Friday, July 29, 2011

Sahaj Marg(tm) and DESTRUCTION!!

Taken from an article: "Destruction", by Elodie on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

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The saying, once used by Sahaj Marg(tm), does not seem to apply anymore:


Sahaj Marg has not shown itself to unite even its own disciples and preceptors (and their families), and now, the abhyasis (practitioners) are being prepared for divisions in their own invented BRIGHTER WORLD, (with a "central region") where the saved will go "up" (heaven?) and the lost will go "down" (hell?)!! And they call their apocalyptic new religion "different" and "unique"?

Beware: Abhyasis are being prepared for a RELIGIOUS/SPIRITUALIST heaven and hell with some preferred position (space) in their "Brighter World" ("up") and some less preferred for the lost or the "left-behind" ("down").

This is NOT SPIRITUALITY but religion and SPIRITUALISM (Mediums, spirits, apocalyptic destructions and a "heaven and hell"!!

Sahaj Marg(tm) even divides their own invented "other worlds"!! They (the leadership) seem controlled by their reductionist or divisive MIND !
Or a spiritualist "ritual" of creating a divisive EGREGORE has been instigated by Chari, claiming it to come from Babuji! Egregores (Groupthink), like water always go to the "lowest common denominator" !!

July 29, 2011


Chari's last speech at his birthday party unfortunately confirms our analysis on the apocalyptic turn of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission. After a long verse on the gangrenous corruption that plagues the world of politics in India, Chari concludes his speech with destruction and punishment, and the elite representatives of Sahaj Marg. Sad and regrettable, these populist and apocalyptic developments.


Babuji Maharaj told me some twenty years ago, he said, “
Dekho [Look], there is going to be destruction.”

Even now, our Whispers messages that we are getting, there is always talk of destruction. I am waiting one day for at least some hopeful message – not as long as we don’t change.

So what did Babuji Maharaj say when I asked him, “What about destruction? You are always talking about destruction.”

He said, “Yes.” And he was happy, he was laughing. He said, “Voh to hona hi hai. (It has to happen.)”

I said, “Babuji, what about sincere abhyasis who are devoted to you?”

He said, “Everybody will suffer when there is destruction.”

I asked him, “What is the use then of being an abhyasi?”

He said, “Itna sa farak hai, jo abhyasi hain, jo sincere hain, voh oopar jayenge, aur log neeche jaayenge.”

He said, “Those who are sincere abhyasis, dedicated, devoted, truthful, they will have to go but they will go up. The rest will go down. This is the difference.


Chari confirms that the messages of Whispers distil gradually for the abhyasis, the idea of ​​inevitable destruction.

Babuji would have (allegedly) spoken to him twenty years ago, that is to say in 1991, seven years after his death. We did not know that Chari conversed directly with Babuji from the Brighter World. We even understand that the Whispers reached us via a medium (the anonymous French Lady Medium-AFLM) because Babuji could not communicate directly with Chari.

That upsets a little some of our knowledge, unless that at 84 years old, Chari is starting to ramble and mixes up the years, or it is only a lie. Earlier in his speech he said that the most elderly are the mostly corrupt. Should we apply to him, his own statement?

Regardless, he reports that Babuji tells him that the destruction is inevitable. However, it is undated and not explicit, leaving the possibility of interpretation in the future. As did Nostradamus in his time, he is opening until today, the field of the date interpretations to infinity.

Chari's reaction is interesting because he is concerned about the fate of the abhyasis, implying that they (the elite, the rewarded) should fare better than others. And Babuji to reassure him, said that even if they also have to suffer, they will fare better than the others (the impious, the barbarians, etc.)..

Chari, thank you for this shocking confirmation, Sahaj Marg is definitely dead and buried.


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Anonymous said...

I guess your ass hasn't been kicked yet in the latest WallStreet gyration. What are you gaining by your grudge-filled analysis? You look like a dumb-ass with your constant bitching...

4d-Don said...

Hi anonymous...

Hi anonymous... (see other comment by this person on comments to: "Tribute for a deceased (suicide) abhyasis of Sahaj Marg(tm)... See above)

You seem more concerned about the market than about the country which allows you to live in? Don't you love the country which gives you a LIVING??

For those of us who relate to SPIRIT, we are not affected by the MARKET ... so go talk to your "BUSINESSMEN" SPIRITUALISTS, imperialists who are trying to invade and control other "countries" using religion as their "entrance", so as to gather an OBEDIENT "fifth column" ...

We are not impressed by your lack of "caring" for your so-called: brothers and sisters ... or your country. After all they are not LIKE YOU!!

Those who prophesy "DESTRUCTION" should look in the mirror before they accuse others of "bitching"...

Here, we are tucked inside ONE (what you call GOD), where we LIVE!!


Just that there are some "profiteers" like the BUSINESSMEN of so-called "RELIGIONS" like Sahaj Marg(tm), who try and use FEAR and TEMPTATION and attempt to spoil the BLISS and gratitude of our CITIZENS ...

They don't !! We are still in "CONTENTMENT"... and gratefullness for being HERE NOW ...

Learn to LIVE IN CARING COMPASSION for your brothers and sisters of the world, rather that profiteering from their misery, getting them to OBEY you and then deserting them in their hour or need. (the poor, the starving, the sick, the troubled, etc...)

Navel-gazing narcissism is not LOVE!

Don ...