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Babuji of Sahaj Marg = Tyrannosaurus Rex! Chari

Taken and translated from an article called: "Il Faut Mettre Babuji au Musée", Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

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December 16, 2010

Babuji Belongs in a Museum

Babuji = Tyrannosaurus Rex

We've already talked here Chari's speech to officials of the Mission. Frank had transcribed for us some quotes about Bill Gates, the Pope and AIDS. The full speech is now repeated on the website of the SRCM. It's called "Morality is Essential." It was given Oct. 12, 2010 during a seminar on character development.

We find all ingredients to which Chari is attached, but also we find his characteristic manner of proceeding. That would deserve a line by line decryption to show the rhetoric he uses and to disassemble the mechanism.

For now, I draw your attention to one of the last paragraphs, here is a translation (find the original extract at the Sahaj Marg web site):

“(…) Scripture has no meaning, whether it is the Bible, or the Veda, or the Torah, or the Talmud, they have no meaning. The guru is the living Veda, as he is called. What he said, what he says, what he preaches, is the Veda that is today for us. The past is like the past of the dinosaurs, and other fossils, to be admired, to be looked at in museums. Not to be followed. Not to be afraid of. One is not afraid of the skeleton of a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex in a museum. We are afraid of the wrong things; we obey the wrong things; we live by the wrong things; and we abandon the only truth — that is the guru, who is the living personality, whose teaching is the Veda of today, and whose precepts light our way (…).”

"Scripture has no meaning..." but Chari promotes Hollywood science fiction as full of MEANING!! He even uses money gathered as "charity" to purchase science fiction books and places then in his "RETREATS"! Hmmm!! SPIRITUALITY? Spiritualism?? Magic? Fantasy?

The Living Guru is the Living Bible

What constitutes today the Bible, the Vedas, the Torah and the Talmud together? Is it the word of the (self-appointed) guru Chari? What becomes of the teachings of Sahaj Marg of yester-years, such as the ten maxims (or commandments) of Babuji? Or those of Lalaji? Are they to be stored in the museum alongside the Tyrannosaurus Rex as Chari seems to suggest?

Once again, Chari is doing as he pleases. Sudden, the past is fundamental, then sudden, it's only good for the museum. He follows when it suits him, or forgets if it's better for him.

Insidiously, Chari relegates Babuji to the dustbin of history.
The only thing that counts are the words of Chari, the one true living Guru today. A Chari who dethroned Babuji, that is the idea that must gradually be winning over the unconscious abhyasis.

Everything is done insidiously with finesse by suggestion, and certainly not by declaration. Chari denigrates the past as dinosaurs, deemed to be antediluvian, cheesy has-beens, and what have you. Babuji, Lalaji and the past of Sahaj Marg are never, ever denigrated directly. Instead, Chari mentions Babuji 23 times (if I am not mistaken) in support of his claims, and so as to give them even more weight. He is certainly not near a contradiction, even within a single speech.

Yet, what did he want to pass off as an idea? The idea that the past is only good for the museum. And by inference, association of ideas, or anything you like, that the past of Sahaj Marg is a bit outdated and it is him, Chari, the living master, the sole guru who must be heard (listened to) and followed.

What about "Whispers From the Brighter World" which Chari insists on putting up for sale and at so expensive a price to the abhyasis? In the light of what he says here, I suggest that he write his own Bible rather than entrust the drafting of a dusty Babuji to an un-reliable medium.

"Whispers" is good for the museum, the words that come from Chari's mouth make up today's new (Sahaj Marg) Bible. Unless this is to be the (Sahaj Marg) Bible of tomorrow, a new way to enrich his successor.


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