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Comments and Clarifications by U.S.A. Ex-Preceptor, Michael!

Received From Michael, ex-preceptor of SRCM under Chari ... Michael was preceptor in the Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. of A. area and was close to Chari's "inner circle".

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Dear Don,

Since the recent drama within the SRCM I have continued to follow some of the recent Blog activity. I am now so disturbed by what I see, I believe I can no longer watch. I am forced to ask many questions that can never be answered. Questions like:

- Why do so many choose to experience Truth through the words of another human being bold enough to claim to be enlightened, anointed, a Master or a Saint?

- How does one, inspired to pursue a spiritual path, begin with the assumption that they are not worthy of experiencing spiritual Truths directly?

- Why are the alleged spiritual “Truths” uttered by the “Enlightened Ones”, always impossible to substantiate and always seem to require that the disciple completely abdicate any responsibility for discrimination or verification via direct experience or research?

- Why do these “Truths” always seem to conveniently promote the “interests” of the “Enlightened Ones” espousing them?

I am sad. I am sad to see that even those disillusioned with the SRCM deception continue to believe unsubstantiated, invented and revised facts and history . I am sad to see yet another religion being created that puts the service of the religious organization above the individual’s spiritual journey.

Does it really matter whether Babuji was a “Special Personality” if the legacy he left behind is a hand-full of bickering disciples who revise history to defend their authority? Are there any Saints, Gurus, Presidents or Guides living today in the SRCM legacy who teach that we all are divine and capable of experiencing spiritual Truths directly? I see self-serving and false humility masquerading as “Service to the Master/Mission”. I see facts created out of thin air or channeled from an unseen world that can only be taken on faith. I see demands for unquestioning trust and obedience in a single spiritual authority.

There was a time when I desired to pursue the Truth of SRCM - to discover what Lalaji really represented and how that translated to SRCM. In this pursuit I met one of Lalaji’s last living, direct disciples many years ago. He remains alive today. He gave me some hope that at least Lalaji’s legacy came from a place of integrity. Now that every faction of SRCM has conceded that SRCM does not come from Lalaji, dare I say there is no value in pursing the matter any further. Such a pursuit only serves to satisfy the curiosity of the onlookers of a train wreck.

There are a few things, however that I have come to know to be Truth:

1. The effectiveness of a meditation practice is NOT what is experienced during meditation, but is in fact the behavior of practitioners when they are NOT meditating.

2. We are all on an Infinite Journey and there is no goal reached that completes that Journey. The Infinite Journey itself IS the Goal.

3. The only Faith required on our Infinite Journey is the Faith in the fact that we are already enlightened.

While we’re on the subject of truth, I would like to set straight some erroneous statements being made about me:

  1. I was NOT a member of Chari’s Inner Circle – I was merely allowed to get close enough to look in.
  2. Chari did NOT arrange my marriage. He merely gave it his blessing, although had he not, the marriage would not have happened.

With this said, I think I have seen enough and will go back to ignoring the drama and getting back to what really matters in my life.



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Loved your words about meditation. Continue with what matters in life. good luck.