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Testimonials of Kasturi Preceptors (the Mincet family)

Taken from Alexis's Blog: Le Projet Sahaj Marg (Definition)

Testimonials Mincet Family

ean-François Mincet said,
March 16, 2009 on Elodie's blog: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

I knew Babuji well in India and France. I became a preceptor in 1976 by Babuji (I was 22 years). I also know Chari, having met him in France and also in India while I was following Babuji in his travels. With every visit of Babuji, he showed me his divinity repeatedly. This is not imagination but profound spiritual experiences. I saw his divine splendor hidden behind his disconcerting ease. I saw the beauty and purity which a sincere soul in search should aspire. His system is perfect and can help everyone in their search for the Absolute, the Ultimate. All driftings I experienced after his physical disappearance had nothing to do with what our Babuji taught us. There was not supposed to be money and contributions in his system. The Ultimate does not sell Its grace for money, and Babuji neither. Kasturi represents well the purity of Babuji and his system. Babuji had sent Kasturi to France in 1977 to work on abhaysis. He had given her the title of Saint in his lifetime. In his correspondence with her, Babuji wrote her that he had taken her past the "rings splendor" in 1975 and he had immersed her in the "Ultimate (Bhumi)", the ultimate divine condition (Anant Yatra - vol.5) - Anant Yatra means "Travel in the Infinite", it is the collection of his (Babuji) correspondence with Kasturi between 1948 and 1975, about 900 letters, Babuji had instructed Kasturi to keep these treasured letters to be published when the time comes for the benefit of mankind. The first 2 volumes have been translated by Denise, and she continues to translate; the translations are all discussed with Sister Kasturi before publication in French).

Babu Ji is a divine personality, which is quite different from a Master. Those who knew him, saw his extreme humility and simplicity, and his love. I found some similar qualities in Kasturi. She is now able to confer divine conditions and advance all sincere abhyasis. We go to see her regularly in Lucknow (India).

I must add that I left all ties with the mission of Chari as of July 1986. This mission, no longer matched what Babuji had brought. Babuji has never asked for obedience to the Mission. Instead, he spoke of love, when love is there, the confidence is there. Blind obedience destroys the sense of discernment which is essential in spirituality, discernment must accompany us at every moment along the path. Babuji has never requested a blind faith, he always said to experiment and see the changes in one's self.

It is understandable that many people are misunderstanding the nature of Sahaj Marg and unfortunately they end up turning away completely. True Sahaj Marg is a divine path of light that should get everyone to Peace and Beyond, despite all the difficulties of earthly life. But who gives peace? Search your heart and pray Babuji to bring you to Him. But let us take "Babuji" in his broad and unlimited sense, that is, in his divine state of Reality.

Denise and I left France, but there are in France abhyasis and preceptors trained by Kasturi who practice the system in simplicity, without any organization, but linked to Babuji and connected to Kasturi.

I wish with all my heart for you to receive the blessings of Babuji and his grace.

Jean-François Mincet, a servant.

If you have questions, contact us at

PS - I do not proselytize, I hate that. I just try to testify to what my teacher gave me and nobody in the world could give me. but today, though disembodied, he can give as much by transmission to those who have not physically met him. Denise can attest.

4d-Don's Comments: I question very seriously whether this statement (above) can be called "TRUE":

"True Sahaj Marg is a divine path of light that should get everyone to Peace and Beyond, despite all the difficulties of earthly life. But who gives peace? Search your heart and pray Babuji to bring you to Him. But let us take "Babuji" in his broad and unlimited sense, that is, in his divine state of Reality."

Babuji did not bring "peace" with Sahaj Marg and he did state (while living) that Sahaj Marg was not for those seeking "peace" but a state of "yearning". Sahaj Marg and Babuji did not create "Peace" even among the followers of "Sahaj Marg", now trade-marked and owned by Chari's inner group.

By speaking with the average abhyasi, one finds it difficult to see the "beyond" or the metaphoric "light" in their minds (intellect, logic, words, speech, etc... ), hearts or body. If real light was what "spirituality" meant, then going into the "sun" would make one more "enlightened" spiritually. (I think that) the meaning of "light" for the intellectual means an enlightened line of thought, wisdom, knowledge, not a REAL light, such as the sun would give "freely to all", even to the boetians! ... The light of Spirituality is the same. It is a "metaphor". There is no more "light" in Sahaj Marg than in Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Sufism, Taoism, etc... According to my preceptor (now deceased), Babuji meant light to mean: "not heavy"... Hmmm!!

Babuji is not (and was not) the SUN, (shining on ALL) but a man, made of flesh and blood, made from a handful of dust (carbon and a few other elements) and mostly water. To get a state similar to Babuji, one has to do what Babuji said to do (meditate, etc...) unlike the ONE, the Sun or the other forces of Nature which GIVE to ALL freely. Babuji is not the CREATOR, the ONE. Sahaj Marg is beginning to sound like "Christianity", where Jesus, their Christ (Saviour), was made the "son of God", by Constantine, a "Roman" emperor. Babuji was a MAN!! Now Babuji is a dead man. ONE is still LIVING!

To create through fantasy, another "idol" for mankind is not a "GIFT", but it is to create yet another "dependency" on a MAN, such as all religions have done for millenia, with the result not being PEACE, but discord, divisions, violence and war.

I would suggest that we should also take OURSELVES in our "broad and unlimited" sense ... That is in our true "STATE of REALITY", which some claim Sahaj Marg brings, but they only see Babuji in this "broad and unlimited" sense, and not their own brothers and sisters (family) and friends, and one another, who are also part of ONE ... in REALITY!! ... They can overlook the flaws in their "idol" but not in one another.


Denise Mincet said,
December 21, 2008, on the blog of Kasturi (by membership only)

I just heard today about this blog on Behenji Kasturi and I have perused it with great delight! My husband (Jean-Francois) and I have been in Babuji's Mission for a very long time, first and foremost as abhyasis and also at His service as Preceptors. We go regularly to Lucknow to Sister Kasturi and tell everyone around us about Her, Babuji and his mission. It is a great relief to see that Behenji has authorized such a blog, thus giving the possibility to connect more seekers to Babuji through Her.

I would like to take the opportunity to inform French speaking abhyasis that I have translated to French the following books of Sister Kasturi: Anant Yatra Vol.I, Vol.II and Anant Yatra "Who was He?" I am currently working on the translation of Anant Yatra Vol. III. These books can be ordered directly from us by sending an email to:

Sister has helped with the translations by giving detailed answers to all the questions Which are raised as we progress in our work. Her clarifications have been embedded in the translations as footnotes. It has been such a blessing to receive these divine teachings directly from Her; we wish and pray that abhyasis all over the world may benefit from these sacred writings.

We have recently moved from France to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

May Babuji keep our revered Sister in good health among us for a long time, making his light shine all over and showing us the path up to Him, the Ultimate.

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