Friday, February 15, 2008

A Message From Lalaji for ALL

New important additions (quotes from Lalaji's book) to this file (Feb. 18, 2008).

Taken from The Desperate Abhyasi in Europe in a "comment" by Cri-cri who was an abhaysi for 18 years with SRCM.

The Following extracts are from the writings of Lalaji, as yet unpublished and recently translated from Urdu by Dr. J Reddy.

These translations have been gathered in a book which will be on-line shortly on the Institute Of Ram Chandra Consciousness (ISRC) site.



"Man should get his form. When he gets his form, he becomes free. This freedom is happiness. Religion is the means of achieving it and its goal is happiness."

"Generally people know religion as only a rule of the assemblage of faiths, which has no interference of intellect. This is a serious mistake."

"(...) it is dangerous to believe without thinking and understanding, if a Fatwa is given. According to my understanding, to consider it as faith is wrong. Faith is such a condition of belief by heart, when heart understands it as correct in all respects."

"A person whose intellect is well developed, should be given a chance to understand Reality by himself and move pruning and balancing every matter intellectually and getting benefitted to it (...benefit from it?) , so that he can achieve his goal of life. Any religion which keeps its followers blind and deprives them of the blessing of knowledge and intellect is neither a religion nor there is any hope of getting blessings from it. We are advised to take the help at every step, from the intellect and discrimination, in the worldly matters. Whatever work we do, we naturally do with the thinking and understanding and people also say that no work should be done without thinking."

"As long as others' experiences do not become our experiences, it will be a folly to depend on them. It is never the teaching of religion and will never be, that one should have a blind faith unjustly, leading to the condition of animal. Then what is the benefit with religion. If religion is the most valuable thing in the world, then its benefits and its service will also be the most valuable thing."

"Religion while presenting a ladder for progress, invites a man to climb it to reach Reality. If it is the principle of religion that a man should not think anything for himself and simply follow some meaningless attributed rules, then it will be merely an animality. To finish completely this type of religion is absolutely necessary and useful for man."


"The charm, advantage and purpose of Satsang is to make the mind broad, so as to reach the goal and purpose by showing the importance of everything in its own place, and then giving a relative point of view. The purport of all this is to emphasize that becoming wise (Jnani) is not the final point of attaining the aim. Knowledge is only the final stage in attaining bliss and happiness."


"There are 3 types of getting the worldly knowledge: Indryas, doubt and inference, testimony of experienced people. The foundation of these three types of knowledge is in the mind and intellect of man, because Buddhi is the fountain and man's heart is its big canal and the five Indryas are its small tubes."


"Huzur has stated that it is written in some books that Hazrat Khaja Bahauddin Nakshabandiya quddus surooha [KBNqs] has started the training some times for the less intelligent seekers in this way such that they have to develop love towards form, till they get perfection in the unconditional love and they do not have any other relation other than this. Then their hearts used to be turned away from the love towards form, with little force because all the relations have been already broken."

"This method was used by KBNqs, when He has any person of less intelligence and not having intense (good) samskaras. For example if anybody who is not inclined towards the training of Nakshabandiya, his attraction was used to be turned towards form."


"Often the birth of Avatars are from place of Kal and Mahakal. Therefore it is possible that the birth of Om Hazrat [Lalaji's master] is from that place and it is said that Lord Krishna is also from that place."

"The question is that the connection of this Order in itself is very ancient; then what is the connection which is called, Khaja Nakshabandiya quddus sarooh connection and because of that connection this Order has become famous?"

"When a person after his training imparts training to the second person and the second in turn imparts to the third and the third to the fourth without any change it is called an Order."

"Hazrat Rasalat Ma aab has started the Order of internal connection. The training and method was shown to every body in the same manner. The method of friendhip was for some days, and then along with japa, then dhyan, etc. was introduced. In the beginning they used to do japa with external words etc. Stroll in the centers (lataifs) and in the crossings (Aboor) in between. The sequence starts from the lowest centre and is continued till the end one by one in an order. And this method of connection has spread among the elders of other Orders too. But Hazrat Khaja Bahauddin Saheb Nakshabandiya Aley ul Rahamathau converted external japa into internal japa and brought a special change in the practice of dhyan. This change is that with attention and bringing change in people the work was getting done and dropped the attention from the lower places. He suggested starting from the place which is the ending of the previous elders. This has become a special type of compound training, which has become a patent and remained as a new/modern reference. The answer to the question is that the original reference which is ancient has been modified and added with special and new innovation. Therefore it is given as a new impetus as a new reference and it is famous in the name of Khaja Nakshabandiya Saheb quddus sarooh. It is because of a special change in teaching it is considered as a separate one, otherwise expectation of bliss is the same."

"In the end there would be relation and connection with the material and non material things, plants, animals, stones and all classes of people and essence of the entire Universe. When is this possible? These matters are possible only when relation and connection has become dayami with Paramatma or Khas Zaat and Real by His grace. These are not possible with effort."

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