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Why Does SRCM (California-1997) need "Material" MONEY?

Taken from Elodie's Blog in France: Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg in the comments to the article titled: Temoignage de Jean Francois

4d-Don said:

The preceptors have to LIE in their attempts to justify the constant demands for MONEY from the SRCM Management Team!

This is a comment by SAM:


In response to my comments on the constant demands for money, my preceptor told me they had their "raison d'être": apparently, the SRCM now finances many hospitals, charities, schools, etc, and therefore needs money that is used for humanitarian purposes.

I went to search on the internet to see what these charities are that require such funding (through whispers, the hookha, the doubling of the subscription ...)

Here are the results of my research:

Omega school is a (private) school which is funded by students and therefore paying it's way easily with the price of membership. However, it is not a school that teaches in the urban slums and can respond to any humanitarian criterion but rather, it is a private school.

Scholarships to pay airfare to abhyasis who can not afford to travel to and from Manappakam coming from under developed countries. The idea is good but I have not found anywhere what budget is allocated, how many abhyasis have enjoyed funding since the creation of these scholarships, which countries they come from. No info is available, which makes me wonder. Indeed, when an action is really necessary, Chari inaugurates, makes speeches, there are statistics such as about the omega school (enrollment, class ...) but now I have found nothing. Who benefited from these scholarships, how many are there, one or one hundred? Mystery.

Free hospitals, although it is a wonderful idea but what is it? I found by searching on the internet the centers of light. It is in fact infirmaries at the ashrams, where abhyasis doctors come to volunteer one week a year or once a month and treat those who come, abhyasis or not abhyasis. The idea is commendable but does not require monumental funding, the care taking place in premises that are already existing and being manned by volunteers. I did not find any evidence of a hospital which was built by the srcm hiring staff or buying equipment. It's very different.

Then I found the one-time funding requests in the event of natural disasters, the tsunami in Southeast Asia or Hurricane Katrina. These one-time donations are collected and returned to the Red Cross, yet a laudable idea, but that has nothing to do with explaning the requests for money that were made.

Finally, finally, I discovered that srcm UK and Canada are registered as charities, the charities listed are the ashrams, seminars, and meditation halls. They were declared as organizations promoting public health through the practice of raja yoga (one is never better served than by oneself).

This is my small individual research helped me find what I quote above. Nothing explains the financing demands that are increasing.

Maybe I searched wrong? I would be delighted to be contradicted and learn that there really are charitable and humanitarian activities undertaken by the srcm and that explain the demands for money. I have not found any.


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