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The Impact of a "Sahaj Marg(tm)" Abhyasis on Society!

Taken from Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg in an article titled: "Impact D'Un Abhyasi Sur La Société" by A.P. Durai, Joint Secretary of SRCM (California-1997).

This is an article attributed to A.P. Durai, and posted on a share Website called: by Amit Gothi, October 11, 2010. This "almost perfectly" unknown (abhyasi of Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh) has not posted any other articles. He is the only one (for the moment) to claim that this document is written by A. P. Durai.

Comments and insertions by 4d-Don are in "red italics"

Elodie Said:

I found an article on the internet by A.P. Durai, (Joint Secretary of Chari's SRCM (California-1997) titled: The impact of an Abhyasi on Society. Here are a few significant exerpts (see full article at link above):

In Sahaj Marg, Master slowly makes us aware that we are not only individuals pursuing a spiritual path for our own sake, but are also members of the human family and our inner and external changes are going to influence the evolution of mankind and determine its future. The subtle impressions we create on the minds of people living around us are going to influence their spiritual destiny, too. Therefore, it is important that we bring about change in our personal life, family life, professional or working life and public life and make them value based in tune with Master’s teachings.

Such as Chari's teachings about the "minority" he calls "un-natural": gays, lesbians and trans-genders? Or Chari's teachings about "all other religions" which he calls corrupt, and "promoting violence and war"? What about God being called "male", which at SRCM(California-1997), is taught to children? That should confuse the children of today and the adults of tomorrow, eh?? Specially the females.

What level of morality is involved with re-registering a society in another country and changing the directors to "yes men and women" obedient to Chari? What morality is involved in the use of a "predator", the lion, at your ashrams and the idolatry displayed by the presence of many statues (Ganesh?) and iconography for sale? What morality is displayed in forcibly taking over Ashrams and removing the preceptors appointed by Babuji, the Founder of SRCM and Sahaj Marg ... including his family?

Morality is not "words" but actions!! You, at SRCM (California-1997), and you product, Sahaj Marg(tm), trade marked for commerce and trade, talk the talk ... but you don't seem to walk the walk!! And we don't see the abhyasis doing anything different from the leadership.


Human beings generally wait for the day when the world would change‐ for them to fall in line. (and you?? Remember Chari's teachings: "When you point at others ..."" ) But that day never seems to arrive because, as Master stresses, individual change should take place first and for that the individual should take the trouble, use his will, emulate the Master and wait for the impact to be felt on society. (should you not clean up your own back yard before you preach at others ... others "should"?? YOU SHOULD!! )


When we adopt Sahaj Marg as a way of life along with its Maxims, change in our lifestyle is inevitable. (Walk the walk! ) We cannot be here with Master and also there in worldly life running the materialistic and compromise‐ based race with others. We need not lament that one’s relations and friends have moved away since we no longer subscribe to their values or fulfill their expectations. (The power-addicted and the materialists preaching at the simple and the spiritual ... We are not impressed. It's time for you at Sahaj Marg (tm) to change ... we (the world) are all waiting!! You, the pseudo-religious are the last to take the true spiritual train.... deal with, and get rid of the addiction to material and POWER) Now, our only family is the Sahaj Marg family and the only friend is the Master. (Dividing still... UNITE, and show your spirituality) Through Him, we continue to love everyone, the whole of humanity but in the spiritual way – without emotional attachment and expectations. (Wrong! ... you at Sahaj Marg(tm) disrespect, you are "emotional" and egotistical and you seem a bit arrogant ... Even with the family of your founder, the family of his "friend" (Dr. K.C. Varadachari) and the only saint in Sahaj Marg, Kasturi, not to mention all the old prefects and preceptors and their disciples, and the many ad-hoc groups in Europe who still practice Sahaj Marg, but will not join with the Sahaj Marg(tm) or Chari.)


An abhyasi must shine in his profession or work place by the quality of his work. (The leadership of SRCM (California-1997) are the "profiteers" and the "polluters" of our social and material world ... Now they profiteer from pseudo-RELIGION and Spiritualism ... and pollute the spiritual atmosphere with spiritualism: Mediums, egregores, messages from the dead, etc...) Meditation, constant remembrance and an enlightened mind help us to focus better on the work and motivate us to explore the boundaries of our work and make it the means of our spiritual evolution. (or de-volution) We are able to do more with less and less effort and so we have more time left for service to the mission and for sadhana. (Create less and less MATERIAL and less and less "spiritualism", and show "more and more" of SPIRIT and Spirituality )

Our Master says he was able to finish his office work in two or three hours and use the rest of the time in the Mission’s service. Still, his performance was so good he advanced in his career also simultaneously. (And finally took over a small and dis-organized meditation group and divided it, over and over again ... into "240 small pieces" (Chari's nighmare) ... very SPIRITUAL!! Very UNITING!! (sarcasm) ... NOT!


We are aware that the whole world is chasing success in every field of human endeavour. This mad chase has given birth to competition, selfishness, aggression and disregard of decency and civility in human transactions and relationships. (you are... we, the people are not)


Our Master steers us away from the pursuit of worldly goals at the cost of moral and ethical values. (Wrong... To "conquer the world" is not to "steer away" from "worldly goals"... It is to "sell out" to one's material and temporal GOALS... Spirituality does not have material goals ... BE HERE NOW !! One more Ashram for seekers to drive to and increase their "carbon footprint", will not save the PLANET nor the WORLD. ONE is Everything, Everywhere, Everywhen... the E-Trinity ... E=Eternal ... not infinite or ULTIMATE or "more than + 1" !! Eternal means: no beginning, no end)


[An abhyasi] must have firm faith in his Master and his teachings and take his position on the side of the values of love, compassion, truthfulness, integrity and honesty. Such an abhyasi would have the courage to walk alone. He will be a path breaker and a leader for his group, be it his family, work place or street. (lol... lol... Ask the gays and lesbians, the "adherents to other religions, the real "truthful and honest" people with integrity. If the teachings and the actions of the leader have "value" then it is possible... but the teachings and the actions of this gang are not "love, compassion, etc..." It is more disrespect, power-addicted, materialist, egotist, arrogant, etc... It will not help the Spiritual evolution of the world any more than the materialist religions have ... That is why REFORMATION always takes place... It will take place in Sahaj Marg(tm) also... You are going through your "Pope Leo X" (14th Century ACE) phase... you may become "SPIRIT" yet ...
lol lol)


Ethics and morality in private and public domains are the values emphasized by Master – not only for our own evolution but also by way of our obligation to bring about universal change in our society – in tune with the Divine plan for humanity. Abhyasis are expected to shine as men (and women) of character and spiritual strength and be models for their fellowmen. (Please, change first eh! As you are now, I would not want my children to become like most of you. They are already better than that. Walk the Walk... and THEN talk the talk ... not the other way around! As it is, some of the disciples are more moral than the leadership. As SRCM (California-1997), the cart is pulling the horse ... or the bull, as they seem to be "stubbornly" refusing to learn and TRANSFORM first ... and then, preach later. )


Our heart should open to the poor, the exploited and the oppressed. This should give us the courage to speak up when injustice is being done to someone in our organization or work place. (yes...yes... yes... WHEN, WHEN, WHEN? We "should" ... but you don't. You simply buy more "PROPERTY" and CONCRETE and manicured (not manics cured) lawns which you call "NATURAL", and surround them with idolatrous statues of the gurus, lions, Ganesh, etc ... And the gays, and lesbians and trans-genders who will suffer (will be beaten) today because of the statements of your GURU?? And why can't women be Masters?? Where is your "morality"??)


Sahaj Marg recommends to all abhyasis the life of a grahastha. We are therefore part of society and have to discharge our civic responsibilities. (And BE SPIRIT... not materialist and power-addicted ... Become SIMPLE... If the SPIRITUAL gather Matter, who will speak for SPIRIT? The Materialists or the Atheists?)


Master envisions a society that is unified as one family transcending mental barriers created by us. (yet Sahaj Marg(tm) and SRCM(California-1997) divides and divides and tries to control the MATTER of the world ... LIVE the Vision and it might happen ... We are not impressed. We have left "corrupt" religion to find the corrupt SPIRITUALISM of Sahaj Marg(tm), disguised as SPIRITUALITY...)


Two thousand Sahaj Marg weddings have been performed by him (…) and they will form the vanguard of the new society in the offing. (Another RELIGION which wants to get the children before they can "think" and chose to grow the business on "no freedom" and "no philosophy" (according to Chari) ... They, the next generation of children, will rebel against Sahaj Marg (tm) also, just like we did with "corrupt religion" ... Babuji had that right ... 18 yrs old... not younger! And leave the children be children in a world where the adults are more "moral". The Children are emulating the adults (you) ... of course!! You gather the material, the spiritualism, the temporal, and they want some of that illusive "material" also. )


It is, therefore, crucial that abhyasis bring up their children on sound moral, ethical and spiritual values and enable them to feel close to Master. (Make that: FREE to chose for themselves at the age of REASON ... Teach and show by example ... SRCM(California-1997) is not a good example on how to UNITE the world and respect others or their chosen SPIRITUAL or Religious path! )


Master has taught us the Universal Prayer, which is a spiritual effort to bring about true faith, love and devotion (to the Ultimate/Master) among all human beings by preparing their hearts for this grand inner change. When this is done seriously and regularly by abhyasis, the rest of humanity also will turn towards spirituality. But this inner process has to be manifested externally; we need a critical mass of human beings who can demonstrate that a good community life, good governance, sound business practices and political processes can be achieved through spiritual values. It is in this context, abhyasis can play a dynamic role and bring about improvement in the quality of life in our society. Master expects abhyasis to play this critical role and it presents a great challenge to us – to externalise our change and become agents of change. Master once defined spirituality thus: “Spirituality is love, without fear or favour”. If we can practice it in all our thoughts and actions, without fear or favour, we shall soon see the impact of Master and His Marg (Way) on society, in our life time!

Repeating that one is a "slave" will not create a "better" person! Obedience has been tried by many before, and most have found that FREEDOM is what SPIRIT wants... This is the age of Transformation. We will transform, not because of Religion or Spiritualism such as Sahaj Marg(tm), but because it is our time to become ONE society on ONE Globe, planet Earth, Gaia. It is also our time to leave this planet and expand to the Cosmos ... so we will Transform as we can't journey into space as we are.

In our "gatherer-hunter" phase, our gods were of nature (circular, pantheist, female, forces of nature, etc..) and we looked down ... Then, we (homo sapiens) transformed and we looked up to the sky and our new gods became "sky gods" (the many pyramids, solar, male, logic, reason, science, monotheism)... Now we are at the point of a galactic consciousness (spiral, Uniting, ONE-ness, SPIRIT, Quantuum, Holographic, fractal, etc...

We will transform ... Our hour is at hand ... Catch up you "materialists" ... BE SPIRIT!! Stop preaching as if you knew more than the PEOPLE!! We have left behind what you seek as your goal: Reach critical mass at any cost, and then "CONQUER THE WORLD". You will never do it ... it is a moving and a changing world and it will not be "conquered" by a "speck of dust", MAN! Many others have tried and have been humbled by "the laughter of the gods". (Einstein)

We have to, and we, the PEOPLE, will BE ONE with ALL! We will not be part of anyone's "PYRAMID" of power. We are leaving the concept of LEADERSHIP and MASTERS to those who claim to come first, be first, or to be "chosen", and hence fit to teach the masses, behind in their dark age of Materialism. We will be FREE ... and we will TRANSFORM!! All information is at our fingertips. The choice IS now ours. And we chose FREEDOM!

It's the first time that I hear of this vision of the world and of its transformation by Sahaj Marg


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Taken from Article Alley and Erzine Articles, where AP Durai, , Preceptor, Joint secretary for SRCM (California-1997) and placed in charge of Babuji Memorial Ashram in Shahjahanpur, India, has written 12 articles promoting and selling everything from Holiday and Honeymoon destinations, to Water Filters, Yoga Poses, Detox Recipes, Retirement Funds, and Bad Breath cures. ( ... after much research... of course...TRUST ME!! ;-)) )

A.P. Durai bio on these articles:

A.P. Durai, after his retirement from the Indian Police Service, is a full time worker of a worldwide spiritual organisation which trains spiritual seekers in meditation. Himself an authorised trainer in meditation, he spends most of his time on it. Having been the Director of the National Police Academy in India, he often lectures to police officers under training on holistic development. He is deeply interested in human development and transformation through a spiritual approach.

Self-promotion in Article Alley article: Yoga Poses: "Please do not learn from the books. One should not be one’s own Guru (Teacher) in matters of Yoga asanas, pranayama or meditation and one might end up worse than before. Look for qualified, committed, professional teachers."

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