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Chari of Sahaj Marg(tm) Has a Problem with Sex!!

Taken and translated from an article by Elodie: "Chari has a Problem with Sex" on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

December 3, 2011

Chari has a problem with sex

VRAD Sande (Denmark) is the first European Retreat Center of the SRCM and the fourth in the world. Indeed, there already existed two in India and one in the United States.

These retreat centers have been established at the initiative of Chari for a person to be able withdraw in solitude and introspection to meditate for a period of 3 to 30 days.

One therefore understands the prohibition of children attending; one already understands a little less his suggestion that husbands and wives come separately. But that it comes to reserving a month for women and another for men, what can one say? Alexis has already indicated it, I think.

If one believes Chari, the SRCM centers are meeting places where abhyasis (lovers?) pretend to come and to collect themselves, so as to flirt, or is he fixated on sexuality?

After the racism, homophobia and nationalism of Chari denounced by 4d-Don, it seems we can add sexism to the list.

One really has to have a twisted mind, to be a pervert or a sex maniac, so as to imagine that the coexistence of both genders prevents as much one's introspection as the presence of one's children and even more than the cell phone ringtones.

Chari has a real problem with sex.


Alexis said:

(see here for french version)

@ Elodie

Be careful, you are contradicting here and sexism is misused.
What you denounce is an obsessive attitude vis-à-vis sexuality, not sexism ...

In his speech, Chari does show a double obsession, vis-à-vis sexuality and money, which deserves a psychoanalytic analysis. In my humble opinion (as a Monday morning psychoanalyst), I would say that there is a poorly repressed desire, at least one morbid jealousy. He is fascinated by easy money and big fortunes, he hides a latent homosexuality or poorly-controlled sexual desires or even a shameful bisexual libido ...

Spirituality has never prevented sexual desires, as the life of Gandhi has clearly demonstrated. Power release all repressed instincts, as our French politician DSK has recently reminded us. And Chari combines the two attributes of power and spirituality!

Not to mention all the rumors circulating since the death of his wife Sulochana ...

However, the attitude of Chari and the SRCM is sexist too! On the one hand by refraining from ever having a female Master ( a Mistress??) of Sahaj Marg, on the other in the discourse on the role of mothers ...

He (Chari) is sexist and obsessed, then!


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