, irritated by humans, God unleashed the flood.

Would "Whispers" want to make us believe in the vengeance of a cruel God? And that the SRCM will be Noah's Ark?

A vengeful and cruel God, is this the image of God in spirituality, Sahaj Marg style?

Disasters or Apocalypse?

All components of the Apocalypse are present, but the word is never uttered. Whispers prefers a new era of cataclysms. From one "whisper" to the other, the causes go from climate change to nuclear and vice versa. For nuclear, human responsibility is obvious, but the climate is much less clear. It does not help the discourse, which is bent on blaming mankind.

Whispers hesitates between nuclear disaster and climate disruption

In another life, Babuji was already announcing that the heat of the sun was dropping, the gulf stream would be diverted, that volcanoes would produce toxic gases for humanity and that the UK would sink into the ocean, etc.. It was already reality at dawn, (From "Reality At Dawn", Babuji's book) in the early 50's!

It is difficult in these conditions to completely replace the unsettled climate with a nuclear catastrophe today, without completely disavowing Babuji ...

Divine punishment or human responsibility?

SRCM, (or its adherents) which denies being a religion, borrows all the codes: the world is evil, punishment, and the Apocalypse is coming, SRCM is the solution, that is, the solution for an elite (discussed later).

There remains the problem of human responsibility. Very present at the beginning (of Sahaj Marg), it then disappears into the nature of the Apocalypse. It is therefore a divine punishment which is in question.

So who are we then to worship a God who judges us and who then administers the punishment?

Words have Meaning!

Let us first examine the language: a new race, an elite of souls which will regenerate humanity. The words of "Whispers" have terrible connotations. They remind one of the dark days of racialism and eugenics that raged in the late 19th and first half of the 20th century.

This is far from trivial, because it would have been just as possible to say that mankind had not completed its evolution, that it was at work right now, with the development of new spiritual abilities. This is what the people of Sahaj Marg have already qualified themselves as an involutive evolution towards invertendo or the
state of the "transpersonal".

But now, instead of using the scientific language of the theory of evolution or the language of the current transpersonal psychology, Whispers revives eugenics.

A Judeo-Christian Babuji

Man is bad, racing to his ruin, divine retribution is coming, cataclysms will be unleashed, it will be the Apocalypse. But in his great goodness, God will save humanity thanks to a new race
which is looming on the horizon and supported by the SRCM ... as he (God) allowed Noah's Ark at the heart of the Flood!

The chosen race can not become integrated because they are different, only in Sahaj Marg is it understood and appreciated, because that is where the way of the future is, the way to reach this new race, perhaps even to join. Sahaj Marg is the solution ...

The whispers of Babuji borrows all its codes from Judaism and Christianity. It re- takes typically and to the letter (verbatim ... word for word), the Judeo-Christian discourse It is not surprising when you consider that the medium is French, a Westerner herself bottle-fed on the Judeo-Christian culture.

Many are called but few are chosen?

An elite will save the world: there are many called but few are chosen, except that many will succeed. Here we are again faced with one of the many contradictions of Sahaj Marg.

The SRCM is a club for the elite. Moreover, these messages are addressed to "members of the brotherhood of man." The road is narrow and full of pitfalls. There are many who are called but few are chosen. In short, you're lucky to be part of this elite as it is not given to everyone, consider yourself happy. You are part of the Club ...

Elitism is an attitude which is essential for all groups so as to strengthen the internal cohesion and to make people who are outside to want to enter. SRCM cultivates very well this elitism with its supposedly unique and
unparalleled method! Yes, but by dint of cultivating this sense, it also sends the image of a perfect Master, so far removed from the ordinary abhyasis that it becomes impossible to reach him or even to come close. The risk to Chari is that negative behaviors arise when the face with these difficulties. Or should not the abhyasis throw down their arms, renounce or abandon the game. Hence the concession dropped from time to time: a lot succeed ...

"A vibrational niche appropriate to the subtlety of their ethereal bodies"

Enjoy the beauty of the formula! Add a pinch of indigo children with extra-sensory perceptions, and we are plunged in the heart of the New Age, deep in the occult and Western esotericism.

The (anonymous French lady) medium of Whispers undertook a major dogmatic rewrite of the ideology of Sahaj marg, mixed in some Western New Age, and it seems very appropriate to Chari. I repeat, the words make sense. Between Judeo-Christianity, racialism and New age, the personality of the said medium shows through and becomes clear.

Why did Chari accepted this evolution / revolution of Sahaj marg? What are they trying to do? Achieve a Westernization / globalization of the concept?

The aliens are back!

We had forgotten about them a little, or lost them from sight. But the Babuji of Whispers says clearly that an invasion of aliens, a power foreign to this world, is going to happen.

But then, what about the chosen generation, our "indigo" children? Are they the aliens of which he speaks? Are we already invaded by little green men? Would these invaders be our own indigo children? Or are they collaborators of these invaders? Is this the beginning of the War of the Worlds?

We are swimming rapidly into full science fiction ...

Through anecdotes, and for the record, we note in passing that the pyramids have become relics of interplanetary relay-stations.
Were the pharaohs the aliens? The Egyptians who built their tombs, were they equally little green men?

Beyond the Medium of Whisper's already mentinned many qualities, let us add that she is totally ignorant ...

The New World

The New World which Whispers promises will be completely different. It will be cleansed, strengthened and enlightened. It will match the standards set (by whom?), and will have a new structure that is emerging in letters of gold, out of the reach of our understanding. It will protect the universal balance, thanks to a prodigious knowledge.

It's a little light! The imagination of our dear medium leaves much to be desired. It is never as good as when it comes to criticizing our world of today. But when it comes to speaking of the future world, it is of minimum service: it will be different, incomprehensible ... but it will correspond to "set standards". Phew, we are assured! But what are these standards? Mystery ...

Our ignorant medium has decidedly very little imagination ...

Every man for himself: there is no time to waste, time does not exist

"A new cycle begins with this century. In a quarter century, the earth will experience great turmoil. " Thus, according to Whispers, the 21st century marks the beginning of the process "punishment-Apocalypse-New World". In 25 years, the turmoil at the beginning of the Apocalypse?

Remember that in the 50's, the Babuji from before the Brighter World had already announced the start of the turmoil, the shift of the poles, etc..

But it is even more complicated for what follows, much more imprecise: the elite race, already present among us, will emerge "after a long time." And the new world will exist only "in future centuries," knowing that this "is not for tomorrow, it is a distant future" and that to top it all, "these prophecies are not for our time ".

The explanation emerges later: "All is fleeting here below. In the world, the notion of time does not exist. " Yet in the Babuji of the Brighter World repeats endlessly, there is no time to lose ...

Long live the contradictions! One thing is certain, the Apocalypse is not for the 21.12.2012! Phew, we are partly reassured ...

Laboratory mice in the hands of a mad scientist

"There is no time to lose", and yet it is "inevitable, irreversible and programmed! "

Throughout the pages, Whispers says one thing: react now while there is still time because you can not do anything any more ...

Certainly the Whispers
medium plays with the nerves of the abhyasis and mocks what is left of their intelligence. Unless this is so as to definitively desensitize the last neural connections that remain.

And it continues! Chari erected Whispers as the Bible of Sahaj Marg, the Babuji from the Brighter World urges us to read his prophecies to prepare us, but adds that "these prophecies do not concern us" ...

"The new world will correspond to the standards set," so do not worry, it has everything, it's all decided, and all programmed.

What is finally confirmed for us, one single and small time, in a turn of a phrase: "This planet is somewhat experimental, subject to many tests. "

Do you finally understand? We (you?) are puppets, marionettes with invisible strings that some pull in all directions! We're finally back to our humble condition of laboratory mice in the hands of a mad scientist named Babuji ...


4d-Don said...

The original of this comment was posted by amar on this blog, article:

Sahaj Marg(tm) Meditation, Depression, Hallucination, Suicide,

amar said...

It is fact that by sahaj marg meditation method, one may go to serious depresson and hollousination Iam the most suffered victim I felt down into very serious mental breakdown on 1st Jan 05 while doing meditation For six months After consulting very senior doctors consulted HOD of mental department of amedical college my condiition improved to some extent

I am still under medication

Thu Dec 29, 01:40:00 AM

Anonymous said...

Think it's sad...there are so many people that become depressed, doing their "practice"...and the organization doesn't want people who take meds to do their practice. They get you hooked to their practice.

A lot of people stay instead of getting some real help. A lot of people go crazy. Definitely something is not right.
Amar, I hope you are well. It takes courage to move on! Congratulations!
May you be happy and peaceful. May you feel safe. Live your life, life is much better after
Sahaj-Marg. May you be free!
- Triple Gem

4d-Don said...

Hi Triple Gem..

With your permission, I will duplicate your comment in the article in which Amar originally posted his comment. The article (on this blog... see index in right margin) is called:

Sahaj Marg(tm), Meditation, Depression, Suicide,

Thanks for you comment...


Happy orbit around the sun (one year)...for the 4 billionth (plus or minus a few years ) time ...


Anonymous said...

Don - of course you can post my comment. It looks like it needs a correction - sometime should be deleted, if possible.
Happy New Year!
-- Triple Gem

Anonymous said...

Well the link won't work if it goes against the grain of what you are saying. But what you say is high on words and low on substance. Your grudges seem to guide your writing rather than reality, which you are a big fan off (apparently ;) Here's another idea to broaden your thinking. Look at the Season 2 episode of Ancient Aliens on History channel (or Netflix) that aired in 2010 that proposes with evidence that the pyramids were build by another race. Now the Wispher came in 2002 or so. So if you have a scientific mind, be driven by facts and correlation.

4d-Don said...

Hey you...

Here is some Sarcasm for you and for the sake of the intelligent readers...

I get it ... You mean it's all "science" and now you are using your "evil intellect"... not your "pure" heart??

And all the sci-fi books in your Sahaj Marg "retreat centers" bought with Charity dollars are actually SCIENCE?? (Asimov, Dan Brown, etc... And now, the "history Channel on TV is "science"?? lol lol You're a very funny guy/girl...

So ... here are a few of your scientific FACTS (according to Sahaj Marg and other religions, it would appear):

-The aliens built the pyramids ...not the Egyptians

-Babuji was a descendant of the aliens ... or a close friend as he communicated with them and knows the future. Now the Medium communicates with Babuji who lives in the Brighter world... (on a cloud??).. How Alien!!

-Muhammed (no doubt) got his "Quran" from the archangel which was really an alien

-The indigo children are aliens or sent deirectly from GOD, another Alien
-The Judeo-Christian Bible is also no doubt all about aliens helping the Jews to defeat their enemies. (that is what some "science" says also... and the Bible is a code (by the aliens??)

And aliens also built other temples in India and around the world ... and make many signs in South America and elsewhere...

And now, the Aliens are on your side!!

and yet ... Sahaj Marg is still corrupt and is still the product of a gang of liars ... weavers of fantasies, and very very MATERIALIST, not to speak of racist, homophobe, nationalist, and specially SPIRITUALISTS... So of course, they support any "fantasy" in other cultures...

Aliens will not save you, or US ...

Take your responsibility and become adults, not children impressed by such religious fantasies, or pseudo-science, so we may be accepted in the Galactic Federation before we blow one another up ... and make the planet in-habitable for future generations of "EARTHLINGS" ... or Aliens!! But apparently, India is not "corrupt" because your religion has made you so "SAINTLY" lol

At least, reduce you Carbon Footprint in your search for, and your worship of your very Spritualist and very MALE God...or his "special" representative, Babuji...

Oh Yes (here is some more lies from your Special Saint ...

Lalaji did not have a Master, and reached sainthood by himself in seven months, and his writings were all lost, sold by a servant who thought it was garbage ... Apparently in India, you can sell garbage paper and make money ...

Or is it still the Aliens ??


amar said...

Thanks a lot sir for replying my writings previously i didnt explain my very short i will say u about my sufferings.pains and experiens. I had been an abhyasi in 1976 when babuji was alive,but never attended shahjahanpur as my intellect not allowed me to believe sahaj marg theory and hence i was not seaeious about meditatation etc. Due to some mistearious concidenses again i was dragged in this cult in about 1990 and then iwas practising as per metthods of this marg to my full devotion to Master,methodand mission. It was passing all well as to give more time to practice i took volluntary retirement 9 years back in 1999at the aage of 50.On1st Jan '05 when ireturned after masss meditation to my home I fell ill seariouslly. since that evening my whole body was burning like it was put on pyre. I could not swallow a grass of food or water.icould not sleep overnights by taking high doses of medicines icould sleep for few hrs in night.peaople expearience death like pains once but i suffered hundreds times.I talked to local precepters on phone sevaral times but they did not come to my house,rather they cut jokes on me;one precepter was contrictory who came to my house but could not understand my problem exceptthat it was cleaning process by Master.When i contracted Bajpayiji on phone he advised me to go to dotor and not to do meditation,cleaning and going to asharam.It was a rediculus advice!When i was so searious how could i do meditation?It was impossible for me to practice since 1st Jan 05.When the pains werw unbearable i wrote ti Master Chariji and sent it by speed post. idid not gett any reply even not acknowledgement.Thus i sent three times by speed post but i did not get reply even acknowledgements.I tried to talk to chariji on phones but it was hard to find him.How ever once he was available on phone but he did not talk to me some abhyasi who was sitting near him talked to me saying that masrer is taking rest "you tell me the problem and i will tell to master"i told him all about my worse expeariences. after some time he said to me that master is saying that i should leave practices and going to doctor. What was new!i wasnot doing since last six months and between passeed six months I had prayed in front of Master's photo hundreds of times even i wept to kindly cure me as i was AT THE POINT OF NO RETURN.neither i coould worship idol GODS not believe the Master.After six months,iwent to head of the depatt of mental dept of medical college and he said that it was a sever mentatal depression and hallocination.I am under treatment since about six year and i have recoered about 90 percentie only insomania.One thing more iwant to write about attitude of these people.After four yrs i had gone to Lucknow in birthday celiberation.After two days suddenly i saw bajpayiji i went to him and gave my introduction.He shouted to me
"What are you doing here?Go to your home"I asked him that i want meet master.He said to me in tanunting voice "then go and meet him if you can." This was the behaviour of a secratary of this spritual organisation that in place of some healing words as he was knowing all my serios conditions he souted me and passed taunting remarks.Again thanking you yours sincearly AMAR

4d-Don said...

Hi Amar ...

Thank you for sharing your comments... (in the future, could you leave paragraph spaces so as to make your comments more readable)

I empathize with your suffering, and I am sorry for your suffering at the hand of this group of businessmen.

I will pass your comments to the other blogs in Europe (to help and/or warn others).

Please feel free to share your experiences on this blog...

May you find comfort and peace on your spiritual path... May your spiritual path be one which agrees with your intellect so as to not create (and hopefully cure) such mental suffering.

There are many examples of such "cognitive dissonances" among the abhyasis of this group...

For more exapmles: see Frank's blog in Europe. Frank is an ex-preceptor and the ex "Zonal in Charge" of Sahaj Marg in the Netherlands. Search on his blog for "cognitive dissonances"...

Pitfalls of Spirituality:

Bless you and your family