Monday, May 10, 2010

Message From Michael (Ex-Preceptor, USA)

I just received this message from Michael, who was a preceptor in the Boston, Massachussets, USA area, and close t0 Chari's "inner circle". As well, Michael was a member of the Publishing Arm of SRCM before it became SRCM (California-1997). Michael was made a preceptor by Chari and Chari also blessed his marriage which is now a "failed marriage".

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Dear Don,

I've been away for a while and had not seen the latest drama within the SRCM until now. Thanks for diligently documenting it. It's not surprising, however.

Might I point out that Babuji started this madness by founding the SRCM and declaring his very Mastership on WORDS channeled from the grave. He went so far as to channel the additional claim that all Sufi's (Mohamedans)in the Naqshabandi tradition would be cut off unless they converted to Babuji's new path.

It is this foundation of SRCM based on words channeled from the grave that is the Root Cause of what is transpiring today.

I stated a few years back when I stepped away from being actively involved in the growing group of SRCM dissidents, that SRCM would do a fine job of destroying itself from within and really didn't need much of a push from the outside.

Its sad to see it happening though. As Chari approaches death, like Babuji before him, his henchmen/women are repeating the vicious process of posturing and pushing each other out of the way in order to declare their right to successor-ship.

This is how religions are formed - and might I add that we really don't need more religions.

Its doubtful that SRCM can sustain itself into the next generation without degrading completely into a faith based religion formed from words channeled from prophets, mediums and re-written history. Practitioners are already encouraged to forgo direct experience of Creation in lieu of receiving the blessed WORDs from others claiming to be more capable to experience Creation on their behalf.

I witnessed the beginnings of this over 20 years ago when the "publishing committee" was established to create a written channel for the WORD. A lot of WORDS have been created since then! I walked away from SRCM without regrets and never looked back.

I only hope and pray that the sincere souls enslaved by such tyranny of WORDS find their way on their own personal Infinite Journey where they already are experiencing the Creator and Creation directly.


See also: Analysis of Chari's 1982 letter to Babuji (by Christian, phd psychology, 18 yeras an abhyasi with Chari)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for these words. It took me a very, very long time but soon the cognitive dissonance became too great. Chari has set himself up as God. If Ajay were the spiritual successor he never could have resigned (could Jesus or Mohammed 'resign'?). Calls into question the whole movement.