Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Another Schism or a Ploy by SRCM (California-1997)?

Taken from Orkut Community: Freedom From SRCM (Sahaj Marg) ... section called: "A New Sahaj Marg"

Shashwat Said:

A new sahaj marg

Well well well... like mushrooms, there are plenty of sahaj marg's popping up every now and then..

Now we have a new sahaj marg, which is not related to chari's SRCM, nor it is related to Navneets SRCM neither it is related to any of those 5 known sahaj marg's that we are aware of..

This is a brand new sahaj marg inviting legal action from Chari and his goons..

Here is the new sahaj marg website:-


Cyril said:

Hi Shashwat...

You gotta love it ... Isn't this fun??

There may be (we know there are) some other brave people out there!! Thanks to ONE !!

But there are some inconsistencies in this site, so it could be a "ruse"!

I notice that the contact address is with "UNICODE" in Lucknow (Kasturi's home).

And I also notice that "Sahaj Marg Companion" (by Clark Powell) is on their reading Material ... Hmmm!! The article: "Western Mind, Eastern Heart" is also by Clark Powell. Hmmm... As well, the article: "Living Tradition of Sahaj Marg" is by the same author... Hmmm.

In all the articles, (by Clark??) Chari is mentionned as the Master of SRCM and of Sahaj Marg ... There is no photo of Chari in the HEADER or the Mast head... Hmmm... Is there a "fake" Schism being formed by someone who is PROMOTING Chari?

Whoever it is, they have a lot of photos of Babuji, so they must be connected in some fashion to Babuji or have taken a lot of "pictures"... like a writer or journalist would do!!

And in the section on Our MISSION... there is a section on SMRTI... which is owned by Chari's group... as well, the other Meditation Centres which are mentioned as having preceptors, may all be owned by Chari's Group ... so could this be a "Ploy" or a "RUSE" by Chari's clan to ensnare the un-suspecting? (Sister Kasturi's potential disciples ??)

The whole section on Our Mission seems to be promoting Chari's clan and his "organization"!! And they use the "official" emblem of the Mission (controlled by Chari??) ... SO??

This site is aimed at "Indian" meditators... The style of writing is homogeneous and hence is all from one Writer (for the English part) !!

If you (or any other reader) get any other "inspiration" about who is responsible for this site, please let us know ...

This is getting to be like the fantasy by an "opium smoker", Charles Ludwidge under the aka of LEWIS CAROL called: "Alice in Wonderland".... "Its getting Curiouser and Curiouser!!" lol ... enter the "Mad Hatter "!!

Cyril Borg

Cyril Said:


Word for word "plagiarism"... by the author of this new SITE:

Look at SRCM Site of Chari's clan at: http://www.srcm.org/welcome/srcm.jsp

And then read "our Mission" on This NEW site: http://www.sahajmargsystem.com/index.php

Just the last sentence has been removed: "The current president of the Mission is Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, affectionately known as Chariji."

But the author of the new site goes on to PROMOTE Chari is all his articles...
So there is a lot of "confusion" there...

"What a strange web we weave when first we set out to deceive"

Cyril Borg...

On Nov. 13, 2009 Shashwat said:
(the content of the link on Facebook seems to be gone)

Our dear friend clark is in trouble again with sahaj marg, this time his trouble is legal in nature.


Anonymous said...

Don't be too much confused brothers! This site http://www.sahajmargsystem.com is completely based on original

literature of Revered Master Shri Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj(Shahjahanpur)'Babuji' and his Revered Master Shri Ram

Chandra Ji Maharaj (Fatehgarh)'Lalaji'. There is no any concern to create dispute in the Sahaj Marg System.

Because I love my Guru Pujya Babuji Maharaj. We are Abhyasi from 1972 and we have all literature and magazines of

that time. So we only want to preserve it and to available to each Abhyasi and non Abhyasi who have need of it.

If you find any such type of material, which is objectionable or disputable, please suggest me at my email magan.ram.krishna@gmail.com,


4d-Don said...

Hi Magan Ram Krishna...

I have looked at your site, and I concur, that the english material (at least) is only from Babuji ...

Congratulation for showing some integrity and distancing yourselves from the Sahaj Marg (tm) of Chari's clan (SRCM California-1997) which has become Spiritualism and Spiritism, manipulative and violent, and is not only giving Babuji's Sahaj Marg a bad reputation but is also tarnishing the reputation of Lalaji, corrupting his teachings, and the historical reputation of Indai as a Spiritual country (not a Spiritualist country) .

India is not the only place on this planet where SPIRIT is realized by the common SPIRITUAL PEOPLE who refuse to belong to such pyramidal hierarchical and corrupt structures of profiteers which are built, and have been used historically for RELIGIONS, Military, police, business, etc... and not for the HUMANITIES or for SPIRITUALITY ...

Bless you and your associates for your efforts ... May you walk in the realization of the ONE and ONLY all your days...