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Sahaj Marg(tm) and the Apocalypse NOW!

Taken and translated from an article by Alexis: "Apocaplypse Now", on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

April 22, 2011

Apocalypse Now

Back to basics?

Sahaj Marg denatured (4)

In December 2009, within the precincts of the Manapakkam ashram, Catherine Lauret (Rose's Medium... see here) announced to Poonam Thaper that she would open the new path (the new way) of Sahaj Marg and that she would be its next spiritual representative. But she also announced the imminent (in 2010) nuclear war between China and Europe, during which the United Kingdom should be completely destroyed.

Whispers also contains its own set of predictions, we have already spoken about it. But that's also what Babuji wrote in his book "Reality at Dawn" chapter "My vision" in the early 50s.


“The world these days is passing through a critical stage. The political situation is growing extremely intricate day by day. The economic condition has become very depressing. Moral, religious and social degradation has almost reached its final limit. An atmosphere of rivalry, unrest and insecurity prevails everywhere. Every nation looks with jealous eyes upon her neighbour and utilizes all her resources in finding out means of exploiting it.


The sign of progress they take to be the gradual drifting of the country towards the western type of civilization which is based on pure materialism. But now the age of materialism must come to an end. The old order must change yielding place to new. The present structure of world civilization based upon electricity and atomic energy shall not remain in existence for long. It is destined to fall soon.


I present before the readers a glimpse of the world that is to be, as I see it in my vision. Believe it or not, but that is my reading of Nature in the clairvoyant state. Signs are evident that the destruction of the undesirable elements in the world has already commenced.


The time is now ripe for its final phase and the world is rushing towards it with headlong speed. The action may come into full resent century but some of the events enumerated below may take a longer time to come into effect.

The heat of the sun has been gradually diminishing for some time past.


The present decrease in the sun's heat is meant only to expedite nature's process of change and the personality deputed for that work is utilizing it for the purpose. It is an unfailing sign of the imminent upheaval in the entire structure of the world and after it the sun will again resume its full glow. The same sign will appear again at the time of Mahapralaya (complete dissolution) but as it is a far-off thing, I do not like to dwell upon it here. One thing I may disclose in this connection for the interest of the readers. At the time of Mahapralaya the pole star will deviate a few degrees from its position and will grow a bit hotter. A powerful energy in the form of a gas will begin to gush out from it and will ultimately destroy the world and everything else in existence. The action of destruction will start from the North Pole.

In consequence of the present upheaval, drastic changes will come into effect and the new structure of the world will be quite different from the one we see today. The fate of Great Britain will be sad. A part of it, i.e., its southern portion will sink into the sea. A volcanic energy in the latent state is at work in the heart of London and in course of time it will burst forth in the form of a volcanic eruption. The Gulf Stream will change its course and the country will become extremely cold. The fate of Europe too will be similar. Smaller countries will lose their existence. The future of Russia is in darkness. She can not survive. The very weapon of Russia will serve as a pistol on her own head. Communism shall have its grave in its own homeland. As for America she is in imminent danger of losing her wealth and in course of time she may almost be reduced to paupery. Her power and greatness too will sink along with it. India will regain her pristine glory and she will rise to prominence under her own government. Her suzerainty will extend far and wide and the world will look up to her for a beacon-light.


The new structure of the coming world will stand on bones and ashes. A type of civilization based on spiritualism will spring forth in India and it will, in due course, become the world civilization. No country or nation will survive without spirituality as its base, and every nation must sooner or later adopt the same course if it wants to maintain her very existence.”

1954, the world was already crossing a critical stage. The vision of Babuji was already that the UK would end badly, while India would regain its former glory, spirituality would triumph and would dominate the world civilization. But for that to happen, it was already necessary for the number of abhyasis to reach a critical mass ...

Decidedly, Babuji was already a curious character. His image as a holy man is largely overrated, his esoteric folly is not the only trait of his mind. We knew of his paranoid tendencies, (see Autobiography of Ram Chandra) but his dementia is unclear and delusional.

Here are three excerpts from letters of Babuji to Shri N. Kumaraswamy in 1955 where he insists that he foretold the change of direction of the Gulf stream (broadcast in the Newsletter of the IUSCM in 2010). Obviously, Babuji wanted him to publicise it, and he insisted that the whole world discover his prophecy.

“(…) For your information, I may point out through human grief that my prediction given at page138 in “Reality at dawn” is coming true. The Gulf Stream is changing its course vide Sunday Pioneer Magazine Section daily of Lucknow dated the March, 1955.” (23-03-1955 - Ref: 2078 / SRCM)

“(…) Therefore, the thing written by me in the last chapter of “Reality at dawn” will follow soon. It is possible that you may hear soon about them. The causes are accumulating. I therefore conceive that the prediction will come to light.(…).” (15-04-1955 - Ref. 2119 / SRCM)

“ (…)“Pioneer” a prominent daily of Lucknow DT. 6-3-1955 says in his magazine section that Gulf stream is changing its course and the scientists are greatly perplexed. I remind you of my prophecy given in “Reality at Dawn” about England. If you attend to send in papers of South India, including “Hindu” of Madras about my foretelling then I will be highly obliged.” (17-10- 1955, Letter No.2073)

And now, this is what one finds today in the "Whispers" of his Medium:
(translated from French)

NUCLEAR energy will doom the world. This force if poorly controlled is demonic. Man will one day be overwhelmed by its power. It will cause disruptions which will transform the world. It has implications far wider than you can imagine and will contribute to destabilize the balance of this planet.


"These prophecies do not apply to you. You suffer the ravages of this insidious which pollutionwill lead the world to ruin, but you can not stop time or change the system. So protect yourself the best you can of these nuisances and pray for your brothers in the future."

Babuji Whisper - 29/12/2000 at 8:00 am

The UK and nuclear energy are at the heart of the various predictions of one and the other. Poor England!

The Nuclear Apocalypse is announced, but there is nothing to do, it is inevitable. What good then to announce it? If it is not to frighten ...

So nothing has changed? The medium reinterprets the vision of Babuji in reviving it after Chari had distanced himself?

conclude, a few excerpts of the latest speech of Chari (Scatter the Seeds of Spirituality, March 9, 2011):


I believe we have more than 220 ashrams throughout the world today. But yet it is only a drop in the ocean of humanity.


If that seed is lost, humanity is lost. Humanity has no hope after that.


So to prepare these human values, (…) each one of you is a torchbearer. If you don’t do that, if you don’t recognise that responsibility and carry it out, whatever you may become in yourself, you are a failure as far as Sahaj Marg is concerned. (…) today humanity’s task – every one of us must share in it. And we must not count; we want quality, not numbers. But we want increasing quality in increasing numbers.


I pray that our great Masters will bless us all on this auspicious occasion and make the people aware of these possibilities, bring them in greater and greater numbers so that this spirituality becomes something not exclusive to the few but common to the many, which is what should be the meaning of democracy. Democracy is not a vote. Democracy is a state where every individual has the same right to progress, and that right is guaranteed only in the spiritual field because it cannot be guaranteed in any other field.

I am happy to see our jawans [soldiers] and their officers here; I welcome them. I am happy that our efforts have reached them too, and I hope I will see battalions of them in the future. May they progress well. May they all grow.

God bless all of you.”

has no hope, it is lost without Sahaj Marg. Outside of spirituality, there is no salvation, no democracy. The "Soldiers of Sahaj Marg" are to form battalions, grow the quality, and increase the numbers!

Chari is now in step with the orders from "Whispers", there is now no doubt ...


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