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We guarantee that only Babuji and Lalaji (or their pseudo- SPIRITS which are allegedly now "trapped" and dwelling in Chari's Brighter World-(one of the "heavens"), by "desire", unable to "communicate" with all, or to go further than "light", "sound", "thought", or "Brighter") will now be able to communicate directly with you with our "all new" and Natural "Sahaj Ouija Board". The other "spirits" will not be able to send messages using the Sahaj OUIJA Board, as the "password" is protected and registered as a trade-marked and a "secret" code that contains Babuji's Magic Ring (see below) with nine planets, which allegedly and opportunistically ended up on Chari's sticky fingers when Babuji passed away (1983).

There have been rumours that the "Magical ring" is now useless or "divisive", since the planet Pluto (for the Greek god of the "underworld) is not a planet anymore. (Pluto, the planet was named: 1930-Pluto, is demoted to "planetissimal" or, has a title-change: 2006) a span of 76 years= 13=4).

We are working on "modifying" a copy of Babuji's Magic Ring to only have "8 planets" (4 planets of crystal + 4 planets of gas)". (Sahaj Marg would then be a modified and usurped "eightfold" Raja Yoga, starting at step 7 (so, very "easy"), with a "modified, usurped and "forged" ring" ... It's BEAUTIFUL and GUARANTEED to work well for you or your family ... we guarantee no "divisions in your family", as with the current Babuji Magic Ring and the channeled messages from "GOD KNOWS WHO", but which seem to "DIVIDE") ...

The template of Babuji Magic Ring is now in the hands of our technical "Spiritualist engineers" (exorcists and esoteric numerological "coders") and the "all new" and Natural Sahaj Ouija Board, with the secret ring modification and secret password with code, will be available soon for a small donation ($250.00 US) . For an extra "donation" of $500.00 US, you can receive a "forged but more opulent" copy of Babuji's Magic Ring and start you own cult in your country. Plus, you can use Lalaji's or Babuji's name as your "FOUNDER"! (This has not been cleared by Lalaji's or Babuji's other groups yet, but it should present no problem. Lalaji and Babuji have authorized it in "a channeled message" to our anonymous MEDIUM). The Babuji Magic Ring will make your LIES sound TRUE...GUARANTEED or your MONEY BACK!! (credited as a "future" in your next life's "karma bank", or in the Afterlife in a "much more Brighter World"!! (Watch for future messages from SPIRITS in the "Brighter World 2", coming soon... and available for a small fee... OOPS... "donation" or "GOD HELP YOU"...)

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**PS... you will know that the messages are really from Babuji or Lalaji (or their SPIRIT) as they will always praise Chari!!

"OUIJA" is all POSITIVE, no negatives ... very SPIRITUAL

OUI= YES in Spiritual French
JA = Yes in Spiritual German

For a short history and warnings about "Ouija Boards", and communicating with the spirits of the DEAD, and/or becoming the "LIVING DEAD", and Baubji's Magic RING see

All About the Occult

FOR INFORMATION about Babuji's RING, SEE these SITES. Taken from:

Tell me Truth India Site: (in the comments... see dates of copies of messages below)

and from: Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Babuji

at archived or Cached:

or at these messages:

Google "Babuji's ring nine planets three rows" or other "secret or magic codes" (3: 3: 3:, etc...) in your search and the "spririts will GUIDE YOU"

Anonymous said...

Hi J & Navneet Kumar


Babuji had a ring of square design with I think 9 different stones in a pattern of 3:3:3. I had been told about this by some friends of his & mine as it was interesting. It seems it may have had some astrological meaning where each stone represented a different planet & its meaning & influence. I understood that this also had some place in Indian medicine & gemology, with each stone considered to have a different resonance or "vibration". Think someone may have given it to Babuji. I too saw Babuji wearing this ring.

Later on I saw Chari wearing a similar ring & asked him if this was the same ring that Babuji had worn. He said "Yes" that it was & that he had "taken" (his word)it from Babuji (This was I think around the time of Babujis death). I remember I was surpised at the time - that he said he had "taken" the ring not that Babuji had "given" it to him. Can you clarify this Navneet? Was Chari with Babuji when he died?
Sincerely Aurelius.

4d-Don said...

Hi Aurelius...

Interesting the "astrology" aspect:

You mention:

Babuji had a ring of square design with I think 9 different stones in a pattern of 3:3:3. I had been told about this by some friends of his & mine as it was interesting. It seems it may have had some astrological meaning where each stone represented a different planet & its meaning & influence.

For those of us who, having worked towards and supported the banishment of Pluto, as a planet and to return (metaphysically) Pluto to its traditional realm, the "underworld" could have un-knowingly made Babuji's ring (and other such symbols of power) "bogus" (or taken it's power away) with its nine (3x3) gemstones in a "square grid", the realm of the "material".

The resurgence of Pluto (1930's, as SRCM was being "incubated"), from which we named "plutonium" and its gift to mankind of "nuclear weaponry" and then placed it (PLUTO) into our cosmology as the "ninth planet" is now being dealt with as Pluto is being "kicked out" of the Solar System for a return to the more spiritual octave (8) of planets, 4 of matter and 4 of gas.

Expose the ring that was "taken"!! It could be the source of the "philosophical" and theological corruption (by empowering the working of "imagination" or the id) in SRCMtm.

The Cube with its tendency to become "dogmatic" must at this time transition to the OCTAGON (Octave) and eventually to the sphere and the "spiral" for a physical symbol or template of the representation of the Galactic Consciousness of (UNITY) that we all seek through our "spirituality".

In the spiral, there are no closed borders defining the In's and Out's as anyone or anything can go into the spiral and be nurtured and freely leave the spiral un-hindered. (see a 3d spiral)

When Raja Yoga, the eightfold (octave) path becomes the "trinity" of 3M's (Master, Mission, Method), one does not have to wonder any further where the "influence" or "direction" is coming from...the template is "regressive".

We (as a species) evolved to comprehending a 3d reality through our interpreting (in the brain) of "perspectives". The "magic" of the 5d and 6d (five or 6 pointed stars and/or 5 (pentagon) or 6 (hexagon) sided figures in symboloby (flags) has been used by many nationalist power blocks in many cultures for centuries and even millenia. But that is for directored or vectored "material" power, and not for the un-vectored or scalar "energy" of spirituality

We see the Octave in the architecture of the Taj Mahal. Christ represented our (abused and mis-used) western depiction of the 7d as the LOVE ONE ANOTHER message of the "snake eating its tail" or the Messiah coming back from the "godhead" as a "Saviour". But did the early Christians "LOVE"? ...NOT (NOT for long)!!

They quickly become the "ROMAN EMPIRE" and became the "UNLOVING" slaughtering in the name of GOD, what I now call the ONE! (not MALE or FEMALE)

Any "ism", being of mind and matter, (concepts and organizations, or structures) will corrupt and must be cleansed by "change" or "MOTION"...The best we have societally is "dissipating" or "sharing" of the power through "democracy", or the PEOPLE having and controlling the POWER...NOT THE MASTER, not the METHOD, and specially not the MISSION,....To give power to "Structure" or a flag is like going back to the era of the "GOD-king"... Wave a flag and watch someone charging it. ASK THE BULL why he attacks the "RED FLAG"... Because it's there!! (Could be in the "frequency" of the colour red or the agitated MOTION...of the waving of the flag...)

Keep on the Sunny Side of LIFE!!


March 20, 2007 1:11 AM

March 4, 2007 6:12 PM

Anonymous said...

Dear Navneet,

Do you know under what circumstances Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari obtained the ring (which had several different stones) which Babuji customarily wore?

Thank you. J.
March 4, 2007 10:44 PM

Navneet said...

Dear J I don't know. But I just know one thing that the rings which Babuji wore were all distributed amongst his sons not Chari. Iwas present in Shahjahanpur when Babuji's Trunk & Box was opened. It doesn't deter from the fact above.

March 5, 2007 10:37 AM

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

interestingly for those followers of western or tropical astrology, indian or vedic astrology, which Babuji undoubtedly was using, never recognized pluto as an influence, neither uranus. Rather the last 2 are represented by raju and ketu, the north and south nodes of the moon's orbit, represented by the hessonite garnet and the cat's eye, respectively.