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The Sahaj Marg Recipe Book??

Taken from a comment by Sam on Elodie's (French discussion) Blog: Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg

4d-Don said:

How does Sahaj Marg get money from the "serfs"? BOOKS, BOOKS BOOKS! And of course, seminars and retreats where there are many souvenirs and icons (pictures, tapes, dvd's etc..) for sale. It's MARKETING. Check out the travel, lodging and food for the seminars, and see if they are not supplied by "an inner-circle member".

Now the SRCM preceptors (priest) will be selling four (4) volumes of "Whispers from the Brighter World", (the new Sahaj Marg BIBLE) at an exhorbitant price of $150.00. Everyone will be expected to have it so they can read and re-read over and over so as to become LIBERATED. Then there will be the many other books compiled from the regurgitated speeches (ramblings) of Chari. And now there is a "recipe" book! What's next? A spiritual "sports manual"? A spiritual "how-to repair your car" book? Spiritual Capitalism is what SRCM has become!!

Then the refrain will be: "bail us out" time again! Year after year!! You will pay for your FREE Spirituality in SPADES! You, the preceptors have a duty to your fellowperson to tell the truth to the NEW MEMBERS!! This spiritual journey is not FREE!! It is not free in monetary terms, in emotional terms, in intellectual terms or in spiritual terms. This is Marketing of the lowest (immoral) form, and the preceptor is expected to be the "arteries" of the religious pyramid scheme. Guilt will clog the arteries. Are there any mirrors around the house? You will want to get rid of them, or you will have to face yourself and change and transform and leave this gang of religious "scammers"!!

The SRCM (California-1997) Preceptors will be expected to lie and manipulate, and tell the "new members" that Sahaj Marg is FREE ... This is the religious "immorality" of "spiritual capitalism", at SRCM (California-1997) that is said (by them) to lead to the "GREAT MORALITY" (the ONE, the ULTIMATE, the UNITY). NOT!!!

SRCM (California-1997) and their "registered
TRADE mark" Sahaj Marg, will continue to divide and create more tension and stress in society.

Sam said:

Sahaj Marg Recipes?

On a slightly different topic, I just received news from the USA. They are creating a book containing Sahaj Marg recipes and are asking all for their best recipes. But what is this exactly? What is this strange new idea? Another vegetarian recipe book? And what is a Sahaj Marg recipe? What will there be in this book? A "Special" Chocolat Fondue, a gastronomic samskara, the Master's salad, Babuji's zucchini au gratin?

The story is authentic and I await to see the book that will come out. Beyond the ridiculous, one can really ask one's self, where is this poor Sahaj Marg going?


4d-don said:

It sounds like another shallow idea someone got from Christian "miracle maker and televangelist" Peter Popoff and his "Miracle Manna" (made from a "special" Biblical recipe). They use this wafer as a Power Point or as a "come on" so as to get MONEY from the sheep.

Watch and see if some of the Sahaj Marg recipes are not "channeled" by a Medium, and become part of the ALL NEW Sahaj Marg BIBLE (Whispers from the Brighter World). I would wager that some foods will be said to "erase samskaras", and some will "liberate" the eater as it should be "tasteless" and not be appealing to the senses, thus becoming a TRAP, a habit or an addiction. Will there be a contest for the "most hedonistic" or decadent recipe? Will taste be a "no-no"? WE are spiritual after all... are the senses now to be "pampered" with (spicy) FOOD? ... Will the book and the food be OPULENT and or DECADENT? According to the quote below by Chari, the recipes in this "RECIPE BOOK" should give "no pleasure"!!

Here is a direct quote from one side of Chari's mouth about the mythic "fall of Mankind", which he would liberate us from: "But we have converted our senses into pleasure seeking instruments, and therein lies the fall of mankind."

The Purpose of Human Life: Speech by Chari at Raipur, India, Mar 18, 2009

See comments by 4d-don: The Purpose of Life! Develop More Religions! (Chari)

What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive! (Sir Walter Scott)

In religious and spiritual groups, the saying goes: No sex please we are spiritual. But the hedonism "orgies of FOOD" and IDOLATRY at "birthday parties" for the pseudo-Guru, are RELIGIOUS, so they are acceptable in the spirituality of Sahaj Marg, which by the way, claims to be a modified Raja Yoga ...

Specially when some POOR still have nothing to eat, to use food to raise money for "concrete structures and parking lots in paradise" in the name of SPIRITUALITY is GROSS and so materialist.


HUMAN LIFE is more important than Ashrams, Temples and Churches.

WHY a Sahaj Marg Recipe Book??

Is this another SRCM (California-1997) Manipulation of the "serfs"?

Will we now have another "book of recipes by amateurs", poorly researched, making wild claims and/or attempting to pre-empt other better Raja Yoga food literature that is now out there, simply to "make money" for the SRCM (California-1997) profiteers and opportunists . The Master will no doubt meditate on each recipe and decide if it is DIVINE or NOT ... like a "televangelist" or a charlatan.

Maybe now the "spiritual clan" will realize why they are so arrogant and egotistical !! IT'S the FOOD! The Spices! Don't eat that "stimulant" food according to "raja yoga" and expect to "BE SPIRITUAL"!!

In cursory and superficial research of "stimulant" foods which are also called "rajasic foods", (from Raja Yoga) one finds that:

see: Stimulant Foods:

They help to create aggressive and dominating thoughts to emerge, especially towards others. Helps create a huge ego. As in, when someone wants to be the best in the clan and will keep everyone down to advance.

Stimulant foods energize and develop the manipura (navel) chakra and body but do not promote advancement in the higher chakras.

Such foods include: coffee, tea, cola drinks, chocolate, hot spices, salt, and also sugar, drugs, (poppies, marijuana, cocaine, etc... in oil, seed, leaf, flower, etc...) synthetic preservatives and stimulants, etc.. etc... etc...

NOW GIVE US YOUR Sahaj Marg "spiritual" RECIPE which will be sold back to you for CASH !! A recipe which has HEALED YOU, and FREED YOU, and LIBERATED YOU! You can bet we will be commenting on your arrogance and ignorance!!

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