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Who Am I? By Blogger Elodie, Ex-Abhyasis of Sahaj Marg!

Taken and translated from an article by Elodie on her blog: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Insertions for the sake of clarity (translation) by 4d-Don are in "red italics".

June 6, 2011

Who am I?

My report on Sahaj Marg

The new readers do not generally read the blog from its beginning, and they sometimes wonder about my path. It is perhaps worthwhile to elucidate.

I was brought up and bottle-fed on Sahaj Marg from my early childhood. My parents met Babuji and became his most ardent disciples. Then they renewed their loyalty to Chari and to the Shri Ram Chandra Mission. My whole family is steeped in Sahaj Marg.

For me, the question did not arise. I followed this path which met my expectations and all my spiritual education. I met my boyfriend and we began to raise our children in the same way.

Everything changed in 2005. Chari turned into a juggler so as to sell us his book Whispers at 250 € (Euros), the satsang of the large gathering at Vrads (Denmark) was interrupted for an auction. Obviously this was just the straw (that broke the camel's back), I had long wondered about some things that I sometimes did not understand and which caused me some trouble. But when I turned to others for answers to my questions, they did not answer except to stigmatize me for my lack of confidence and to reproach me my doubts: I was a bad abhyasi, the discussion ended there.

That's what led me to create this blog. Since we could not openly question within SRCM, I brought the discussion out. Convinced at the time of the spiritual value of Sahaj Marg and the greatness of our Master Chariji, I feared the excesses of the organization. Hence the title of the blog: So That Sahaj Marg May Live (Long Life Sahaj Marg), free from the excesses of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission, by a desperate abhyasi. Because I hoped with all my heart to see Chari and the SRCM get back on track and correct these errors. I still believed that the movement could reform itself, and get back to basics.

The following years have unfortunately done nothing but reinforced my concerns about the proliferation of the driftings (going off-track). Chari's "gift" reserved for the handful of the wealthiest abhyasis in 2006, was it a miscommunication or a voluntary and assumed drift (slide, slip)?

Meanwhile, research undertaken by some on this blog have revealed some hidden truths. The Sufi past of Lalaji, the absence of a unique spiritual lineage to Chari, and instead, the bushy family-tree of successors to Lalaji as well as to Babuji. Today, the spiritual work of Narayana and sister Kasturi is closer to the spiritual heritage of Babuji, etc. Even to the current project of the medium and Chari, similar to a paperback series of science fiction novels, apocalyptic and populist in overtones. I have long kept my consideration for Chari, but it has faltered and eventually disappeared. The racket (scam, con-job) of the medium has definitely opened my eyes.

There were good things in the teaching of Sahaj Marg, I'm still confident, but there is more than bad in the business concept that eventually replaced it, and which Chari was the main architect, even if the abhyasis have really helped. The master/disciple relationship has changed considerably in the SRCM as elsewhere. Now, with the globalization of spiritual groups, followers idolize an icon and the media gurus all succumb to the lure of power and money. My spiritual aspirations have never decreased, they are for me an essential necessity, they are part of my education, but I do not believe for a moment in the ability of groups and their spiritual gurus to respond appropriately. I feed my spirituality by scrounging here and there what seems to me the best, without ever focussing on a teacher or a particular group.

I should have stopped this blog long ago, once really separated from Sahaj Marg, and my mourning ended, the better to look elsewhere and to turn the page. But my whole family, my old relationships, all are still involved in SRCM. I saw their spiritual quest become an unfailing faith and blind obedience to the most vile absurdities, leading them to worship today what they rejected yesterday.

In the name of those values which ​​they have instilled in me, and which I have never renounced, render them to me as I have known them, and not as they have become.


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