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Lalaji Memorial OMEGA School becomes Boarding School


This is in the Hindu, Newspaper...

Some of you might know my experience with "Boarding schools", you may also know that I am duty-bound to not be "silent" on the issue of Religious Boarding Schools, specially when someone I know is "supporting" the concept and the implementation with their time and money and "LOVE"...the same love that will "disarm" the kids when Religion, with it's "position" of power, merges with "education" with it's position of power. It took many generations for the abuses in the Christian communities to even come up, and be believed by anyone, and for anyone to come forward. And then it broke...

LOVE and OBEDIENCE are powerful weapons to be used on KIDS specially when in the hands of STRANGERS with a "power" agenda because of a lack of power in their own lives ... Pedophiles know that, and some are "speaking out" also, and giving us their "modus operandi", and how they chose their victims...


I will speak out against this concept and request that you please try and stop the LMOS "Boarding School" if you can ... or at least dare to look and find out ... and speak out now ... You will not see the "abuse" when and if it happens ... it took a lot of "brave" boys and many shattered lives to expose the catholic Boarding School abuses in North America.

According to a news program on the CBC (the Canadian (national) Broadcasting Corp.), there are apparently 50,000 cases of abuse in the cultish Jehovah's Witnesses community in North America alone, kept "under wraps" by the "old boys network" of the JW "elders". Now the numbers for Fundamentalist Christains are starting to come out (for their "youth programs" and "value based" programs" (the new PR buzzword)).

This is a message of warning from me: ascertain that this is not a "dormitory with guardians" situation where the kids are living at a "school" facility.

None of the officials will address the issue publicly ... You now know, I told you. The abhyasis "Brothers and Sisters" LOVE their Master, Mission, and Method too much to dare to speak or even read un-authorized material ... read their curriculum (Value Based Spiritual Education (VBSE)) ... None would dare bring back the Religious "residential" or Religious Boarding School concept in Canada.

Only a religious "private school" (built with Charity dollars from around the world) in another more stratified society or country would dare.

See on-line, the dormitories at Lalaji Memorial Omega School at:

Leave the kids of others in the care of their own family ... not with a religion nor with the state. These are the kids of the "wealthy" with just a few token poor (or chosen, or selected, like I was), who, being out of their own "class", and hence vulnerable, will become the "victims". Some will re-adjust and survive and others will mal-adjust and become "different". And some won't survive ... And hence the societal guilt to be "milked" by organizers of another gang of "Brothers and Sisters" ...

THIS is the Message (Going out to All that I have contact with)...

Warning: LMOS becoming a BOARDING SCHOOL

From the Hindu newspaper, Feb 28, 07

The Lalaji Memorial Omega School proposes to start a week-boarder program in the second year. Students will be provided nutritious snacks and meals on campus and transportation. Situated 5 km from the Mission's ashram in Manapakkam, the school will cater for parents looking for "quality education" for their children in the Porur-Tambaram and Kunrathur-Medavakkam belt.

My comments...

Religion and Value Based Education at the Christian "Brothers and Sisters" Boarding Schools in North America became a "pedophile magnet" that brought abuse to many generations of children until with the age of "freedom from religious" in the West, when the "victims" began speaking to the more receptive new power of the Independent Media, the "fifth estate".

That exposed the "scandals" that eventually brought down the "Brothers and Sisters" and their "religious boarding schools. The pedophiles that joined the "brothers and sisters" came from all around the world and specially Europe, where the "citizens" had freed themselves from the "religious yoke" a century or so earlier.

The Vatican was caught in many scandals including supporting the "oppressive" fascists because they were "catholics". The current Catholic Pope was a "Hitlerian Youth". We know of the abusive nature of that quasi-religion, quasi-cult system with it's focus on "obedience", that also has some of it's roots or tentacles in India, and Brahminism, through Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society.

In my town the Brothers' (one) school is now an appartment complex, and the Sisters' (two) schools are commercial buildings. The community forced them to "leave the town" and they had to retire in another part of the country...Much the same reaction was directed to the SRCM Mission in the little french village of "Dole" in France. (the old Peugeot Castle and Headquarters of the Mission in Europe. The new headquarters are now at the Vraad Sande Castle in Denmark.

Some of the Pedophiles who are now speaking about their "disease", state that: "We make them (the kids) LOVE us, because the more they love us the less they will speak out. We also get their "mothers" to "love us".

With relgion as the "authority" teaching LOVE, and the school as the authority teaching "OBEDIENCE", the pedophile has little work to do to get the children to "love" and "obey" them.

Do not repeat the mistakes of Christian religious history. Do not support RELIGIOUS BOARDING SCHOOLS...You will have to tear them down and compensate for the victims as they gather their shattered lives. Religious boarding schools are a thing of the past in most of the developed world.

and....WHY "Lalaji Memorial OMEGA School"? Why "OMEGA"? Is it the END? as in Apocalyptic? Searching (Googling) "LMOS" brings up LIVING MODIFIED ORGANISMS....Is that it? Is it a "cryptic" show and tell in conscious or sub-conscious code? Did you guys vote on the Name? lol

PS. Lalaji Memoria OMEGA School is operated by the Baal Vatika Education Society, a entity created by the SRCM(tm). The SRCM(tm) will then not be directly "liable" for any wrongdoings. (Research the words "Baal" and "Vatika" (as in Vatican) and their meaning in Hindu and also in the cultures surrounding India)


And the now, the POWER (communication) in the age of the INFONAUT...The peasant is now "empowered" by exposing, as much as the "worker"(working middle-class "peasant")
check it out for yourself, don't believe any "one" person (or two).

Anonymous left a comment on that post "Lalaji Memorial OMEGA School becomes Boarding Scho...":


This website summarizes 300 United States court cases and lawsuits affecting children of Jehovah's Witnesses, including dozens of cases where the Parents refused to consent to life-saving blood transfusions:


This website summarizes 160 United States court cases and lawsuits filed by Jehovah's Witnesses against Employers:



4d-Don said...

Hi anonymous 1...Please use an id..

I have added your info to the article.

Thanks...In true "spirituality" and away from "relgions"


4d-Don said...

Hi anonymous 2...use an id

I am not one to advise others but I have decided to "leave" every adult free to chose and, not to be "apocalyptic" (lol) but Those who chose the "wrong path" are only those who had a concept of "the path". Those who had a concept of being "inside" the ONE, are still inside the ONE and the "transformation" will happen to ALL the ones on the "path" as in "seperate" with in "duality', of "Them and us" created by the theology of "God is Male" and other such theologies of dualities at the "top of the "logical" pyramid or in the ULTIMATE.

That is what DIVIDES... and is thus spiritually speaking, a "flawed theology" or "divisive as TWO genders in the case of the ONE, the Ultimate) versus uniting as ONE! Those statements lead to flawed philosophy such as "gays are "un-natural" and "you will have no relatives" and many more "divisive" statements from Chari.

And it creates an individual that is "divisive", dependent, subservient, and obedient... a "living" dead according to SRCM

So I am taking the approach that all such cults will be divisive until the leadership is exposed with logic and facts that forces it to "retract" their theological and philosophy flaws and "UNITE" their disciples with the Global "UNITY" that is not flawed as we now can communicate directly with ONE ANOTHER.

The top of the pyramid is flawed under the influence of it's own Power or the inherent corrupt (as in self-generating or self serving) energy at the 'points" of the pyramid.

We will all change at our own time and it's almost a conspiracy...
The Aquarian conspiracy... We have to become ONE...including Chari and his gang of "living dead" or "zombies" or "fans" if one wants to be "kind"... THEY ARE US...

Here is a line by POGO, an old cartoon character...
We have met the enemy, and it's US.
lol ;-))


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you have opened up this crazy affair with the children. Yes why do they want the kids? This is for 18 and over as stated and should remain so if it must remain at all. I myself have the same fears over the children, especially western children being so far from home. Arranged marriages are absurd using children is totally out of order. I would like to say to Chari my upbrining was far from perferct howerver my parents did not abandon me as you are now asking rich people to do. Let me say the drugs and badness Chari talks of in Western society exist in all societys. This is Charis reasons for homing other peoples children.Take sense of yourselfs abyasis and care for your own children history will tell you this is a mistake.

4d-Don said...

Hi anonymous (please sign your message with any ID you chose so I can ID them also and refer to them in the future)

I appreciate your comment. The relgious school is one aspect of the issue, (what I (in levity) call the BEAST (Bible), as a "metaphor", as it has many heads, fronts or directions) That issue, that is raising it's ugly head in the "relgious" and spiritual communities, in the west, becomes the "day care" system. That is one system where we, as parents and grandparents, should ascertain is "on camera and "on line" and remains "the guardian's" responsibility. We should ascertain that our kids have "cell phones" with a "security" plan placed into our kids by US.

Let's use MEMES appropriately as the system (or the Beast) is using MEMEs negatively to instill "negative" qualities in our kids. One is the "Naked News". In the interim, it is a negative and we must protect our kids from "glorifying" that "attitude" and we will. In the long run, it will be a positive because it trivializes "de-mystifies" both the News and Nakedness.

The real news is now in our hands as we communicate with one another in the form of "BLOGS" and "chat lines" or communities...That is "selective" broadcasting and was a necessary part of the equation that has surfaced "organically". The Truth is getting out there but it is BLIND.

So at one time, Justice had to be blind to be "fair" and "just", now, Knowledge is also BLIND until we "verify" the truth of the information or statement with "NUMBERS" as in "VOTING" on-line with "weighted votes" or a system of preferences from 1 to 5...Elections can be "dynamic" and "on-going".... We already do that in true "free market" style with "purchases" on-line. Our dollar is our "weight". See "Global Election Systems" for voting (polling) programs.

I am looking at a "overarching" philosophy of "Gross National Happiness" where the user's happiness has a "number" value in a merger of "Pyramidal" (authority) and "spherical or spiral" (the user or the "people") paradigm. This is coming...I see it already in Bhutan, (the world's only Democratic Monarchy) and Switzerland and the Balkans where on-line votes (in a representative democracy)have recently taken place.

RATE your Doctor and RATE your GURU can be (is) a reality. Subjectivity is not a "NO-NO" to be "POOH POOHed".

Subjectivity is a positive and powerful part of the is "OBJECTIVITY" but now objectivity with "numbers" rather that "experts" or "Media" only weights....But in the end, Objectivity will be "subjective" to Subjectivity. In the Individual is where the POWER lies, not in the Objective or the NUMBERS or DATA. The decision will be "subjective". We leave that decision to an Objective MACHINE at our own PERIL.

Newsflash: "THEY" DIED

So now..."THEY" are US...

Here's a song...

By 4d-don (SOCAN)
Key of A (Capo 2....Play G) in 4/4 Time-Calyso-Folk Rock

If you know who they are, well you're in luck
Three wise men in the back of a pick-up truck
If you only know their last name, that's OK
They say this, they say that, that's what they say

CHORUS (Same chords as verse)

We got that story straight, that's what they say
I don't know if you heard, they died today
I don't know if you heard, they died today
They crashed their pick-up truck on the Lund Highway

They seem to know it all, and we don't know
Where do they all come from, where do they go
They write it in a book, they make a play
They say this, they say that, that's what they say

Someday when I die, I'll fly away
And sit upon a cloud, that's what they say
Or I'll go round and round, that's what they say
They say this, they say that, that's what they say

blind_schoolb said...

I attended boarding school.

Anonymous said...

These days teen boarding schools are proving themselves more reliable and good. Most of the boarding schools provide quality of education to students from middle class background also.

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous...

It is not "BOARDING" Schools that are the PROBLEM but RELIGIOUS BOARDING SCHOOLS...

The pyramidal nature of RELIGION where the child is expected to be "loving" and "OBEY" the authorities on FAITH alone, and the nature of school, where the child is expected to "OBEY" for the sake of "discipline" and "order" (submission) in the classroom but also to "GET THE MARKS" by "pleasing the teacher".

That is the pyramidal POWER structure that will attract those addicted to POWER and specially to POWER over children who are genrally more naive and un-learned in the "confidence" (con) techniques used, compounded with the "isolation" from the natural support of the FAMILY.

There is also a "class" power pyramid where the children of the wealthy will be in the majority in the religious "PRIVATE" school system, with only a "token" few from the middle and the lower classes who will be "marginalized" from the get-go on "economic" grounds. These become the "VICTIMS" of abuse, bullying and are also targeted by "pedophiles" as they are "isolated" and become "needy" for support and acceptance....

If there is abuse in a religious PRIVATE SCHOOL, would you know? Would it not be "HIDDEN". There are accusations in India around the SRCM MISSION, do the Abhyasis who support the MISSION believe the VICTIMS? Would you believe the victim? Who would report it? Would you believe the NEWSPAPERS or could the independent investigative journalists find an outlet in the MEDIA for their exposure of yet another (lower class) SCANDAL in a RESPECTED institution built for the children of the religious "upper" class.

I don't think so...The best we can hope for is not to build RELIGIOUS BOARDING SCHOOLS and not allow them a license to OPERATE... or give the child the right to "DISOBEY" and "REBEL"!

That is not the RELIGION we see in the world today, who would take us to war to PROVE the RIGHTEOUSNESS of their FAITH!!


Santosh said...

Children are a good market for Chari, also they represent the Mission's future, that is probably the reason why french Parliament's investigations' commission on falselly religious cults = sectes and children mentioned several times Sahaj marg as dangerous

Abhyasis there are cases of child abuse in every cult such as Hare Kshnas, Satya Sai, Jehovah or Scientology, so it's surely the case at the mission

Wake up and don't leave your children unattended
से रक्षा बच्चों बुराई

4d-Don said...


Thanks for the comment.

We can add the Holy Roman Catholic Church (vatican) and the Anglican Church of England and of Canada. Those are the two main religions involved in the "abuse" of aboriginals in the New World. But I know "first-hand" that the abuse of all male and female children were the target of the pedophiles in the "catholic" religious groups. The children of the poor and the orphans were already "outside" in the social pecking order so if a child was in that social class, the chances of abuse (physical, emotional or sexual) were that much higher.

Thanks for the "heads-up" to all parents specially to those with children in "religious" boarding schools.


Parental network Europe said...

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