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Transcript of Interview (Part 4) with Dinaysh Kumar Saxena

Taken from Shashwat's Blog: The Cult of Sahaj Marg (Shree Ram Chandra Mission)
See: Translation of Article of Dinaysh Kumar Part 4 (June 19, 2009)

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Shashwat Said:

In this part of the interview, Dinaysh Kumar (Saxena) reveals (the fact?) that Chari charges Rs 300/- per sitting (Transmission) from abhyasis, he also reveals that P. Rajagopalachari is always surrounded and protected by criminals and those wanted by the law, the manager of Babuji Memorial Ashram in Chennai is (allegedly) the top notch criminal of Tamil Nadu.

He further states that anyone who leaves Sahaj Marg is threatened by goons of Chari, and anyone who expresses his/her desire to leave the cult of Sahaj Marg is threatened with dire consequences.

Dinaysh kumar also expressed that he is afraid that he may also meet the same consequence which was met by his childhood friend, Umesh Chandra Saxena (Un-natural death), as he had left the cult of Sahaj Marg. (Umesh was the son of the Founder of SRCM (Shahjahanpur - 1945), and Sahaj Marg, Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur (Babuji))

I am working on preparing the translated transcript of these interviews, which will be uploaded here.

Now, here is: The Interview With Dinaysh Kumar Saxena, (Part 4)
Dinaysh Kumar Saxena is the Dean of the NaqshMuMRa Order of Sufism, and owner of NaqshMuMRA Nexus site.

Me:-Namaskar, I am Shashwat

Dinayshji:- Namaskar brother

M:- Did you speak to Navneetji yesterday?

D:- Yes, I spoke to him, and I have invited him to pay me a visit, like he is visiting his own home, I told him that I am a sick man, and cannot travel, actually I regretted about the fact that I could not visit them when his father expired, I should have gone there, but I was not able to visit them due to my bad health, if my health was good, I would have gone there myself, we can rectify the mistakes of past now.

M:- I also spoke to Anitaji, his mother

D:- Who?

M:- Anitaji, Navneetji’s mother, she said that she knows you quite well, and she has visited your place many times in past.

D:- Yes Yes, she has come to our place many times in past, they are my family members.

M:- They were upset because you joined Chariji group.

D:- No No, I did not go there, Umeshji himself stop visiting me, I did not go anywhere, he was under misconception that I have joined Chari’s group, actually this is Lalaji’s home, and anyone can come here, if you come to my home I will not stop you, suppose you come here, and there is some enemy of yours if he thinks that I have joined your group, then it is wrong, anyone can come to this place, I will not oppose anyone nor does it mean that if someone is coming here then I have sided with them, this is no(t) politics, this is a spiritual society.

M:- I have uploaded our yesterdays communication on internet, and I heard it myself, there is one point which I noticed, you said that there are some people who charge money per sitting.

D:- Money was asked from me, they asked me to pay.

M:- Ok, you were asked to pay money!!

D:- Yes, they asked me to pay money.

M:- I could not understand this, can you please elaborate more.

D:- Yes, I will repeat again, they asked me to pay money, it happened like this, last time when Chariji’s birthday function was held at Tirupur, this time also it is going to happen in Tirupur, but last time when this function was held, I visited Tirupur, and soon after function, there was guru purnima, since my son is also living there, I was at his home, but because his in-law’s were also there at that time, and his house was not big, so I decided to stay in the ashram, so that there is no problems to the guests, so I got written permission from Chariji and booked myself a room in the ashram, before anyone can live there, one has to do the registration, so when I went there for registration, I was asked to pay 300 Rs per head, I asked them what should I pay money for? Because lodging and food is suppose to be free, at this he said, this is for donation, I told him that my financial condition is not good, therefore I cannot pay any donation, at this he asked me who has given you permission to stay here for 15 days? I told him that Chariji has given me permission to live here for 15 days free of cost, he threw that letter and said that you will not be allowed to enter into meditation hall till you do not pay Rs 300, what does it mean?

M:- Ok so, only those people can enter into meditation hall who pay 300 Rs!!

D:- Yes, he said if you don’t pay money how will expenditure here taken care of? Even the local people there who neither drink tea nor do they eat food, even they also have to pay 300 Rs to enter into meditation hall. This money was taken forcefully, those who do not pay this money their entry was restricted,

M:- Ok, Chariji’s sitting costs Rs 300 per head (laugh)

D:- Yes, I left it then and there itself, I don’t know if they charge money for sitting even now or not.

M:- (laugh) You have informed us a very interesting aspect, that Chari’s sitting costs Rs 300.

D:- I have heard that even in Shahjahanpur and everywhere else, Chariji charge 300 Rs per head for one sitting.

M:- Ok.

D:- They treated me very badly, and that’s why I have left that group.

M:- Who was that person who asked you to pay money for each sitting? Do you know his name?

D:- I am going to tell you that only, when they stoped me from getting into the meditation hall, I sent an SMS to Chariji and all other functionaries of Sahaj Marg, from my mobile, they all came to say sorry to me, but no-body asked as who was that person who was taking money from everyone who was going for registration or was entering into meditation hall. When there was a function next time, then it was announced formally that everyone will have to pay money for sitting, this was announced by their ashram manager N. Prakash, and Chariji did not counter this announcement, in a way he second this announcement, this was his plan.

M:- N. Prakash?

D:- Yes, he was backed by Chariji.

M:- So this was announced that anyone who is entering into the meditation hall will have to pay 300 Rs?

D:- Yes anyone who is entering there.

M:- So kind of an entry pass?

D:- No, No, this was not a pass, there was no receipt.

M:- Ok, there was no receipt, it was totally black money?

D:- There is no receipt, if income tax department looks at this, they will be astonished, there is one register, where name and amount paid is written, this money is not accounted, there are many CA’s there, but all this money which is taken forcefully there is no receipt and is totally un-accounted for.

M:- Ok, thats interesting.

D:- Food they say is free, but there is nothing free there, they charge money for everything, they give receipt only for donation.

M:- Ok, they give receipt for all the donations received.

D:- Yes, only for formal donations, but all other money which they charge, this money is unaccounted.

M:- Ok, are you in touch with these people now? When was last time you spoke to them?

D:- That was the last time I had talked to them 2 yrs back, after that I have never visited them, and I am not in touch with them thereafter.

M:- Ok so you have got nothing to do with Chariji since last two years.

D:- He visited Fatehgarh recently but they did not bother to meet me, he, his secretary U.S Bajpai and many more people visited here, but they did not visited my place, I have invited them also, but they were not interested in visiting my home or Lalaji’s Samadhi.

M:- Do you know U.S bajpai? (Secretary of SRCM)

D:- Yes I know him very well, he retired from Kanpur.

M:- Do you know his son, (name blanked out)?

D:- Yes I know him also, there is no-one whom I don’t know.

M:- In that case you might be knowing his wife (name blaked out) also.

D:- Yaa I know them all.

M:- What type of people are they? (name blanked out) and his wife (name blanked out)?

D:- How can I tell what is inside them? I am not an astrologer..

M:- What is your perception about them?

D:- See they don’t abuse me, but their perception is not good..

M:- Ok, can you elaborate more about (name blanked out) and his wife (name blanked out) ?

D:- He is very degraded type of a person, very low level..

M:- (name blanked out) ?

D:- Yes, he is banned from entering into Chennai ashram..

M:- (name blanked out) ?

D:- Yes, he is the only son of U.S Bajpai, he is bad character man, Chariji saw many of his bad acts, and that’s why he has banned him from entering into Chennai ashram.

M:- He is a preceptor?

D:- Yes, he is a very bad character man, and that’s why he is banned there.

M:- What does it mean that he is of bad character?

D:- I have not seen it myself, nor he has misbehaved with any women from my family, but there are people who have seen him doing that, and that’s why he has been banned from entering into Chennai Ashram, his daughter is studying there in Lalaji Memorial School, but he is not allowed to visit her, U.S. Bajpai visits her sometimes.

M:- Ok, fair enough

D:- So you please convince Aanitaji and her children to come and visit me, if they find that I do not welcome them here, then they can refuse to visit me again, but please ask them to come and meet me once.

M:- They are very nice people, when I told her that I have spoken to you, she become quite emotional.

D:- I am very sick and cannot afford an AC travel, if they want me to come there, and if they can arrange for a ticket, I will be obliged to go there, but because of my health and financial condition, I cannot go there on my own, but if they decide to come here, I will give them a warm welcome.

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