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Whispers from The Brighter World! Messages From and For Dummies?

Taken and Translated from an article by Alexis on Elodie's Blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.
Article is called: Encore et Toujours Whispers

Comment from 4d-don are in ...Red Italics :

All the information on this blog can be verified by clicking on the "hypertext". Don't believe anyone! Verify everything! Specially information from those who release information (messages channeled by an "anonymous" French Lady Medium") 8 years after the (alleged) fact !! (or fantasy) This is the information (Whispers From the Brighter World) which, Chari claims, will become the Sahaj Marg Bible!! REALLY!! Check it out... The TRUTH is OUT THERE !! You don't have to be fooled again!

Addendum ... Oct.20, 2009.

In the "Whisper" posted 10/20/09 allegedly received June 6, 2003, the anonymous French Lady Medium claims that:
"In the Future, channeling will not be restricted to isolated cases, but it will be a reality concerning the aptitudes of all human beings." So forget about going to the "BRIGHTER WORLD" and resting on a cloud or having nothing to do. Apparently, the "dead" will, in the future??, be very busy sending "whispers" to everyone and anyone. Oh! The Tedium! And of course, all will then know the "future"! So why Messages? Such a misunderstanding of the "illusion" called: TIME, from the SPIRITUALISTS or the SPIRITISTS!

In REAL Spirituality, not "spiritualism" or "spiritism", TIME is an illusion or a TEMPORARY measurement of MOTION or change. Motion will not STOP, and TIME will not disappear as a measurement of MOTION. The ONE (or ONE-ness) is "eternal" (no beginning, no end) and hence, beyond TIME.

The Universe is in MOTION (changing) and expanding (Hubble) and that MOTION (or change) is measured as TIME. Babuji and other "dual", and now "dead" carbon entities, if they still have an "identity" (Babuji), are in TIME and hence have a conceptual FUTURE as they have a "theoretical" and un-verifiable and/or "anecdotal" PAST, for those abhyasis still living in this "world" of illusions. They do not have a PRESENT ... they are DEAD. If they are SPIRIT, (merged with the ULTIMATE) then they are in the ONE-ness , the "POOL", or the "OCEAN" of SPIRIT.

SPIRIT, (not "spirit-s") not having an "identity", does not send "MESSAGES" ... and does not know the FUTURE, as SPIRIT exists in the ONE-ness or in the eternal present of SPIRIT ... In SPIRIT, ALL is ONE and ALL is SPIRIT and ALL is NOW ... Be here NOW!! No messages are "possible" from SPIRIT !! Unless a SPIRIT is an "entity", or has an "identity", and that is SPIRITUALISM, SPIRITISM, and not SPIRITUALITY.

Babuji spoke, while living, of "merging with the ULTIMATE" in "one lifetime"!! ... Did he MERGE with IT or not? Is Babuji now in the heavenly "Brighter World" still busy "doing menial and temporal stuff", such as sending "Whispers"? Is he (or "they", the elevated souls) then, just a "commoner" like the rest of us, or is he now merged with THE, YOUR, or HIS "ULTIMATE"? Why can't we converse or commune with the ULTIMATE, the ONE (what some call "GOD") directly (according to Sahaj Marg)?? Why do we need a "Special Personality" PROXY such as Babuji, if he did not MERGE with the ULTIMATE, and is still merely an "entity", an identity, and has so little of importance to do, that he is still busily sending messages to an "anonymous French (that corrupt,emotional, society) Lady (that gender which can't be MASTERS, according to Chari), Medium (which is not in the "teachings of Babuji", Lalaji or of Raja Yoga).

One Homo Sapiens carbon entity, on a small planet, around an average star, in one of many galaxies, and groups of galaxies, on the "cosmic" level must not be very big in IMPORTANCE. Do the new-religions have such a large ego that they still have man at the "center of their anthropomorphic and anthropocentric Universe"? Is their ONE, what they call by the "Gothic (Germanic) word: "GOD", still a MALE PERSON?

Welcome to the "anthropometric" Reality!! We don't believe your fantasy! We are busy measuring "content" (including yours), and we find it flawed and not in harmony with Nature's REALITY!!

We, who don't adhere to Sahaj Marg and who are truly "spiritual", are on the "Natrual Path". We relate to the real, Spiritual and Natural world"! Sahaj Marg has become the "artificial" path. We commune with Nature and SPIRIT. Sahaj Marg adherents commune with developments, airports, hotels, real-estate, buildings, tents, transportation, traveling, cottages, renovations, concrete, lawns, money, seminars, meetings, fund-raisers, etc ... and "spirits", psychic entities called "egregores" and messages from the "spirits" of the dead are your "BIBLE". Get REAL!!


The Sahaj Marg Bible?... According to Whom??
Messages from the Dead (Spiritualism) for Money at Sahaj Marg!

Alexis Said:

Monday, October 19, 2009

Again and Always: Whispers From The (not so) Brighter World!

On Friday, January 26, 2001 at 10 am, Babuji allegedly uttered these words as recounted in Whispers:

"If the number of our aspirants is constant or declining in certain places, there is nothing alarming about that. Didn't I tell you, a few years ago, that Sahaj Marg was to be purified?"

(see A Whisper a Day for June 9, 2009...message received from Babuji by the Anonymous French Lady Medium on Jan. 26, 2001)

Funny when one knows that Chari announces 75, 000 abhyasis in the year 2000, and 3 years later, their number has tripled in India. All this to tell us then that the SRCM has 200 to 300, 000 followers ...

Babuji allegedly said this in 2001, in full expansion phase? Maybe ... But the message from the "Brighter World", was only posted on the website of the SMSF on June 9, 2009, just 9 days after the speech by Chari on schedule changes in New Delhi (Change of Satsangh Timings, 31/05/2009):

"(...) We have made the mistake of not obeying Babuji's principles where he said," I want quality, not quantity. "I believe that somewhere along the way in the past forty five years, this mistake was made by me first, that we started thinking of numbers and not quality so that today we have a great deal of numbers and not much quality. "

The communication of the SRCM is really running smoothly! Either Babuji was a prophet (a visionary) in 2001 (or Chari or his medium was, as you like) and those who disseminate his messages deliberately chose the right time to disseminate it (8 years later), or these messages are written backwards, so as to match the actual REALITY.

It's your choice!


Whispers From The Brighter World Published: June 9, 2009) (Friday, Jan. 26, 2001 at 10:00 AM)

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