Wednesday, June 17, 2009

With Sahaj Marg, leave 5-hours between Meditations! And MORE..

Taken from Elodie's Blog in France: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

In response to the Speech by Chari, Change in Weekly Satsangh Timings, delivered on 31st May, 2009 in New Delhi, India (discussed here), and the replies (in French) by Alexis and Elodie (article here) and by Sam (article here) on Elodie's blog in France, Alexis wrote: (translated by 4d-don)

Alexis said ...
June 15, 2009

Yep, we are a long distance from the simple Method, adapted to the family life of the modern world that was dangled by Sahaj Marg. The 10 commandments of Babuji stipulated to rise before dawn to meditate and preferably before sunrise. Chari makes it an obligation for satsang, yet another one of his whims!

Now, in France, people are also concerned about the schedules of the other meditations, and the vice president asked to respect the minimum of five hours between each meditation providing no "public explanations about the instructions of the Master."

It (Sahaj Marg) will soon be more complicated than any existing religious rituals.

He added fraternally that "abhyasis can drink before meditation. Thank you, thank you ... we are now reassured!

Monday June 15 09:56:00 AM

Alexis said:
(Thursday June 18, 2009 9:44:00 Am)

He adds a little every day ...

Chari says that the universal prayer of the evening is to take place from 21:00 to 21:15. It must be followed by a half hours of sitting on Friday night!

The codification of the (SRCM) ritual is well under way ...

Thursday June 18 09:44:00 AM

Alexis Said: (Wednesday June 17 11:33:00 AM)

But how old is he now?

"Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, affectionately known Chariji, was born on 24 July 1927 in a village called Vayalur, near Madras (Chennai).

Two years ago, they celebrated his 80th birthday at Tiruppur. This year's celebration of his 83rd anniversary will be held at Tiruppur.

Amazing, is not it? A year has gone by the wayside in the meantime ...

But what is the purpose of this charade?

Wednesday June 17 11:33:00 AM

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