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Navneet (Babuji's Grandson's) Q & A (Mar 24, 07)

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March 24, 2007

Navneet said...

Dear 4d-don
We are told on Elodie's Blog that "Sister" Kasturi Chaturvedi and Dinesh Kumar Saxena, grandson of Lalaji and Owner and Web-Master of the NaqshMuMRa site, are now Preceptors of Chari's SRCMtm, registered in California...can anyone confirm that?
Both had joined Chari as I had said earlier and were in his list. But Kasturi Chaturvedi ji as I said had left him after her belongings were thrown out as said earlier.
As far as Dinesh Kumar Saxena ji is concerned. He too had joined Chari as Chari promised to help him marry his daughter. Which, he did so later on hence he was with him. Now, it seems Dinesh Kumar is separating again.

Dear AB
Your question: “Mr. Navneet Kumar, I am able to imagine what happened in this “closed room”. Can you explain if this is the practical application of your spiritual theory in life?
I just narrated the incident which took place and by the person who was involved in questioning the gentleman who was the tool to Sh. Jahangirdar ji’s death. Moreover, just to bring to your notice that Sh. Jehangirdar ji did tell my father 3-4 months before his death that he knows that he will also die, like Babuji died and that was the reason that he gave the last letter of Babuji to my father during his visit to Shahjahanpur.
Out of his explanations it seems to me stated, too, that Babuji (the special personality) seemed to be unable to find out who tried to make an attempt on his life.
Babuji did know that he attempt was being made on his life. His last letter clearly states so too. He also predicted his long hospitalization, which also was true as we know that Babuji was in Hospital from September soon after coming back from Paris to April 19th 1983 (The day of his Mahasamadhi.
Moreover ,as pointed by A old abhyasi about my Aunty stating Babuji’s request of FIR before leaving to Paris also clearly states that Babuji knew what the future had store for him.
Dear M
Your Question : Is the announcement made by Anonymous on March 17th @ 11.52 pm that in July SRCM name will be changed to "Shri Rajagopala Chari Mission" genuine or some kind of wry joke?
I Agree with you, there are legal implications to it. He may not be allowed to use the same name, logo, neither use funds and properties so gathered on Name of ‘Shri Ram Chandra Mission.’ Or any other organization floated using the funds so gathered from Shri Ram Chandra Mission or Sahaj Marg. Moreso, if we take a stance he cannot publish any material of Babuji also nor use it in future.
Please I am answering this from legal point of view only. We have always conveyed to anybody approaching from his group that he should separate himself from this system given by Babuji Maharaj and open some other body which, solely runs on his name with no connection whatsoever to Shri Ram Chandra Mission or Babuji Maharaj and his Method.
We believe in ONE MASTER, ONE MISSION & ONE METHOD only, where the Master is Babuji alone, following his teachings and method laid down to achieve our spiritual goal of life.
I agree by your and Chritian’s view on opening the so called to "Shri Rajagopala Chari Mission" – NOT PRACTICALLY POSSIBLE.

Dear Aurelius.
Can you clarify this Navneet? Was Chari with Babuji when he died?
As soon as Babuji arrived at Delhi Airport, Chari just left Babuji at the Airport and went to on of Delhi’s Sr Preceptors house and later soon caught his Flight to Chennai.
My father had gone to America for his treatment, after attending the paris function. He came to know of Babuji’s illness and that he had been taken to Hospital. So he cut short his visit returned back, and then remained with Babuji till he was in the hospital.
Chari was not there at the time of Babuji’s death. But, did reach for the funeral where he did not even touch Babuji’s feet but, started holding meetings in the Ashram with his people and asked them to make him the next president even while Babuji’s Funeral was taking place.

Comment dated March 22, 2007 4:54 AM by Anonymous stated below
MICHAEL - From "Heart to Heart" by P. Rajagopalachari(p 272/3)

" But some people persist in addressing me as "Master". I have been annoyed by this practice myself for two or three reasons, you see, for one thing, it has alienated me from a section of the senior abhyasis of my Master who think I have usurped some sort of position to which I am not entitled, into which I have not grown. Some of them even said that I am responsible for my Msster's untimely demise. That is one thing. The second thing is: I have never claimed to be a Master."

Lastly (I don’t know when the book was published but the above statement clearly states that Chari himself knows that allegations of Murder will come up in due course. !!!!!!
As far as the truth of Don being present at the time of Nomination of Chari is concerned. There shall soon be on net a document putforth by Chari himself to support absence of Don at the time of his Nomination.
There is one more document from the horse’s (Chari’s) mouth expected to clarify and help decide the lot of misled true seekers as what they should decide, after all this.



Navneet said...

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I have lost comments from 124 onwards if people who have posted can re-post your welcome.

Anonymous said...

dear navneetkumarji,

i am an very old abyasi in our mission, my master is babuji maharaj and not chariji or any other.
i humbly feel that at present kasturi behenji is only physically present highly evolved soul and completely merged in babuji maharaj.
these people mr.rajagopalachari, mr.k.c.narayan and others who claim themselves as representing babuji maharaj are simply eye-washing personalities.these people somewhere lost thier connection with devine and dwelling in maya. i, sincerely request you to approach behenji and guide the abyasis to behenji for spiritual uoliftment.
i sincerely beg your pardon if i have told anything unreal.
at the holy-feet of babuji maharaj i remain till eternity.
with kind regards.

Anonymous said...

Dear old abhyasi...

Thank you for the comment...I pray you are right about Sister Kasturi...

Messages to Navneet will only reach him if he reads it on this blog...He read the Tell me TRUTH india site periodically and replies there to comments about these matters...



Anonymous said...

Cri-cri said: (on Elodie's Blog in France)

Dear Very Old Abhyasi of Our Mission,

I have thought about your repetitive attempts to show the way to the lost abhyasis.

The previous attempts were disturbing me a lot because they could be interpreted as coming from people trapped in a cult of the personality and willing to attract others in the same trap. I reacted to that with no care about the form because for us, who just went out of a betrayal, it is not possible to try this a second time.

In this last message, I could appreciate that you expressed concern for the abhyasis, the solution that you believe in, and your doubts that this solution may not be what you believe it is. This is honnest, and I have a lot of respect for this attitude, which is far from the religious one I found in most of the abhyasis, whether from one group or the other.

Therefore, I do not want to hurt you or shake your beliefs, even though I come to you with questions.

I know that Kasturi is as you describe. However, what is her status ? Is she a guide, a teacher ? Is she able to transmit what she received from Babuji ? Or is she just a light during her life, that will disappear like Babuji when she dies ? If this last possibility is the actual one, you know what will happen. If the first one is true, she has made others like her.

I also fear that the intense devotion she is in and in which her abhyasis seem to be, also be a sign of danger.

Don't you think that spirituality should be a way to reality, and not a way to attachment ?

I hope that you can help me on my path by making me understand your condition.

Kind regards