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Sahaj Marg(tm) Becomes Militant! Earthquakes And Tsunamis Are Our Fault!

Translation of 4d-don comment to an article by Alexis on Elodie's Blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

-Don said ...

Alexis ...

It is interesting that the followers of Sahaj Marg (tm) now have their "Spiritual Soldiers" as the Christians, the Jews, the Muslims, and even the Buddhists (Shaolin) ... So they are a RELIGION and an Army. And they have their "missionaries", and now, they are training their "soldiers". And they still claim that they do not proselytize and that they are "unique"!!

So what's new?

Chari, Sahaj Marg (tm) is rather Spiritualism, with egregores, mediums, messages channeled from spirits (beings of light) and/or from humans who have died.

This is not only religion but a religion which has becomes ridiculous, and a mixture of New Age spiritualism, with meditation and prayers (for peace, for a favorable egregore and?, but not for AIDS sufferers ... lol), and rituals, parties (holiday), etc. ...

Do not forget their other side, nationalist and imperialist (Diaspora) of SRCM (California-1997) from which comes a big percentage of the money. We already know of the donation of one million dollars (followed by a photo of Chari in blue jeans), and of an Ashram completely built ... I call it the "Battle Star Galactica, " out of which come the new graduates, the "Spiritual Soldiers" ... The Space Cadets (at Sahaj Marg (tm))

The gentleman who made ​​the gift (of the Ashram) to Chari is now "preceptor"! (Spiritual Capitalism?)

I wrote an article about it on my blog. (with photo)

Sahaj Marg And Their Soldiers of Spirituality


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Alexis Said:

@ 4d

About the warrior spirit of the SRCM there is no doubt.

Just before the speech by Chari about the "Soldiers of Spirituality" from April 20, 2004, there had been training at Hyderabad April 4, 2004, when the Zone-in-Charge was compared to the general, the Center-in-Charge to a" field commander ":

"Strategy formulation. The zone-in-charge is like a General, in charge of a territory. He has to evolve a strategy for effective penetration of his territory. He has to communicate this strategy to all the centres-in-charge, and convince them of its efficacy. He has to evolve a tactical plan to make this work (…) Tactical plan. The zone-in-charge has to plan where and how to grow the Mission. He has to device the means to achieve this growth. He has to train the functionaries in his zone to undertake this task. He has to monitor this activity and make corrections where necessary. He has to conduct annual reviews of this plan, and send a progress report to Chennai.”

Historically, Sahaj Marg maintains the analogies between their unbridled proselytizing and the religious war of conquest, as a crusade or a spiritual jihad! This is not new ...

Spirituality, spiritualism and spiritism intertwine:

Yes, during the 2000s, Chari took a very spirituals turn with the SRCM. The enemy of Chari, the scapegoat, is clear in his speeches today, they are the traditional religions. Babuji sold spirituality, Sahaj Marg. Chari began by imitating him, but emphasizing his own concerns, the tools and the methods. This had the effect of ritualizing Sahaj Marg, which is now open-handedly close to a religion with respect to its dogmas and its priests, the preceptors. But the big turning point came in 2005 with the sale of "Whispers". First seen as a money-making machine, it has vulgarized the medium and the spiritualist and spiritist "Brighter World". Delusions of egregores, indigo children, etc. etc.. lead us today to set the Sahaj Marg(tm) as a sad New Age movement of the bottom floor, practicing spiritualism and surfing on the fears of the Apocalypse ...

I remain more cautious on the nationalist aspect of SRCM and Chari ... but I could be wrong!

From previous News

In these difficult times for our Japanese friends, a brief reminder of the Sermon by Chari January 1, 2006, following the earlier tsunami that hit the Indian coast, and my comments then.

Excerpts from "The Art of Listening to Nature":

"(...) And when we charge the Earth with our grossness, and it accumulates, Nature wants to dismiss all this grossness, and you have manifestations like earthquakes, tsunamis as we had a few
days (...) So brothers and sisters, it all depends on you (...) Whatever you do, good or bad, affects the entire universe. In this awareness, if you continue to work and to fight in your spiritual life, automatically the world will become a better place. "

In short, the tsunami [in 2005] is our fault, and if we meditate more then there will be no more. So meditate while others are dying. The Christian religion promised paradise after death, failing to promise it on earth, thus legitimizing all their abuses. Sahaj Marg helps one to live in an imperfect society, replacing the legitimate revolt against the outside world by the inside, as a pseudo-solution. Changing oneself is more important than changing or improving the world. Without saying so, Sahaj Marg helps in its own way to legitimize the abuses of our world.

Religion is the opium of the people, Sahaj Marg and Rajagopalachari are too.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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