Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Message from Michael (ex--preceptor)

Message from Michael: Inner Circle of SRCM and "Skai Journey" Michael's personal blog.

Michael is an ex-preceptor of SRCM and ex-member of Chari's "inner circle". This is his reply to my e-mail to him, that he kindly allowed me to publish.

Michael said:

I spend my days in ceremony and meditation, creating a sustainable environment in which to exist as a sovereign spirit in the eyes of the creator.

The bankers, politicians, religious leaders and spiritualists have done what they can to create an environment that requires the citizen/disciple to become overwhelmed with indebtedness in exchange for gifts and trinkets. Debt is the enslavement of the new age. As our politic/religion/spirit leaders talk about environmentalism and sustainability, they continue to enslave us with unsustainable burdens of monetary and spiritual debt with the promise of a future paradise if only we totally surrender to them with total indebtedness and servitude.

Its now happening on all levels of existence, spirit/mind/body,
political/economic/environmental. This is the true state of the "end
days". But, please understand that "end days" is the creation of the
slave masters and is not part of some divine plan. In fact the journey
is infinite and there truly is no end. These grand structures being
created are not sustainable and ultimately do come to an end.

Again... I spend my days in ceremony and meditation, creating a
sustainable environment in which to exist as a sovereign spirit in the
eyes of the creator.

Unsustainable, debt based structures are collapsing under their own
weight. The "new world order" of spiritualist/politicians ask that we
give them one last chance to lead us to paradise in exchange for total
surrender and indebtedness that can never be paid. I choose to build
structures that will survive the devastation being brought upon us and
choose not to participate in this insane "slave against slave" war.

I am a warrior, not a soldier...

I am neither a disciple nor a master...

I choose to be free of indebtedness and live a sustainable existence...

I accept what the Creator provides me on my infinite journey...

I owe only my Creator for my life and the only payment required is to
love Creation...

You are right, NO ONE is needed... Because if no one shows up for the battle the Masters will have to fight amongst themselves.

As for Lalaji, he created no organizations, and asked for nothing in
return. He simply existed for the benefit of those who knew him. When
he departed, he left a void that few if any could fill. Some felt
obligated to create something in the void he left behind - SRCM,
Golden Sufi, Sant Mat, Ram Ashram etc... Some, in their delusions,
believed that they were channeling his essence, but, this channeling
is in fact their own creation in a vacuum. The simplicity of his
message became the fuel to power these new structures, created where there were none before.

We see the same in the aftermath of Jesus' life on earth. Churches and ideologies have been created in his name which have nothing to do with the man who spent 40 days in the desert on a vision quest. A man who returned from his vision quest to heal and liberate all human souls and transmit the Holy Spirit to all of humanity.

A simple message is a powerful thing. It fuels the soul and spirit and can easily be overshadowed by self serving ideologies created by those who choose to exploit its power to enslave the masses.

I have no desire to scream on the web like an angry adolescent. No single, decrepit organization deserves any more attention than another. They are all the same - they all are one. They all seek to enslave with the promise of some future freedom. It is time to build a better place to live free and proceed on the infinite journey laid before us by our Creator. Those who choose enslavement will either eventually choose freedom for themselves or die as slaves. The choice cannot be made for them when the truth stares them in the eye.

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