Thursday, November 04, 2010

Babuji's Teachings as per Kasturi Preceptor!

This blog called Kasturiben has appeared on the Internet.

This site brings out a few, and as yet unknown "qualities" or side-effects of Sahaj Marg. You judge if these qualities should be classified as "gifts" or as liabilities (side effects). There is no indication whether this article called: Submission and Surrender is from Sister Kasturi (called by Babuji in one of his books: ... "the only saint of Sahaj Marg") or by someone else (the anonymous author of the blog?).

It is another indication that the "teachings" of Babuji are becoming really difficult to isolate and discuss. What does not come from Chari's anonymous French Medium and her channeled "Whispers From The Brighter World", who also channels the "beings of light", Chari's mother, Chari's wife, and other "elevated souls", now seems to come from many disenfranchised preceptors or leaders of the many schisms of the original Shri Ram Chandra Mission, registered by Babuji, the founder, in 1945. This "Whispers From the Brighter World", beside being a major fund-raiser for Chari's SRCM (California-1997) selling yearly (for the next 12 years??) for $150.00 U.S, is also called the "New Sahaj Marg Bible" or their "Vedas".

In his/her one article: Submission and Surrender on this blog called Kasturiben, this "Preceptor and Saint of Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj, Shahjahanpur" states:


"The other unique aspect of sub(m)ission is that this physical body loses it's significance of name & form and subsequently the object with which our physique is connected also gets lost. For instance, when i wrote to Sri Babuji that 'there is no relevance of subtle or casual body for me', he then wrote to me that the body has it's form & name, but when the object of it has gone out of the mind, then how could i be conscious of my subtle & causal bodies.

He furthur told me about another unique divine condition-'forgetfullness' ,which is bestowed by him to the abyasi again as a reward for his 'submission' to him. In this conditon as he wrote to me, as i also experienced the same, '
you will not be able to recollect any living being or have memories of anyone, how so ever close he/she may be to you unless you are especially reminded about it' . I also felt the same ,when i wrote to him that 'i'am completely drowned in his divine showers and not consious of my own being,then how could i be consious of or see the physique of anyone else."


Would you want your airplane pilot, your policeman, your fireman, your soldier, or your doctor, your judge, your brain surgeon, etc... to have this "unique feature" of Sahaj Marg? Is it a blessing? Is it really a gift or is it really a flaw, a side effect, possibly from a lack of oxygen (according to Chari)? Should Spirit and Spirituality not help in controlling the emotions, honing the mind, and making the memories more clear? Is this loss of memory or this not being "... able to recollect any living being..." simply the side-effects of a "drug" secreted by one of the glands, and which compromises short-term memory? Is Sahaj Marg really just another narcissistic religious "Opiate of the Masses"?

I did not say it or make it up! They seem to indicate a loss of memory or a "not being able to.... have memories of anyone..."... unless you are especially reminded about it", as another "unique feature" of their path.

And that is what they sell? And some are desiring that and buying that and proselyting that to others as a BLESSING of the path of Sahaj Marg?

There should be a caution with the practice of Sahaj Marg...

Nota Bene: * Don't meditate before exams, or before any important duties such as one's job, or at any important times of crisis in any of your family's or friends' lives!!

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