Monday, August 30, 2010

Kasturi And Babuji Say: "Love". Chari Says: "SERVICE"!

Taken and translated from an article by Elodie, in Europe, on her blog: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg. Title: Kasturi Parle Amour Chari Repond Service

Monday, August 30, 2010

Kasturi speaks "Love", Chari responds: "Service"

During the celebration of Chari's birthday, he delivered three speeches, one per day. The first two have gone unnoticed and only the latter has received attention and been publicized.

His entire speech in English is available on his website (Closing remarks: Service, the Easiest Way to His Heart, July 26, 2010), the main excerpts translated in French can be found on Echoes of Africa in August.

I paraphrase what he says:

It is said that love is the shortest and simplest path to God. So, how to progress in this love? It is impossible, according to Chari. If one believes his experience, it is much easier to reach Him (male?) through service than through love. Our life must become a life of service. This is the best way to get to His (male?) heart.

Nothing really new, he had already discussed this at length before.
However, his closing speech was rather short, he was forced to condense his message to go to basics: Better serve than to love God or the guru.

Kasturi speaks of Love, Chari replies "Service". That is what most clearly opposes the teachings of Sister Kasturi to Chari's. Kasturi has remained faithful to the teaching of Babuji, Chari interprets him in his own way. He reveals his problems, his inability to love and the limits of his spiritual abilities. This is a wonderful recognition of his incompetence.


4d-don's Comment:

Once you (the abhyasis) were "FREE". Then you became an "addict" ... and now you are being made a "dealer" , a "torch-bearer" (a flag carrier), sent out to lure others into your addiction ... the "fantasies as truth" and the "opiates of the Masses" of yet another gang of "conquerors of the world".

So many "contradictions" ... how many personalities will one have to "develop" so as to avoid the many "cognitive dissonances"?

Now LOVE is apparently "impossible" (for this "gang") and it's "SERVICE" (becoming a "salesman or saleslady") that is claimed to be the Path to the ULTIMATE ... Evangelism, missionaries?? No proselytizing in Sahaj Marg(tm), you will claim!! Lies!!

So now, please disregard all allusions to "LOVE" ... If one can't BE (spiritual or LOVING), then one can be made to "SELL" spiritualism and/or "service" and "character formation" or other NEW AGE pseudo-therapies!! ... You will have to develop "two faces" or more!!

The engineer (Chari) who lacks "glittering of the heart", (according to his Master, Babuji, who removed him from the position of "Secretary") now claims to know that the "path to his male God" is via "spiritualism" and Service to him (or "them") and his/their dreams of conquering the world ??

Watch out for that "precipice"!! ;-) As you (slavishly) betray and destroy the dreams of your domestic and "god-given" family and friends, but "Service" the wealthy foreign businessmen, and the addicts to power, your exotic idols with their nationalist "dreams and desires". You will no doubt pretend they are the "poor" or the "saintly"!! You will have to lie through your teeth, and claim that they UNITE the world. Should you not get paid for selling your "soul"? Must you also pay for the privilege, or for their silly "titles"? How about: "Sold out"??

Direct Quote from Chari's Speech of July 26, 2010: Service, the Easiest Way to His Heart.

"Now then, how to progress through love? If I may use myself as an example, if you permit it, I would say it is impossible. I have found it, you know somehow in my life it has evolved, that I have been able to see that through service it is much simpler to reach Him than through love. Love is subject to deviation, diversion, change, so many things; whereas through service… as Babuji Maharaj said, even a maidservant when she is at home, by serving the family she will love the family."

Chari speaks as if he has reached "Him" (his mythical male God?)... Kasturi does not agree with Chari's interpretation of Babuji's message ... And you who swallowed Chari's previous "LOVE" speeches as the "gospel truth", you simply wasted your time ... You could have been giving service to your "family" and the "poor" in your towns and villages ... not chasing the "will-o-the- wisps" of the well-to-do foreigners, and their megalomaniacal dreams, while denying and even destroying your own dreams and those of your own family and your own culture. You could have served "THEM". Much as, I am certain, most of your family and friends have reminded you repeatedly ...

That inability to love is reflected in Chari's disciples whom, in his speech,
Give Your Full Attention to Character Formation, of June 10, 2010, he himself finds: "
my inner circle so-called, are, one and all, arrogant, proud, demanding, oppressive, authoritarian and lack politeness — one and all".

Those "flaws", or that lack of Love, are also being transmitted (by proximity and by the masochistic attitude of acceptance and subservience of the "addict" or the "slave") to the unsuspecting abhyasis, causing strains and stress in their personal relationships, many of whom seperate from their partners, family and friends. Some even continue to cause divisions after they seperate
(hate, rancour?). Love is not their "strong suit" at Sahaj Marg(tm). And their "service" is really and truly a "self-service", serving their 3M's, or a narcissistic "orgy".

The Sahaj Marg (no trade mark) of Babuji was said to be "efficacious". The Sahaj Marg(tm) of Chari is a dismal failure and reflects the Spiritual incompetence of the Master. Character Formation, Spiritualism, egregores, materialism and nationalism, or now, SERVICE...(to the 3M's??), are not focussing on the "ULTIMATE", as Babuji wanted his Sahaj Marg to be, and what is still claimed on the Sahaj Marg(tm) Meditation web site (a P.R. (Public Relations) job to lure the gullible and the unsuspecting?... 75% female).

As the Australian lawyer (legal advisor to the city of Armadale) stated about Sahaj Marg(tm), it now has a "
RECREATIONAL FLAVOUR". It is a New Age self-help, or self-serving, or a narcissistic group where a "birthday party" is their big event. Now Chari wants them to be of "SERVICE" to him and his 3M (Master, Method, Mission) dreams of conquering the world ... for his "legacy", not for the ULTIMATE goal dreamed of by Babuji!! You are truly "drifting too far from the shore"!!

You, at Sahaj Marg(tm) are being led by an "engineer" into his (Chari's) "materialism" and his "nationalism"!! (his sources of funding) Soon you will be bad-mouthing anything and everything of the west also. Remember, Chari and his gang want to come here (the west)!! They want what we have!! They want you to "go over there" and bring your "cash" and your "service", buy their clothes and products and dress like them (a market?), eat their low-protein diet which will keep you "docile", and their spicy (non-raja-istic) food which will apparently make one "arrogant" ... Spiritual tourism? You are A MARKET!!

It is also close to what
Chari in his letter to Babuji alludes to. Baubji must have attempted to explain why Chari was being removed as Secretary:" is clear that "glittering in the heart" is not there....". That "glittering in the heart" is "LOVE", for the neighbour, family, friends, it does not mean "SERVICE" to Chari, his 3M's, and his religious and nationalist goals.

If Chari really loved, he would not be "dividing the families" in his target markets, in the homelands of his "slaves" ... He would encourage and promote "unity". His approach does not UNITE. His preceptors do not UNITE as he himself claims, they "destroy love". And the seekers who get caught in the webs of his "priests" (preceptors) do not UNITE ... they seperate and they divide ... and hence, by their own criteria, they are not very SPIRITUAL and they are certainly not "LOVING" and/or they are not of any true "service" to their own!

Much as Chari in his book, "He, The Hookah, And I", calls the bloggers, the "enemies of spirituality", the servants of Sahaj Marg(tm), those who give "service" to that un-loving "commercial monster" that Sahaj Marg(tm) has become, are the "enemies of LOVE"! They call it: emotionalism, and they "bad-mouth" it. They will have to learn to live without it ... They will not find LOVE in Sahaj Marg(tm). Chari says it is "impossible" ... They will have to settle for SERVICE. Why not service for the family? The poor?

Alexis Said:

Exactly, Elodie, clearly seen: Service has replaced Love ... You could also add that Obedience has replaced Learning.

There is also that in this speech, Chari, the westernized scientific cigarette smoker also shows that he is simply the product of this culture of performance, when confronted with Sahaj Marg, Babuji and Kasturi.

Chari speaks of experience and result in a rapid and effective technique to achieve a goal. We understand why Westerners have succumbed. This is a purely a technological approach to the quest for God, where only the results count, no matter the means used to achieve it, as long as they are effective. It is terribly far from a true spiritual approach.

Sahaj Marg meditation was on the heart. But the SRCM, Service has replaced Love, Obedience has replaced Learning ...


And, even better, this
technicist vision permits all abuses through the enslavement of its adherents ...


Wed, September 1, 9:07:00 AM

Various Quotes from a short list of Saints (and other "seculars") who disagree with Chari...
LOVE is Possible for those who have "glittering in the heart" ... Let not the "self-serving" and the self-deluded, be manipulated and led astray and off the path of "LOVE", by other "self-servers".

"The truth do I utter, let all hear,

Who loveth, he alone findeth the Lord." Guru Gobind Singh

"Love is the key to the secrets of God." Maulana Rum

"This is my commandement, that ye love one another." Christ

"With open eyes, alas! are many blind, beholding nought until they see the Love of God in the Heart within." Laleshwari of Kashmir

"With the eye of love do thou behold the face of the beloved; for from pole to pole spreadeth the lustre of His eyes." Khwaja Hafiz

"Love is the magnet that draws His heart; By love may He be gotten and beheld, but by thought (service?), never." Namdev

"To be able to truly love is to be able to love when there is no love in your heart." Unknown

"The heart is not the seat of LOVE! Love is not confined to a pump for blood." 4d-don




Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT article I really enjoyed reading this. Sahaj Marg is crumbling and people aka the zombies should save themselves while they can. It's difficult but it can be done. Sahaj Marg is a dangerous group and I'm glad there is a forum like this where people can freely express their opinions and experiences to warn others. Well done Don!

4d-Don said...

Hi Anonymous...

Thanks for your compliment...

As with all religions, some become "moral" by osmosis, and leave, but many times, they have also lured others into the "web"...

Usually, when people leave, they don't contact those they brought in and simply "move on" and leave the poor simpletons who believed them to their fate...

Love is not the strong suit of those disempowered who are lured into such "cults of personalities"... They are usually co-dependents and very "needy"... They need the energy of the "gang"... any con-men of manipulator can use their "character flaws" to get them to become "dealers" of the opiates of Religion which is their "SPIRITUALISM"... the fantasy of Mediums, spirits and egregores, magic etc.. etc...

But I will continue to expose what I see and read, for all readers to become "informed" if not "en-lightened" and "blissed out" ...