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The Many "Babujis" Among Lalaji's Disciples!

Taken and translated from Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg. This is a short article by Elodie with some links to (see link below) and to Alexis's blog: Le Projet Sahaj Marg.

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Monday, Oct. 4, 2010

One Babuji, Two Babujis, and even Three

Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur (aka "Babuji") is far from being the only "Babuji". Long live the confusion.

According to Alexis, the affectionate name given to Babuji Maharaj has also been attributed to two (at least) other great disciples of Lalaji, Shyam Lal Saxena et Shyam Bihari Lalji.

(Notice also the "Babu's" ("ji" is a title of respect, as "sir") among Lalaji's disciples)

Exerpt from Alexis' Blog: Le Projet Sahaj Marg (French)


That makes two new Babuji Maharaj, both prior to Babuji and Chari of Sahaj Marg. When we know that Babuji of the SRCM has long attended the Ramashram Sikandrabad, we can assume that there he met more than once Shyam Lal Saxena, called "Babuji Maharaj" a great friend of Krishna Lalji. He bore the same name as Lalaji, did he want to have the same nickname as two (2) of his disciples?

Finally, here's a list of the principal disciples of Lalaji, according to:

- Raghubar Dayal ji (7/10/1875-7/06/1947), nicknamed Chacha ji Maharaj – brother of Lalaji

- Brij Mohan Lal ji (14/04/1898-17/01/1955) – 1st son of Raghubal Dayal Chachaji, nephew of Lalaji

- Krishna Swarup ji (22/12/1879-19/09/1958)

- Jag Mohan Narayan ji (2/11/1900-28/08/1944) – son of Lalaji

- Dr. Krishna Lal Bhatnagar ji (15/10/1894-18/05/1970), nicknamed Tauji Maharaj – Ramashram de Sikandrabad

- Dr. Shyam Lal Saxena (1/01/1901-29/12/1987), nicknamed Babuji Maharaj – Ramashram from Ghaziabad

- Shyam Bihari Lal ji (19/07/1890-7/06/1959), nicknamed Post Master Sahab, (and Babuji Maharaj him also ?)– Guru de Ranaji, fondateur of Ramashram de Shyam Nagar

- Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahay ji (3/11/1883-23/09/1957) – Ramashram of Etah then of Mathura

- Prabhu Dayal ji (1885-9/01/1948), nicknamed Peshkar Sahab

- Ram Chandra ji (30/04/1899-19/04/1983), nicknamed Babuji – Sahaj Marg SRCM

- Sevti Prasad Mukhtar ji (1/12/1899-30/08/1989), nicknamed Phupha ji Sahab – Companion of Krishna Lalji and of Shyam Lal Saxena

- Radha Mohan Lal ji (October 1900-21/07/1966) - 2nd son of Raghubal Dayal Chachaji, nephew of Lalaji - nicknamed Pujya Sri Munshi Babu

- Jyotindra Mohan Lal ji (17/06/1913-11/07/1989) – 3rd son of Raghubal Dayal Chachaji, nephew of Lalaji - nicknamed Pujya Jyoti Babu

- Hiralal Joshi ji (22/11/1899-11/09/1979)

- Bhawani Shankar ji (6/11/1891-20/07/1973), nicknamed Chacha ji, Urai Waale - Sant Bhawani Shankar Satsanj Aashram Orai

- Thakur Ram Singh ji (30/09/1899-14/01/1971) – Ramashram of Jaipur

- Harnarayan Saxena ji (20/03/1908-4/03/2003) – Saral Hari Marg

For details and more information on Lalaji and Lalaji's disciples, see on: the list of Lalaji's disciples.

Lalaji's and the Ramashram Heritage


Lalaji Maharaj (Mahatma Ram Chandra ji Maharaj) (From

Param Sant Mahatma Ram Chandra ji Maharaj was a complete yogi, a complete guru and a complete brahm veta. Prior to Mahatmaji, the knowledge of the powerful concept of chakra-bhedan (chakra piercing? Kriya Yoga) had almost got extinct. This secret kernel of truth was guarded fiercely by those privileged few who had intimations of this knowledge. Most of them either did not want to propagate it or disclosed it to only a few handpicked ones. In the Naqshbandia Khandaan (house?) of the Sufis, this knowledge was being passed on from heart to heart. However, because of religious divides and societal disapproval, neither could the Hindu be a willing disciple of a Sufi, nor could a Sufi saint happily transfer this knowledge to the Hindus.

This reality veiled in secrecy was unfolded by Shri Ramchandra ji Maharaj who refused to be deterred by social and religious prejudices and attained the knowledge of chakra-bhedan from Param Pujya Sadguru Maulana Fazal Ahmad Khan Saheb. After perfecting the art of the chakra-bhedan vidya (knowledge of chakra piercing? Kriya yoga?) , he simplified the very strict rules and demanding lifestyle required for learning the adhyatma vidya (spiritual knowledge) to be accessed by the layman.

It seems that Babuji and Chari have the same attitude towards the leadership and the disciples of the groups they join and then belong to as "ABHYASIS". If they are not given the controls of the society as "president" or as "spiritual representative", they either take the name of others (the Master), or re-register their society (using the same name) in another country, or claim that the society they once belonged to has now "breathe their last" and that they, in their "dreams" or "fantasies", have been appointed "successor to the Master" and are to be followed by everyone. One can surmise that the old societies are to be dismantled or handed-over to them... sort of like a surrender to a "conqueror" !!

Is there not "EGO" in that ? Is that not "divisive", and not very humble or "spiritual"?




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