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Copies (typed) of SRCM Official Succession Documents

These are typed versions of the documents found on the site of Navneet Kumar, Babuji's grandson, SRCM Shahjahanpur: (documents can be viewed at this site under "successor" then "facts")

This was taken with gratitude from Elodie's blog at:

See Freedom from Sahaj Marg (Shashwat's site) or here (Sahaj Marg and SRCM Legal and Important Documents) for scans of some original documents. 

Circular of Secretairy S.A. Sarnad dated february 15, 1984


Dated 15/02/84

To: All the members of the working committee,
of Shri Ram Chandra Mission in India
and Abroad :

Sub : Declaration of Successor President
of Shri Ram Chandra Mission,
Shahjahanpur. U.P.

Dear Brothers/Sisters,
Here I am pleased to inform you that our Revered Master Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj had nominated Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena vide declaration/nomination letter dated 16.04.82 and the same was produced before the member of the working committee on the 6th and 7th. Feb. 1984 for approval and consent of the members and the members present have accepted and approved the nomination dt. 16.04.82 in favour of Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena S/o Late Mahatma Ram Chandraji Maharaj. Hence with effect from 7th. Feb. 1984 Mr. Umesh Chandra Saxena is now the SUCCESSOR PRESIDENT of Shri RAM Chandra Mission Shahjahanpur.
The Minutes of the working committee were further produced before the General Body members of Shri Ram Chandra Mission and the declaration/Nomination letter dt. 16.04.82 were unanismously approved and accepted, this is just for the information of the brothers and sisters. In this connection kindly find enclosed the following for your record of information.
1. The Copy of Declaration/Nomination Letter dt. 16.04.82
2. Extract of the minutes of the working committee meeting held on 6th. and 7th. Feb. 1984.
3. Extract of the minutes of the General Body meeting held on 8th. Feb. 1984.
We request all the members/abhiyasis/Preceptors/organisors to cooperate with the President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur.

Yours affectionately

CC Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena
President SRCM

Letter of nomination of Chariji, dated March 23, 1974

I hereby nominate my disciple Sri. P. Rajagopalachari as my representative to work for the Mission as President in the Sahaj Marg System. As long as I live, I will be doing my job, Afterwards he will enjoy the fullfledged authority given by the Constitution and bye-laws of the Mission.
May God's grace shower through him to all mankind.
Ram Chandra
Shri Ram Chandra Mission
Shahjahanpur U.P. (India)
The 23rd March 1974

Letter of nomination of Umesh Chandra Saxena, dated April 16, 1982
Date 16th. April 1982

I, Ram Chandra, Founder President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Diwan jograj, Shahjahanpur in Exercise of my Power under Rule 3 and 4 of the Rules and constitution of my Private Trust/Society, on my free Will and Accord and upon the due consideration of the totality of the circumstances prevailing in my said Mission including wishes and blessing of the Almighty and that of my Samarth Guru Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, do hereby nominate my Spiritual Representative as also my son Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena as Successor President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission Shahjahanpur, with liberty to him, to further nominate his successor President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission with the condition that the person so nominated by him as his successor President of the said Mission must be his spiritual representatives in his direct line of succession.
I shall however continue as President of aforesaid Mission till my life time and this nomination shall come into play only after my death.
Previous nomination if any, made by me, shall stand superceeded and cancelled.

Affectionately yours
Ram Chandra

Letter from Babuji to Jahagirdar, dated Septembre 2, 1982
Paris (France)
Private and confidential

My dear Jahagirdar,

To day I am thinking of you from the early morning and I feel to part some secret for your knowledge and advantage of our Abhiyasis because I feel by the time I reach India it will be too late. Now I am beginning to think that some people do not want my existence and it appears that they do not have any love for me but they think of more of the property and assets of the Mission and we are deviating from the path of " SAHAJ MARGA ".

Recently I have examined four of my senior preceptor, but I found that they have taken the different view of Sahaj Marga, with the result I have to leave them for the care of God Almighty to sail or sink. I also worked hard with Parthasarathi Rajagopala-Chari but all in vain, dark clouds are around him and the nature has decided to punish him. I was astonished to feel that he has been revengeful and making several attempts on my life for the past eight years. In the way back 1974 when I was admited to Vivekananda Hospital Lucknow, that time he played with my life but I could survive since my master was great to safguard me, at that time the circumstances were diferent. Now again he became successful in administering the slow poison solution in my food served in the plate while travelling from India to Paris. But I was taken careof by the doctor here but nothing can be said what happens while I travel from Paris to India Back; anything could be expected.

Now I feel that the time has come to leave physical body the enough damage has been done and moch more is expected in the 100 hours probabely I may not be given any chance to write any further letter after this that is why I thought of you to convey my feeling to you, for you to know what kind of people Mission is having and what reward has been given to me for the servilce to the huminity and the mankind.

I am given to understand here that Mr. P. Rajagopalachari has been conducting meetings with the foreign Abhiyasis that he is going to be the next President and Master may not survive now, I still do not know who has declared him? These are the things which are depressing me and I see the present condition of the Mission today.

During my illness Jesus Crist were attending on me and sucking the poison from my body, during the time I had enough time to attend on you and I found your fullest devotion and surrender and I have transformed you in totality. I wish that all our abhiyasis should follow your path and you are requested to guide every our Abhiyasi so that they are benifitted.

I want to reveal one more secret ["one more secret" is underlined] which is fetal to the Missionis that I have already nominated my Successor President and the letter to this effect has already been issued, the person is from the Direct Line of Succession and this is the wish of my Master.

I am also associating with my successor President the following four persons who will also work under his direction and they are:
1. Dr. S. P. Srivastava, Lakhimpur Kori,
2. Mr. Kashi Ram Agarwal, Shahjahanpur,
3. Mr. K. C. Narayan S/o KDr. K. C. Vardhachari
4. Mr. Nasib Chand Lucknow

Kindly do not divulge these secret to any one except Umesh, my son but only after my life time otherwise he is likely to become hostile. I foresee immediate hospitalisation in India and likely to remain for longer period, hence this letter being confidential letter handing over to one of the old sincere Abhiyasi who is here, to ensure delivery of this letter safely.

You are at liberty, to take action in alarming circumstances, if need be but with a condition to route through this letter through Umesh only. But at the same times you are also requested to streamline the disturbances by peaceful approach by taking help of the other senior members.
I fully hope that you will do as I wish.

Yours affectionately
Ram Chandra


Anonymous said...

I am posting this comment since this is the most recent blog although it relates to a past part of your research. I have been reading Ken Wilber material and especially his reaction to critics, he is I believe deeply involved in srcm on an advisory scale. Thought it might be of some use.

4d-Don said...


Thanks...I am aware of Ken Wilber's involvement with SRCM...

Just goes to show...Such a smart young man too! We all thought we were smart...That is why we liked "Raja Yoga"... lol...

Chari recruited extensively among the "psy's" and got warned by Babuji about it. I know of the Spiritual Psychiatry Association of Europe which is also involved with SRCM...There are some interesting stats on the make-up of the SRCM abhyasis...I think it's Alexis who is compiling all that data as well as the financial and political make-up of the SRCM...I know for Canada and some of the US make-up...We are getting new information daily now and things are breaking fast...I'm going to need a "secretary" to file all that stuff so it is not "lost". lol...This is fun..

It is the Age of the Infonaut!! "Jewish Kabbalah"

Stay tuned....the revolution's near!!


Anonymous said...

I. To 4d-don
To the p o l i c y of your blog:
You definitely don’t bring all comments to public. I see that you still publish comments which are not signed. For my comment which you didn’t give to public I got the confirmation of the comment being sent (“message sent” on the yellow bar.)
You put Michael’s and Navneet Kumar’s thougts on the m a i n s i t e of your blog (not on “comments”). If you want to fullfill the least b a s i c publishing rules the discussion has to be on y o u r blog.
Especially c o r r e c t i o n s have to be published on your blog.

II: The c o n t e n t of the n o t published comment (the essential thoughts) was:
Navneet Kumar tells these “ f a c t s ” in relevance to the nomination letter of Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari:
Somebody has stolen four blank signed letters of (his grandfather) Ram Chandra.
The the paper of the nomination letter of P. R. itself is a falsification.
(N. K.: “....which evident from the document itself to a layman with typewriting used twice and even the printed name of socity of emblem are not in aligned to each other as is in case of Printed letter heads..”)
Navneet Kumar’s story goes like this: P. R.'s nomination letter is a falsification, because
four sheets of paper blank signed by Ram Chandra were stolen
the printed name of the society emblem is not in accordance on all sheets as it is in the case of printed letter heads.
The conclusion: Babuji signed a falsification of letter paper (even blankly).
Or.... [more possible stories].
I am reminded of Ephraim Lessing’s drama “Nathan, the Wise”, with the parabel of the three rings which is a parabel not to try to find out which ring is the true one (the true religion), but a parabel for tolerance.
Although in the case of N. K. I would say he is a bad murder mystery teller.

Dear 4-don, as you give so much space on your blog to a (bad) murder mystery teller I request you again (now the third time) to think deeply about the reasons why you spend such an amount of energy, efforts and time in this blog, especially as you yourself say “...words are cheap and can be spoken by anyone. Words are not a gauge of spiritual elevation.“
As far as the question of TRUTH is concerned, I’d like to ask you: “Do YOU know THE truth?

To your b e l i e f in d e m o c r a c y : I don’t b e l i e v e in democray. It is the only form of rule I know by experience although there are people who say that the democracy of today isn’t the rule of the people or their parliamentary representatives anymore. For your trust in direct democracy I would like to point out to you the model of the German constitution, where you will not find any form of plebiscite. The men who wrote the constitution were men who went through (and survived) the dictatorship of Hitler. They were a g a i n s t forms of direct democracy and f o r representative democracy in the constitution for a reason. - In the former “Constitution Of Weimar” there was the plebiscite. They themselves had experienced the results. The principle of giving the power to the majority doesn’t mean to give the power to the wise men. There are different reasons why you can’t apply (for example the Swiss) model of direct democracy to all countries at any time in history. (Thank you for the information to Bhutan. I am not familiar with the system of Bhutan. Until now I thought it to be little democratic, but I will try to find more informations because of our urgent need for finding better ways of rulement.)
Furthermore you write you are familiar with Irina Tweedie and her books. How can you, if you didn’t read her book?
I said “you seem to be i n t e r e s t e d in the Sufi Tradition“. I didn’t say - or mean - that you are a supporter of the Sufi tradition. But as you mention “support”. Do you want or do you support anybody or anything and if, what do you support (Don’t say, I support the truth. - The truth doesn’t need support. The truth reveals itself.) Or are you against something and if, against what and why?

Kindly understand that I will not give any comments to your blog in future as long as you don’t agree with basic rules of publishing. And for my (serious) questions I request you to think deeply before answering them. I don’t want to put efforts and to spend time in comments if you don’t take time to answer them seriously. Try to unterstand my (this) point of view. Thank you.

4d-Don said...


Michael has responded to your comments in the "comments" to the article preceeding this one...

To your points:

1. I publish all comments "that I receive" except the "threats", and the obvious "garbage"... I can't say what happened to yours except that Blogger.com has been going through some changes and some have been lost...mine too on other blogs...sorry!!

As for what I publish in the articles, that is "my choice". My blog is not a "democracy" but my POV and is not a "NEUTRAL" point of view. I will continue to publish what I believe will add to the conversation and the search for "truth" which does not reveal itself without effort and unless someone digs and reveals his and other's "point of view" of the truth.

TO publish Navneet's letters and comments is, I believe, "important" to those of us who have been chasing the SRCM for years now and trying to get them to "respond" with any type of "decency" at all.
Most of what we got was "insults" and "threats"...Which I have placed with the proper "legal representation" and not published for obvious reasons. If you think your opinions deserve a spot in the Main Article, give me your "credentials" and convince me that what you add is of importance and has not been said before. Or, get your own blog and "go to town". Your blog won't be a democracy also.

2. I agree with your parable. Tolerance is not what has been learned by the adherents of Sahaj Marg. As far as I can see, I agree with Michael that the pyramidal structure has produced the results of a ruthless, un-caring pyramid where all are vying for their "place in the sun" and reaching the "goal" as if the "ONE" and it's ALL, the UNIVERSE, finally stops and we catch up to IT, and that the "journey" is not important any more.

I did not publish Navneet letter because I agree with him and support him, but to show the "desires" of all sides for the material structure that is the SRCM and the SRCMtm registered in California. I don't fault any sides because of their struggle for the Material world which we all "need" a little of to survive. It is only in their "spiritual" claims that I take "umbrage" with both sides. I am less materialist and desiring of the material than they are, so will I not be led into their "materialism" if I am "tranmitted" to by any of them and not into more of the "spirituality" that I already experience. If Spirit is ONE, is there such a thing as more Spirit? Is it not that they, who fight with one another are supposed to realize the "one-ness" and the "brotherhood" of the spirit and not forever reside in their "materiality"....We can't even get them to "talk" as that would be "intellectual" and not "spiritual"...Material desires are OK but not "Intellect" to the SRCM and the SRCMtm...

As far as the "logic" of Navneet's story, like all "made-up" and remembered story, logic sometimes goes out the door and the "emotions" take control...We have to realize that what we see is also a gauge of their "sprirituality".

None know the TRUTH as the Truth, like the Universe that "encases" it is forerver changing. We must search for it like the salmon who must swim upstream to "reproduce" or survive...We (I) must search for the truth because we (I) don't want to be "fooled"...(over and over again)

When I say I am familiar with Irana Tweedie's book, her Golden Sufi Center, and her link to SRCM via the same lineage. I don't say that I've read it, as I said, but that I am familiar with the fact that she wrote a book called "Daughters of Fire"...

On Democracy...To give power to the elite does not mean giving power to the wise either. In Canada, it means the "densest" (thick skinned) (used-car salemen and lawyers) and the least logical (no philosophers or thinkers) and the "lowest common denominator", usually the wealthy or the socialite, who claim to be the "little guy" or "for the little guy"...

I want to start working with real "numbers" on the issues, not on "proxies" for my vote who I then have to chase (lobby) so as to convince them to vote in my favour. Too much waste of time and energy...I will vote on issues in a few years, wait and see...It's already starting to happen. We have the technology, we can do it!!

In my spirituality, I am in contact with the ONE (a spirit or "rarified energy", not a group or structure, such as a pyramid)!! That is all I need. Religions have no place in my life except I want them to "go down in history" and not have any more "control" or power over my, or my family's life, specially "movements" (SRCM) who claim that "GOD is MALE and Nature is Female"...I have grand-daughers and I am a "male" in Nature...

I support that we all have our own individual path to the ONE or "ONE-ness".

I accept and support that in the Marketplace, anyhing that has a buyer can have a seller, so religions will survive until we "outgrow" them and there is no more "demand" for them. That "free market" I support and accept, even to include all the goods that I don't indulge in and think are a "waste of time and money" such as religions...I don't want to eliminate religions and spiritual movements from the "marketplace", but I want to "expose" the "double-standards", false claims and the hypocracy that reside inside the corrupting pyradimal structures that allegedly takes one on the "path to GOD"....

Christian would appreciate your take on Democracy...He believes in a "political" elite also...I don't!!

An expert built the Titanic...An amateur built Noah's Arc...(sorry to use a Jewish Myth)...lol...

Thanks for the comment...read Michael's reply...

Safely Tucked inside the ONE (GOD) where we live!!


PS...Keep copies of your "comments" on this and other blogs in case this happens again...I do as it happens at times...

Michael said...


One historical note relevant to your posting of these documents. SA Sarnad changed his allegence to Chari in the late 1980s and traveled with Chari to the US, I believe in 1988-89 timeframe.

Sarnad had significant integrity as a scholar and preceptor, and his change of allegence surely affected the Shahjahanpur clan's credibility.

I spent some time with Sarnad during this period. He appeared to respect Chari's presidency, although I did not sense that he was totally behind Chari taking on the role of a Master. The relationship between Sarnad and Chari was respectful, but delicate. Chari was extremely respectful and careful about his "Masterly" behavior around Sarnad. I don't know if he remained loyal to Chari after that period as I left the SRCM shortly afterwards.


Michael said...


A possible relevant fact about SA Sarnad is his defection to Chari's Clan in the late 1980s. He traveled to the US with Chari and I was able to spend some time with him.

He appeared to respect Chari's role as President. Chari was very respectful to Sarnad and seemed careful not to play up his "Master" role too much around him.

I am not sure what happened to Sarnad after this trip as I left the Mission shortly after that time.


Anonymous said...

I read some of Ken Wilber's writings ten years ago and am surprised to hear he is involved with srcm. Does he have a direct, personal "advisory role"?

Anonymous said...

Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2007.14 – Sunday, 18 March, 2007
Archived Sahaj Sandesh Messages: http://www.srcm.org/members/ssandesh/index.jsp

Dear Sister / Brother:

Blogs, wikis and various websites

There has recently been a proliferation of information and views about Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) and Sahaj Marg distributed through email and the internet. SRCM has always maintained an open and transparent culture which promotes the expression of one’s feelings and ideas – indeed the teachings of our Masters have always encouraged abhyasis to “speak from the heart.” This being said, Abhyasis and interested seekers are to be advised that the official websites of Shri Ram Chandra Mission and the Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation are http://www.srcm.org and http://www.sahajmarg.org respectively. While the Mission neither encourages nor discourages any other forums, websites or online media, it is our duty to direct earnest seekers to the official websites listed above. Those who seek clarification on the Mission’s activities may also refer to the following URL: http://www.srcm.org/welcome/srcminfo.jsp

4d-Don said...

Hi Ray...

I don't know for sure...Maybe some other readers will let us know about Ken Wilber and his association with Sahaj Marg or SRCM Shahjahanpur, or SRCMtm...


4d-Don said...

Hi AB..

Could this (see below) be your "comment" that was lost? It was published with another article... IT was not signed "AB"....

I noticed your comment on "TMT India"...As Navneet has not seen your comment on my blog, I have copied your later comment with sections addressed to Navneet on the site: "Tell me the Truth India"...Hopefully, he will answer you...


Anonymous said...

I. PARTHASARATHI RAJAGOPALACHARI’s forged nomination by a falsification........
Navneet said...
“Yes! Babuji had done a will and got it refistered in court ay back in 1976 stating that he had lost 4 signed papers and there are chances of its misse...”
“After leaving his physical body One of his disciples came up with a forged nomination which evident from the document itself to a layman with typewriting used twice and even the printed name of socity of emblem are not in aligned to each other as is in case of Printed letter heads. “

>>>The “Falsifikation” is written on letter paper signed by Babuji which was lost in 1976 and even the printed name of the society of the Emblem of the printed letter heads ar not aligned....

T. S. said
“......As I watched, seeing both the sincerity and the proud egos of these three men, each of whom was obviously used to commanding authority, but each of whom was actually there because of their attraction and subserviance to the modest man in their midst,.....”
Navneet said...
“....as Babuji clearly said that like he was poisoned......

>>>What a lot of courage!

Navneet said...
.”...Babuji believed in Quality rather than Quantity. Hence we have been able to maintain Quality people around....
....This is the last time I am writing this to you if you people have started doubting on Babuji and start believing in his so called true disciples who have not let Babuji live his life then Nature shall only take care of you people.”

>>>Duality and threats in spirituality....

Navneet said...
“.....I don't know. But I just know one thing that the rings which Babuji wore were all distributed amongst his sons not Chari. I was present in Shahjahanpur when Babuji's Trunk & Box was opened.....”

>>>“The rings” (Plural!)
[Nathan the Wise; a dramatic poem in five acts by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729 - 1781)]
The rings were given, not taken..., but the lesson was for TOLERANCE

March 5, 2007 10:46:00 PST PM

Unknown said...

This is blog of a fellow one who couldn't lead a perfect , Balanced & disciplined life as Sahajmarg suggests. Don't waste your time here. Please visit www.srcm.org if you seek for sprituality.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jegadeesh..

Since I live in the "PERFECTION" of the ONE,(not the corruption of Sahaj Marg), YOUR comment is also perfect to illustrate your spiritual "elevation" with Sahaj Marg.

Since you don't know me, I will presume you "made it up" and now you want the PEOPLE to believe that you spoke the TRUTH...In Sahaj Marg, that is common and is not worthy of OPPOSING the individual victims and acolytes, just EXPOSING the system and it's leaders...

MY LIFE is so balanced that I don't have any more wealth than the POOR in my country, It is so perfect that the ONE is ALL around me, inside the ONE where I live. I do not kill (eradicate) people, animals, bugs, bacteria, viruses, thoughts (intellect), and emotions!
IT's ALL perfect as created by the ONE. Those "co-dependents" who chase the 3M's (Master, Method, Mission) of Chari are "un-balanced" and are not "NATURAL" and are not even "UNITING" but continuously maginalize one group and then another... We see it in our families where the LOVE is gone from the ones who fall into your WEB of LUST for POWER!!

I have no temple to my name and I "tread lightly on the ground", trying to leave as little a "footstep" as possible for the sake of the Poor of today, and the children of the next generations.


Self-discipline, is my personal journey and none of your affairs. I still enjoy some parts of LIFE and am not GUILTY around it but GRATEFUL. The religious "DISCIPLINE" of the CULTs I reject and I EXPOSE their "hypocracy" to ALL...

WE ARE NOT CHILDREN ANYMORE...We have reached CHILDHOOD's END and you INVADERS who would use RELIGION as a tool as all other INVADERS are too late for the MEN of our culture...So target the "old" women, and the children as you "CULTS" always do...

OH yes!! lol ;-)) YOU DO THAT ALREADY...