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Sahaj Marg(tm) and Whispers: Between a State of Emergency and Eternity!

Taken and translated from a comment by Alexis (see comments) on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

Insertions and comments by 4d-Don are in "red italics".

The Sahaj Marg abhyasis are no more than laboratory mice in the deviant experiment of another religious "mad scientist" toying with the "disempowered" and the gullible few, who are waiting and praying to be saved by THEM!! (from the mythic "Institute of "THEY")... such are the: aliens, spirits, saints from the past, deceased gurus, long-dead messiahs, saviours, etc...) .

Or, they are puppets in the hands of some imagined puppeteers, some "entities from the Brighter World" . This according to an anonymous, self-appointed French lady MEDIUM, sanctionned by the dead-guru's, self-appointed successor. Successor to the Guru who before dying, replaced Chari (as secretary) because of "lack of tingling" in the heart. (LOVE??)

Such is religion and their mechanism ... FEAR and TEMPTATION ...

Sahaj Marg is not Raja Yoga ... seriously!! Nor is it "divine"!!

Between a State of Emergency and Eternity, Determinism and Free Will

Whispers: decryption (5)

Series of Quotes from Whispers from the Brighter World, as channeled by an anonymous French lady Medium.

Chari calls this their "Bible". Then, he stated that there would be such "whispers" for 12 more years ... (a major fund-raiser for SRCM(California-1997). Also, according to Chari, reading these "whispers" over and over (8 times or so), "may" erase samskaras.
Seriously now!! How gullible can some be!! All this from a "just" (and male) God??

"A new cycle begins with the century, marking humanity. (...) We are all working here to set up structures to suit the distant future (...). "
(21/12/2000) -

" This time is not for tomorrow.
The earth will experience great changes before we get there. These prophecies do not concern you. You suffer the harm of these insidious pollutions that will lead the world to ruin, but you can not stop time nor change the system. "
(29.12.2000) -

" These predictions should not worry nor embarrass you.
They do not concern this time and there will passs much (time?) before everything we propose will come to pass. "
(02/25/01) -

" In a quarter century, the earth will experience great turmoil.
(...) Man, paying the gross errors of his ancestors, will suffer without being able to control the situation. "
(28/02/01) -

" The changes
without name will occur to clean up this world, leaving a long time to emerge finally the chosen race, capable of establishing a new world corresponding to the expected standards. "
/ 03) -

"A new world and completely different from what you currently live, will exist in future centuries." (03/11/01) -

"There is no time to lose.
(05/12/03) -

" Everything evolves and changes in the universe, where the notion of time does not exist (...).
(17/01/04) -

" May the people come to their senses while there is still time.
(12/28/03) -

" (...) time is running out, humanity is in danger in many ways.
(7/1/04) -

" (...) the inevitable happens.
(11/09/04) -

" All is fleeting here below (...) this planet is somewhat experimental, subject to many tests on various components.
(29/09/04) -

" The movement is irreversible (...) "
(09/10/04) -"

"Thus is it programmed!

Every man for himself: there is no time to waste, time does not exist

"A new cycle begins with the century. In a quarter century, the earth will experience a great turmoil. " Thus, according to Whispers, the 21st century marks the beginning of the process "punishment-Apocalypse-New World". In 25 years, the turmoil at the beginning of the Apocalypse?

Remember that in the 50's, the pre-Brighter World Babuji had already announced the start of the turmoil, the shift of the poles, etc..

But it is even more complicated for the future, much more imprecise: the chosen race, already present among us will emerge "after a long time." And the new world will exist only "in future centuries," knowing that this "is not for tomorrow but is the distant future" and that fills things, "these prophecies do not concern our time ".

The explanation arises then: "All is fleeting here below. In the world, the notion of time does not exist. " Yet the Babuji from the Brighter World keeps repeating endlessly that there is no time to lose ...

Long live the contradictions! One thing is certain, the Apocalypse is not for the 21.12.2012! Phew, we are partly reassured ...

Laboratory mice in the hands of a mad scientist

"There is no time to lose", and yet it is "inevitable, irreversible and programmed! "

Throughout the pages, Whispers repeats one thing: react while there is still time because you can not do anything about it ...

Certainly the medium of Whispers plays with the nerves of the abhyasis and mocks what is left of their intelligence. Unless this is definitely so as to numb the last neural connections which remain.

And it continues! Chari has erected Whispers as the Bible of Sahaj Marg, the Babuji from the Brighter World urges us to read his prophecies to prepare us, but adds that "these prophecies do not concern us" ...

"The new world will correspond to the standards set," so do not worry, he has considered everything, decided everything, programmed everything.

Which he finally confirms in one single, small time, in the turn of a phrase: "This planet is somewhat experimental, subject to many tests. "

Do you finally understand? We are puppets, puppets which some invisible entity pulls in all directions! We're finally back to our humble condition of laboratory mice in the hands of a mad scientist named Babuji ...


Elodie Said:

Hello everyone,

I do not know if this is the final part of the decryption of Whispers by Alexis, but I would have to thank him for the tremendous work he has done. This does not change my overall impression, but it has all the elements husked one after the other and text analysis shows each time a little more the importance of brainwashing is to work with this book at the moment. It's appalling.

I remember this picture of abhyasis, laboratory mice, delivered into the hands of a mad scientist, whether Babuji, Chari or medium, the spirit to lobotomize.

Much love,


Sunday, December 11, 2011

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