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The Lies of Fear and Temptation by Chari of Sahaj Marg(tm)!

Comments to Chari's Speech "We Have a Duty to Our World", 24 July 2011, D.J Park, Tiruppur, India, during Chari's Birthday Bash!!

Comments by 4d-Don are in "red italics"

The lie here is that according to Chari, if one changes, then there will apparently be no "destruction". And then, he states the "contradiction". How "RELIGIOUS"... and how not REALITY and/or not SPIRITUAL.

In Sahaj Marg(tm), contradictions abound, as in most religions.
And they think they (and the "indigo" children) will lead mankind in the future?? These spiritual charlatans will only attract the "un-thinking" star-struck fans of fantasies, fairy tales, sci-fi, and pure silliness who will do all the work and attract the un-suspecting (women) ... and/or the "power-addicted" who will profiteer from such masses of "co-dependence" (lustful and power-addicted men who are drawn to the MATERIAL and to the pyramids of subservient "serfs").

We Have a Duty to Our World

(We have a duty to tell the TRUTH and save (conserve) some of the resources of the planet for the next generation, not simply "develop" and profiteer from everything for the benefit of the nationalist, imperialist, sexist, racist, homophobe "businessmen of Sahaj Marg(tm)" or their new RELIGION.)

24 July 2011, D.J Park, Tiruppur, India


When you watch the old Mahabharata and things like that, I was shocked when rishi Jamadagni, a great saint, was killed by the swords of the four sons of the reigning king. (Huh? How wise can one be if one is shocked that even "spiritual" people (those who have "changed", or have no more need for change) die? Then, we have the following HOLY "revelation" by Chari: ) Spirituality does not guarantee freedom from pain, freedom from death, freedom from opposition, freedom from oppression from the government. It guarantees nothing of these. What does spirituality guarantee? (nothing??) Babuji Maharaj told me some twenty years ago, he said, “Dekho [Look], there is going to be destruction.” (Now that is simply silly and not a REVELATION at all!!) Even now, our Whispers messages that we are getting, there is always talk of destruction. I am waiting one day for at least some hopeful message – not as long as we don’t change. (Destruction and creation will happen whether one "little homo sapiens" changes or not ... GET REAL... stop telling LIES!!)


So you may determine, you see, and know for certain that there will be destruction; nothing on earth can stop it. (you got that right!) All the technological genius of the West and of Japan could not stop that tsunami. Don’t be fooled by what you read in the newspapers of an early warning system for tsunamis. (That "early warning system" is not to predict the earthquake which causes the tsunami, but for the tsunami itself which travels relatively slowly. This system could save some lives and is a "technological" reality NOW) It doesn’t exist. (not true... that is simply a "lie") When the powers of nature are awakened, birds and bees and ants, they know – but we don’t know. (how silly... commune with NATURE then or ask the "pump"!! ... Nature may "tell" you!! ) We rely on seismographs, we rely on hot news on the television, most of them lies. (lies is what comes from "RELIGION" and the so-called "gurus". ) Here, what is it here [the heart] that you are not looking to? Does this give you any disaster warning? (NO ... use your HEAD, and the technololgy, not the PUMP FOR BLOOD with it's "invented" power of "fore-knowledge")

Always look here [the heart] whenever you are afraid, whenever you are going off track. (lol lol ... get "truthful"!! Ask the PUMP for BLOOD (the heart) if one wants to THINK?? NO!! ) Babuji Maharaj always said, “Don’t trust this [head]. (But he trusted it!! And so do you!! ) It is only a thinking thing. It will give you information. (the heart is not a "thinking thing", and will only give information about the Blood and it's vascular system) It cannot tell you what is right or wrong. When you are in doubt, refer to the heart.” (The heart does not tell one what is "right or wrong" either ... Look at Sahaj Marg(tm) and their religious divisive, materialist, nationalist, imperialist, racist, homophobic, sexist, power addicted, and egotistical gurus and their divisive, stressed, depressed, etc... followers! )

I pray for His blessings on all of you today. Thank you. (I suppose that since you capitalize "His", you are meaning the MALE God of Sahaj Marg(tm), and if you mean Babuji, there is no capital needed ... and he is "deceased" ... He ain't blessing anyone and he is not "whispering" any predictions for the future ... Fantasies and religious fairy tales.... not Raja Yoga or SPIRITUALITY but very much: SPIRITUALISM !!




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