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Michael's View on the Controversies...Mar 9, 2007

Michael' s POV on the whole controversy as of Mar 9, 2007 from a comment on his site.
Michael is an ex-preceptor and an ex-member of the North American Publishing Committee of SRCM and a ex-member of the "inner circle" of SRCM.

Alexis said...


JM from Chari's clan spoke about the first son of Babuji, Prakash, and the grandson Charad.
He said Umeshchandra wasn't candidate for the succession at the beginning, but Prakash. Later, Charad would say his letter was a forgery. And later on, Umeshchandra came for being president.
Did you know these members of Babuji's family ? and other one ?
What do you know about this story of Prakash candidate ?

8:44 AM

Michael said...


Yes, JM is correct. In the early days there was an initial attempt by Babuji's eldest son to promote his son (Babuji's grandson) as the successor. I know JM personally, he introduced me to SRCM in 1979. There is little reason to question the validity of his statements.

I'm going to stop commenting on this subject at this point because I honestly believe we're giving this entire situation far more attention than it is worth. Babuji's family is merely fighting for control of property they consider their inheritance and birthright.

Chari is the real concern and target, as he has proven far more capable politically, and strategically, than all the opposition, and as a result has been able to seize the most control over the largest concentration of property, and disciples. The key point is how how easily Babuji's entire legacy has been hijacked by opportunists looking for spiritual power, property and money. If one wanted to explore the truth, wouldn't it be more productive to focus on the source of Babuji's foundation of SRCM, and Lalaji's legacy rather then on the clan warfare that resulted from Babuji's efforts? Clearly the root cause for this clan warfare lies there and not in what is happening today between the Umesh and Chari Clans.

The various groups founded from Lalaji's times have not shown the same animosity or vindicitveness towards each other. Only Babuji claimed to be the sole and exclusive successor Lalaji. Only Babuji created an exclusive organization that chose to focus on wealthy westerners. I have found exploring these aspects of SRCM history far more informative since my departure over 15 years ago.

SRCM in reality is a minor organization in the larger scheme of things. Its cult like tendencies worsen with every year of its existence. It is an organziation that has a single Master with no peer, claiming to lead the only valid path to spiritual enlightenment in the world today. Unquestioning obedience to the Master and his Organization is required of all disciples. This formula only results in manipulation and cultism, because, as even Chari has been known to say, "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely". No cult with these characteristics has ever left a lasting, positive impact on humanity. SRCM will be no different.

As for the stories of poisoning. I know from direct personal experience that poisoning is a common method for suicide and homicide used by Indians, given the very passive aggressive nature of their culture. I don't doubt elements from both clans are using poison to eliminate and threaten their opposition.

I seriously question why we want to continue to give either side the luxury of an audience on this matter. There are far more fullfilling histories to explore than these sordid events of clan warfare. Aren't there sufficient facts revealed to date to show that neither side in this controversy has any credibility?


Mar. 9, 2oo7 10:07 AM


Alexis said...

j'ai fait quelques corrections à mon texte puis je l'ai posté sur tmtindia, tel que ci-dessous.

Here it is the resume of declarations made by some witnesses of what happened in the past and today. Thanks to all to correct me if I made errors. Please continue to tell us the real history of Babuji's Sahaj Marg… (English translation was made by 4d-Don)

The “contradictory facts” which some tell us…

The SRCM is officially created by Babuji on May 30, 1945 in Shahjahanpur, its statutes are registered in Lucknow. In 1946, he releases his 1st book, “Commentaries on the 10 commands of Sahaj Marg”. Then in 1948-49, he is joined by personalities from Uttar Pradesh, such as Dr. SP Srivastava, judge ML Chaturvedi and his daughter, Kum Kasturi.

In 1955, Babuji releases his famous book “Reality at Dawn”, and his notoriety overflows Uttar Pradesh. Men of the south join him. Men such as Dr. KC Varadachari and Raghavendra Rao of Karnataka. KC Narayana, son of Varadachari, also joined him in 1956. Then Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari also known as Chari arrives in 1964. Varadachari creates Sahaj Marg Research Institute (SMRTI) in 1965.

Lakshmi Narasimhan marks the beginning of the internationalization of Sahaj Marg. He leaves to teach it in Copenhagen in 1968-69. On June 18, 1970, Varadachari requests of Babuji to pay attention not “to commercialize the Mission”, but he dies the following year while his Narayana son undertakes a trip in the USA. Meanwhile, Chari is appointed secretary general of the mission in 1970. Then Babuji and Chari make their first common voyage in the west in 1972. They will then often appear in company of Andre Poray and Dr. Hans Gangloff.

On March 3, 1974, Babuji (apparently) names Chari as his successor in front of witnesses, Donald Sabourin and Kasturi. In 1976 the ashram of Shahjahanpur is built. Babuji registers a complaint for the theft of 4 blank (signed) letters with the heading of the SRCM. In 1979, Babuji entrusts to Narayana that he will have to work alongside Chari in the future.

In 1980, in Munich, he declares to JM (?) that he has named Chari as his successor, but André Poray shows up there as a serious rival for Chari. Babuji is less available for the groups of abhyasis and Chari becomes reticent. Still around 1980, Babuji relieves Chari of all his functions.

In 1981, the senior preceptors, Raghavendra Rao and Ramachandra Reddy start a non-official visit to the USA with Umeshchandra Saxena, a son of Babuji who is not even a preceptor. On April 16, 1982, Babuji however writes a letter of appointment (succession) of his son, Umeshchandra.

In 1982, at the time of the voyage of Babuji to France, All becomes very sombre. André Poray is everywhere at the front of the scene, Chari who was not invited is relegated to the sidelines. Babuji is very sick. He tells to his sister that he wants to go to the police because someone wants to make an attempt on his life, which he will finally not do. On September 2, he writes to MD Jahagirdar that Chari is deviating from the initial teaching, that he is presenting himself illegitimately as his successor and that he has tried on several occasions to poison him for 4 years, but that he has found his successor. He does not name him but also announces that his successor will have to be accompanied by Srivastava, Narayana and Kashi2 (?) Ram Agarwal and Nasib Chand. He also writes to Kasturi that he has named somebody as his successor without specifying the name.

In 1983, contradictory messages of the various factions flow, including from some other successors of Lalaji. Babuji dies on April 19, (1983). Chari immediately presents his letter of nomination. Raghavendra Rao and Ramachandra Reddy, with Umeshchandra at their head, declare that the letter of Chari is a forgery. The family of Babuji does not propose Umeshchandra as successor immediately, but instead, his elder brother Prakash, then his grandson, Charad. A legal battle for the control of the ashram begins. Chari travels to the west to seek support there.

Everyone is in Shahjahanpur for the birthday of Lalaji in February 1984. A “Working Committee” is set up in haste, on February 6. An (alleged) attempt at poisoning of the clan of Chari takes place.

KC Narayana, who belongs to the Working Committee considers that the letter of the son of Babuji is false and that the letter of Chari is valid. The grandson of Babuji recognizes that it is a forgery. Kasturi decides in favour of Chari. But the Working Committee decides to name Umeshchandra the Spiritual Representive. It names SP Srivastava chairman of the Working Committee while waiting until the spirits are calmed, because the positioning of Kasturi in favour of Chari starts an open conflict between the factions.

Under these conditions, Chari constitutes another “Working Committee” in Hyderabad where he is proclaimed president. A new Californian SRCM will thus be(registered in San Luis Obispo.

In 1987, Chari again tries to seize the ashram of Shahjahanpur, but without success. Srivastava publishes the 2nd part of the autobiography of Babuji (1987-89).

In August 1991, Narayana leaves the clan of Chari and creates the ISRC.

In 1994, Umeshchandra brings to Srivastava his letter of nomination and makes it known that the letter of Chari is a counterfeit made from a stolen signed letterhead. He alleges also Chari to have poisoned his father. A senior preceptor accepts the letter of Umeshchandra, all then accept it and Srivastava resigns his position (interim president) to Umeshchandra Saxena who then chairs the SRCM of Shahjahanpur.

One of his preceptors leaves for the USA in 1996, and creates an Internet site “” where it publishes the 2 letters of nomination of Umeshchandra and Chari. A conflict then opposes the 2 SRCM on the domain name, and the arbitration is pronounced in favour of the clan of Umeshchandra in April 2000. The clan of Chari then hires a large law firm and carries the dispute before the Federal Court of Virginia. The clan of Umeshchandra prefers to give up the case because of lack of financial means.

In 2000, Kasturi suddenly opposes Chari after she is rejected by him (Chari). She then teaches Sahaj Marg by herself from Lucknow.

Umeshchandra moves around the ashram of Shahjahanpur with a revolver because he is afraid for his life. In 2003, he dies of “non-natural” causes. His son Navneet Kumar Saxena succeeds him, but his young brother is the victim of a suspect road accident only 13 days later.

Navneet Kumar himself is the victim of an attempted poisoning on February 3, 2006. The clan of Chari invades the ashram of Shahjahanpur on April 2 then, after the death of the senior full preceptor, Raghavendra Rao, invades also the ashram of Raichur with AP Durai in head on May 7, (2006). Testimonials in favour of the clan of the family of Babuji appear on the Web.

On January 18, 2007, it is the turn of Navneet Kumar to be expressed himself on the Web. On February 7, the Indian Supreme Court rules: “Arguments heard. Orders reserved.” And Navneet creates his own site on February 22, where he publishes the 2 letters of nomination and the letter addressed to Jahagirdar where Babuji shows Chari as an “evildoer”…

Anonymous said...

I'd like to ask 4d-don:
"What is your real intention with this blog? - I request you to think over it deeply before answering my question.

4d-Don said...

Hi AB...

Blog heading...

PUTTING RELIGION AND SPIRITUALITY ON TRIAL! (the last "estate" to come under the control of the PEOPLE..or the "user")

The reason for the blog is to Educate and Inform, that includes allowing "criticism" and allowing all points of view to exist even the ones I personally don't agree with.

The "multi-dimensional" view that we are getting from this "expose" is that the adherents to this path are being "transmitted" to their heart, by Preceptors and an "elite" that is in the same material and emotional "mire of desires", as the abhyasis themselves.

Can the contents (spirit?) "transmitted" be pure if the vessel that "transmits" is tainted? (by material and emotional (winning!) desires, in this case)

Each reader will have to answer and decide for him/herself...That is why the blog allows all to comment...

Information and education will set us free...Freedom of Thought and Expression is "the" Major tool in a democracy!

In some countries, democracy is still so weak that we still need "heros" to reveal the many facets of the "TRUTH"...(their truth)


The Age of the PLUTOCRATS is over and it is now the age of
INFORMATION (or the INFONAUT), with all it's pitfalls.

We will learn to use that RIGHT (that we take without asking permission) much as we did all the other FREEDOMS...Trial and error!!!

We dare! Do YOU?


Anonymous said...

anonymous AB -
I for one am thankful to Don, Michael and others for bringing into the public arena so many facts and reasoned comment about the Sahaj Marg organization and its prominent players.

I feel it is a service to all those affected by family members who have been sucked into this cult. The truth may also assist disciples to break free from what I regard as an unhealthy and misguided devotion.

A questioning mind is an important attribute of being human.

4d-Don said...

Hi AB...

Thanks for your comments...I have received so many "threats" and "insults" from this "gang" of "spiritualists" that we can safely assume that if Babuji was right and that "Spirituality Unites, Religion Divides!", then Sahaj Marg is a Religion and is just a "two on one heart" parlor game that anyone who wants to manipulate can do if they want to remain as "children" and play the games of Children.

The lesson is "DON'T LET A STRANGER transmit to your heart without checking him/her out". God knows what other societal diseases are being transmitted to the "naive" in the the name of GOD and Spirituality....There should be a study of how many abhyasis of SRCM have died of "heart and blood-related diseases" such as heart attack, stroke, blood pressure, and then the psychological diseases of "depression", suicidal (even in the Guru's family), broken homes and families etc... I say this because I know of "MANY" even as the "preceptors" claim that SAHAJ MARG will "reduce stress" etc...

Spirit, just like water, finds its own level and the Preceptors are being fed the energy of the "searcher" who is more "ego" free than the "preceptor" or priest...Can a priest who is also a "sinner" forgive sins? Chari says no!! But Sahaj Marg can erase "Samskaras" thus liberating one from one's "karma"...YEAH RIGHT!!

The Religious elite will be the last to give up its power as the Information age and its "INFONAUTS" exert their "influence" as it is not a power but a collective power that at the individual level, is simply an "influence"....NO EGO!! I am an "UNKNOWN" and not to be "beleived"....But as a "collective" there is enough power to counterbalance the power of the PLUTOCRATS and their last tool, RELIGION!!

Thanks for your comments...


Anonymous said...

I am observing your blog for a while now.
First of all I’d like to say something to your own policy. Obviously you do not publish all the comments given to your blog. I couldn’t find a comment sent last week and I saw somebody else complaining about the same fact. At least for my own comment I can’t find any reason for not giving it to the public neither for the length of it, nor for the content. But maybe, it was only against the rules not to sign.

For my opinion M i c h a e l seemed to be the one (of the regularly commenting people) who tries the most to deal with the subject objectively. But I’d like to point out to him, too, the fact of the true difficulty of an application of the (Western) ideal of democracy in the given field.
On March, 9 he says
“.......It is an organziation that has a single Master with no peer, claiming to lead the only valid path to spiritual enlightenment in the world today. Unquestioning obedience to the Master and his Organization is required of all disciples...”
I agree with his critics that there is a claim to possess t h e path for the highest spiritual attainment. But as far as I know this claim already originated in the time of Babuji. For the question of (total) obedience to a Master I’d like to repeat an already told example: You will not find one mountain guide who will accept leading you to any mountain peak even on a basic agreement of democratic rules. I don’t know if you ever read the books of Graf Durckheim about the master-disciple relationship. I read about a Zen master of New York who told frankly if he would treat his disciples the way he should (and he normally would do in his country) the police would be in his place in New York the very next day. - I think it is important always to think about the intention behind an action. As you seem to be interested in the Sufi Tradition, maybe, you know the book of Irina Tweedie “Daughter Of Fire - Diary of a spiritual teaching by a Sufi master.“ Her teacher was Adhauliya Mahatma Radha Mohan Lal Ji of Kanpur. I don’t understand why you don’t criticize the Sufi way,too. Anyway, the subject is a very sensitive one. In the discussion about democracy you miss the point.
Nearly by accident I saw Christian’ s (?) other blog [http://spydi.blogspot.zoom/]. I took only a very short glance on it, but I was very surprised (if he is the author) to read the following:
“....Democracy was adapted for a certain type of educated citizens.
Democracy has created a soft world, in which the next generations grew, slowly falling into decadence.
Giving democracy to such people was dangerous, and that is why, progressively, the system got locked and more and more totalitarian.... [In your blog here I don’t want to comment his thougths on the other block about Hitler ect. ]

Comments to N a v n e e t K u m a r and his remarks I gave already (see above). One point in his (the following) remarks I‘d like to comment by asking him a question:
Navneet Kumar‘s remark: “....After about 3 to 4 months Sh. Jahangirdhar also died on the spot at his residence soon after he was given pills in name of medicine by an individual.the individual was beaten in closed room and asked who was behind it he said I can't name him otherwise he will kill me t o o . Now I am not saying who is behind it and what was the benefit he could have got...”
My question: “Mr. Navneet Kumar, I am able to imagine what happened in this “closed room”. Can you explain if this is the practical application of your spiritual theory in life?
Surprisingly for me is that Navneet Kumar (especially as he himself speaks about the existence of so-called super-natural powers) questions the possibility that informations of the death of his father could reach Shahjahanpur without the “help“ of the only involved people, the doctor and the nurse .
Navneet’s remark:“At 3:00 PM we came to know that my father had expired. Best part is I did not give this news to my motherfor about 1/2 hour but I received a call from Shahjahanpur that one of Chari's close aid in Shahjahanpur has rung the ashram and said that Sh. Umesh Chandra is no more. I wondered that his news of death was known only to the doctor, nuse and me how could the news travel to Chari's camp.”
Out of his explanations it seems to me stated, too, that Babuji (the special personality) seemed to be unable to find out who tried to make an attempt on his life.

About P a r t h a s a r a t h i R a j a g o p a l a j a I read somewhere in your blog: “Any truly spiritual teacher will not impose anything of him self on the student, but will push the student to find it in his or her self. This is completely lacking in the SRCM system from the beginning..”
I met P. R. several times in India and in Europe and I can’t agree with this statement. I for myself have to say that he pushed me (away )out of this reason more than once.
And about master-disciple relationship I read in the same context on your blog:“The Sufi tradition treated the teacher as a friend, house guest or grandfather. It was about human interaction and learning by example. It was about actions in the real World.”
As exactly is stated above the teacher i s t r e a t e d as a friend, house guest or grandfather. It is t h e d i s c i p l e you decides how he treats P. R. This means the responsibility is on the side of the disciple. Somewhere in your blog I read somebody mentioning that P. R. refused at least in the beginning to be adressed as a master.
On the other hand the treatment of the disciple by the Master must not be that way: see Irina Tweedie, Daughter....

For 4d-don again I’d like to ask “What is your reason for this blog?”


4d-Don said...

Hi AB...

Thanks for the comments...

I have a no refusal policy for comments. I of course filter for "abusers" of the Freedom of Speech of these blogs. That means the "incoherent" repetitions of letters, words, curses, etc...If I did not post your comments it is because I did not receive them. The Blogger will give you a "message sent" message at the top of the page if it has been sent. I have had the same problems with "" on some other blogs and have to "re-send" my comments twice or until I get the "message sent" sign on a yellow background at the top... Oh yes! I take out the "threats" even if they are "coherent"...I keep them in a file for release in case??

I am familiar with Irina Tweedie's and her book but have not read it.
I am not a Sufi supporter although I have read some "Rumi" and have enjoyed his poetry and philosophy, but words are cheap and can be spoken by anyone. Words are not a gauge of spiritual elevation.

For your comments on Christian (on democracy)or Michael (on Masters), you will have to discuss that with them as many things that others say on this blog, I don't necessarily adhere to but I think they represent a valid point of view.

I am a "patriotic" Canandian and a believer in democracy but an expanded democracy that would include "voting on issues" in a more "direct democracy" such as in many states in the US and Switzerland and other countries presently. I am researching the "Gross National Happiness" concept of a little country called Bhutan to see if it is possible to "fit it in" our representative democracy or a more direct democracy. They (Bhutan) have the world's only "democratic monarchy".
Just research so far but I think some parts of it could be applied to our system in the west.

For questions to Navneet Kumar, he goes and replies to questions on this site:

(make sure you get all the link)

I appreciate your well thought out comments and although I can't respond and/or offer a defense to all the points you make as they are not addressed to me, I agree with many of your points, having brought them up myself in the past.

Although I was so-called "educated" on my knees at the Catholic Boarding Schools, I now call that "endoctrination". Education does not mean "instruction giving" to me anymore, and/or learning how to "fit-in" to a structure, pyramidal or otherwise, even a "civilized" structure. Education involves learning the dynamic process of retrieving accurate information (datum), that forever changes from systems in flux in a Universe in MOTION!! All that before stating "facts", creating belief systems, and philosophies around the "TRUTH" and then claiming to access the Truth as if it was Unitary...The ONE is ONE, We are in the ALL (the Creation) and that makes all our truths transitory or in a state of transformation, much as we are.

If the Universe is in MOTION, then the Truth is also "dynamic".

Just my Humble Point of View...

The reason for this blog? To follow the TRUTH, which changes ;-))


Anonymous said...

Dear Don,
i wish you are able to feel the essence and magnamity of AB

4d-Don said...

Hi anonymous...

I can feel AB's magnamity and essence, and I repeat that I appreciate your comment too!...


Michael said...


I appreciate your thoughtful comments and would like to respond to a few of your points:

Regarding Babuji having already claimed exclusivity in his system:

Yes, my point is that Babuji created the problem by doing so. The Clan warfare that followed is simply a logical reaction to this sort of "Singular Master, Exclusive Approach" system.

Regarding Obedience:

Trust in leadership must be earned in spirituality not imposed or demanded. Babuji at least seemed to not demand absolute trust, but worked to earn it. Chari demands in constantly in Preceptor trainings and even in public talks. This is the delicate balance that has been trampled over and it is dangerous especially to teens and younger children who are just learning about boundaries, trust and relationships. I've not only read Daugher of Fire, but corresponded with Irina Tweedie and her successors - so I am quite familiar with her book and her lineage (which stems from Lalaji's Brother Chachaji).

Regarding Chari's interaciton with disciples:

Your experience is yours, and I will not question that. My experience with Chari was quite different. Indeed he does come off as a "friend" when wooing new disciples. My experience was that it was all about him after you're hooked. There was very little guidance or support coming from him as a "friend". It was more about demanding service and obedience.

My thesis, is that SRCM has failed due to a fault in its origins. Worship of Babuji and quoting him from the dead (along with Lalaji, Jesus and others), appears as desperate attempts to validate the system and Masters based on nothing provable.

I challenge SRCM to explain something that Babuji, Chariji, Umesh, etc has done for humanity other than insist that they are Master, Successor, President, etc and back that up with quotes from the dead and a lot of words.

Good historical examples to be compared to are:

1. Krishna's involvement in the war at Maharabat.

2. Jesus' compassion for the poor and down trodden and challenging of the religious hierarchy

3. Moses' leading his people out of slavery

4. Daniel's integrity, refusing food from the King, interpreting his dreams and surviving in the lion's den.

These are examples of spiritual leaders and the actions they performed that earned them the trust of those around them.


Michael said...


A quick follow on point that I neglected to make regarding your reference to Irina Tweedie.

You'll note that in her book, "Daughter of Fire", while her teacher required here total trust, and total obedience, he did not claim that his system was exclusive, nor was he without peers. In fact, Mrs. Tweedie was introduced to other Masters that associated with her teacher on a peer level, and had the freedom to associate with them. She was given the choice and her teacher provided her with options to choose of her own free will.

This is quite different than the SRCM experience, where there is only one system, one Mission, one Master, and once indoctrinated, there are no choices. Trust again is demanded, not earned. I might add that this is the same lineage and tradition that SRCM stems from.


Anonymous said...

thank you for the information relating to Irina Tweedie. (I am interested in a discussion outside this blog.)
As I already told I agree with your critics regarding the demand of exclusiveness.
But I assure you that nothing (better: nobody) in SRCM will keep you from staying with other teachers or meditation groups. The problem arises out of the fellow abhyasis, t h e y (mostly) would not agree with it. As you said, my experience is different from yours.

I have a dream - interspirituality. I can't stop accepting the different religions with their inherent spirituality, the different spiritual traditions and the practitioners of a "natural spirituality" outside any path.

I am neither for arrogance (beyond religion, the exlusive path), nor for fear (e. g. of leaving a path), nor for fighting (what happens here).

My reason for approaching the field of SRCM was the aim of learning acceptance.

Anonymous said...

Ferdinand Wullimier a swiss psyciatrists work is based on sahaj marg. He adopts the KW method to help the neurotic, anxious and phycotic. If you go to ken Wilber and sahaj marj you will find Ferdinand Wullimiers writing and theory. He is the authour but seemingly not the master behind it.

4d-Don said...

Hi anonymous...

I am aware of Ferdinand Willimiers, who writes for SRCMtm, the California registered society. His is the research on 54 of his abhyasis that was presented at a conference of the Spiritual Psychiatry Association (Europe) in Israel a while back...Chari was also there and apparently invited the group to meet next at his Ashram....

Thanks for the input...


Anonymous said...

I am a close friend of an abyasis and very worried about his mental state, this cannot possibly be right or divine just plain scarey. Playing a game with vunerable people is beyond humanity.

Anonymous said...

Reply to the first part of the comment made regarding similatities between a mountain guide and a spiritual guide. You know a mountain guides who takes you on a road to nowhere is inept. You will end up stranded and would never trust his guidance again would you? You at least go on a mountain trip with a yard stick for intelligence and trust, spirituallity is a totaly different ball game. There is no comparison what so ever.

4d-Don said...

Hi anonymous...

If all the posters could sign their massage with an "alias", One could reply to it more efectively...

I agree with your "mountain guide" comment... One does not give the guide the run of one's life "forever" and to the "next life"...

Other anonymous...

Babuji warned Chari of recruiting around the around the "mental health" (the Psy's) field where many of the Preceptors come from and bring their "patients" or clients"...One psy even does research on his clients or "serfs" and earns (some of) his "credentials" on the back of "spiritual seekers".

What a mess! this Spirituality is like a loop back to the "dark ages" (feudal times) of Religions with autocratic structures with "divine rights" of an elite (kings, popes, gurus, etc..)

Good luck to us all...

Information will set us free...

We now have the technology...Let's use it and "expose" the So we might see the genuine "seekers" and spiritual people...They won't be "leaders" addicted to power, but will be "doers", simply being "spiritual" rather than using lawyers to get control of "structures" so as to manipulate and others in supporting these "structures" rather than serving the broader community and the poor and the sick of the whole planet...

The rich don't need more "private" schools in India, while our kids go to school in "mobiles" that are used for "PUBLIC SCHOOLS" in our country because of lack of "funds"...

Support the poor in our country...


Anonymous said...

I would like to bring forth a tragic incident, about an ardous abhyasi, named Dhamodar. I think who sacrifised every thing for the Mission. But sadly he commited suicide by hanging himself.
The marriage was set by PR. What might have gone through old parents and all. We can see PR next day as usual and whistling and listening to music. No change, poor parents, they might have such expectations from the young child.