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Sufi Golden Chain of Lalaji and his Master

The Golden delicious Chain (Shijra) of Naqshbandiya Mujaddadia Mazahariya Ramchandriya lineage:

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"Babuji was not made a preceptor of Lalaji, but only met him once or twice"
"Lalaji did not re-discover "transmission".

"Transmission" is not "unique" to Sahaj Marg or SRCM(tm).

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In its text published by the SRCM, Dr. KS Balasubramaniam brings an especially stinging denial to all the preceding assertions of the mission relating to the "unique-ness" of the Sahaj Marg "transmission". On the contrary, it tries to show, with enough accuracy, that the transmission existed since a very very long time in vedic teachings and the practices of yoga. So, the SRCM does not have the sole mandate of the transmission of divine energy. One suspected it a little… It seems that this text was published by the SRCM to reaffirm the hindu heritage of Sahaj Marg, and its vedic and yogic roots, - probably because of our assertions (on our blogs) of its sufi origins. It is amusing to see at which point it disturbs them (SRCMtm) to recognize a sufi role in this heritage, contrary to the other heirs of Lalaji. There is nothing surprising that Sahaj Marg is a product resulting from the double heritage of hindouism and sufism. On this subject, and to try to close the debate on the influence of Sufism in the spiritual teachings of Lalaji, here is the “golden delicious chain” (shijrah-sharif) of NaqshMuMRa high-lighting the Sufi order of Naqshbandiyya, as published by its current master current Shri Dinesh KUMAR Saxena, 40th of the order and grandson of Lalaji (who occupies position 36):

The Golden delicious Chain (Shijra) of Naqshbandiya Mujaddadia Mazahariya Ramchandriya lineage:

1. Prophet Huzoor Muhammad-ur-Rasoolullah S.a. (D. 12 Rabbiyul Awwal 11AH) - Medina
2. Hadhrat Abu Bakr Siddique r.a. (D. 22 Jama' dil A' lhar 13AH) - Medina
3. Hadhrat Salman Al-faris r.a. (D. 10 Rajjab 35AH) - Madain
4. Hadhrat Imaam Qasim bin Muhammad bin Abu Bakr r.a. (D. 24 Jama' dil (Awwal/A' khar) 107AH) - Medina
5. Hadhrat Imaam Ja' far Al-Sadiq r.a. (D. 15 Rajjab Murajjab 148AH) - Medina
6. Hadhrat Bayazid Bastami r.a. (D. 14/17 Sha' ba' N 261AH) - Bastam
7. Hadhrat Abul Hassan Khurqaani r.a. (D. 15 Ramda' N 425AH) - Khurqan
8. Hadhrat khwaja Abul Quqsim Ghurghani r.a.
9. Hadhrat Abu Ali Farmadi r.a. (D. 4 Rabbiyul Awwal 477AH) - Mashad
10. Hadhrat Yusuf Hamdani r.a. (D. 27 Rajjab 535AH) - Turkistan
11. Hadhrat Abdul Khaliq Gajadwani r.a. (D. 12 Rabbiyul Awwal 575AH) - Bukhara
12. Hadhrat Muhammad Arif Riogri r.a. (D. 1 Shawwa' L 615AH) - Tajikistan 13. Hadhrat Mehmood Injir Faghnavi r.a. (D. 17 Rabbiyul Awwal 715AH) - Bukhara
14. Hadhrat Azizane Ali Raamitni r.a. (D. 718/721AH) - Bukhara
15. Hadhrat Muhammad Baba Samasi r.a. (D. 755AH) - Bukhara
16. Hadhrat Sayyed Amir Kulaal r.a. (D. 772AH) - Bukhara
17. Hadhrat Kwajah Bahauddin Naqshband r.a. (D. 2 Rajab Al-Murajjab, 791AH) - Qasr-e-Aarifan (Bukhara)
18. Hadhrat Alaa' uddin Attaar r.a. (D. 20 Rajab 802AH) - Jafaaniyan (Mawralnahar)
19. Hadhrat Ya' qoob Charkhi r.a. (D. 5 Safar, 851AH) - Charkh (Bukhara)
20. Hadhrat Ubeydullah Ahraar r.a. (D. 20/29 Rabi Al-Awwal, 895AH) - Samarqand (Mawralnahar)
21. Hadhrat Muhammad Zaahid r.a. (D. 1 Rabi Al-Awwal, 936AH) - Wakhsh (Malk Hasaar)
22. Hadhrat Darwesh Muhammad r.a. (D. 19 Muharram, 970AH) - Samarqand (Mawralnahar)
23. Hadhrat Muhammad Waaqif Akangi r.a. (D. 21/22 Sha' baan, 1008AH) - Akang (Bukhara)
24. Hadhrat Khwaja Baaqi Billaah r.a. (D. 25 Jumaad Al-Aakhar, 1012AH) - Delhi (India)
25. Huzoor Rabbani Imam, Mujaddid Alf Thani, Hadhrat Shaykh Ahmad Farooqui Sarhandi r.a. (D. 28 Safar, 1034AH) - Sarhand (India)
26. Hadhrat Muhammad Ma' soom Farooqui r.a. (D. 9 Rabi Al-Awwal, 1079AH) - Sarhand (India)
27. Hadhrat Sayfuddeen Bin Ma' soom Farooqui r.a. (D. 19 Jumad Al-Oola, 10951096AH) - Sarhand (India)
28. Hadhrat Noor Muhammad Badyooni r.a. (D. 11 Dhul Qa' dah, 1135AH) - Dehli (India)
29. Hadhrat Mirza Mazhar Jaan-I-Jaanan r.a. (D. 10 Muharram, 1195AH) - Khanqah Mazharia Dehli (India)
30. Hadhrat Abdullah Shah Naimullah r.a. (D. 22 Safar, 1240AH) - Behraich U.P. (India)
31. Hadhrat Mawla' Na Muradullah r.a. (D. Dhul Qa' dah, 1248AH) - Lakhnow U.P. (India)
32. Hadhrat Sayyed Abul Hasan Sa' eed r.a. (D. Sha' ba' N, 1272) - Spoke Bareli U.P. (India)
33. Hadhrat Mawla' Na Khalifa Ahemad Ali Khan r.a. left one 04.11.1904 (AD) Kaimganj, Distt. Farrukhabad (Uttar Pradesh)
34. Hadhrat Mawla' Na Shaah Fazl Ahemad Khan r.a. (1857-1907 A D) Qusba- Raipur Distt. Farrukhabad (Uttar Pradesh)
35. Hadhrat Mawla' Na Abdul Ghani Khan R, has, (1867-1952 AD) Qusba- Bhogaon, Distt. Mainpuri (Uttar Pradesh)
36. Samarthguru Mahatma Ramchandra (Laalaaji) Ji Maharaj (1873-1931 AD) r.a. Fatehgarh (Uttar Pradesh) India
37. Samarthguru Mahatma Raghubar Dayal (Chachchaji) Ji Maharaj (1875-1947 AD) r.a. Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh India
38. Samarthguru Mahatma Jagmohan Narain Ji Saaheb (1901-1944 AD) r.a. Fatehgarh, Uttar Pradesh, India
39. Samarthguru Mahatma Akhilesh KUMAR Ji (1941-1974 AD) r.a. Fatehgarh, Uttar Pradesh, India
40. Samarthguru Mahatma Dinesh KUMAR Saxena, `daamat barquatahu' born one October 28,1944, the present Dean of the seat.

And finally, to correct my preceding mistakes, Lalaji had a brother Raghubar Dayal Ji, also called Chachcha Ji (N°37 of the line), and a son Jagmohan Narain (N°38) and 2 grandsons: Akhilesh KUMAR Ji (N°39) and Dinesh KUMAR Saxena (current N°40).

On the other hand, Chachcha Ji, brother of Lalaji, had 3 offsprings: Brijmohan Lal also called Dadda Ji, Radha Mohan Lal and Jyotendra Mohan Lal. Brijmohan Lal (Dadda Ji) had several pupils of which Yashpal Ji also called Bhai Sahab Ji, founder of movement ABSS “Akhil Bhartiya Santmat Satsang” (see Radha Mohan Lal Ji had as disciple, Dr. Chandra Gupta… If one adds to that the Ramashram Satsang resulting from the disciples of Lalaji, with personalities like Dr. Chaturbhuj and/or Thakur RAM Singhji, all claim their lineage their Master, Lalaji the 36th of the Sufi Order and his Master Hujur Maharaj. All except Babuji… (and SRCM tm)

"I do not invent, I transmit". (Confusius)

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