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Intrigues and Synchronicities in the Sahaj Marg Lineage!

According to Lalaji's grandson, Dinesh Kumar Saxena, dean of NaqshMuMRa Sufi Order, and creator of their web-site: NaqshMuMRa Nexus:

was born: Feb. 2, 1873 ... retired from government services in 1928, and died approximately three years later, Aug. 14, 1931 at the young age of 58 years old ... Cause of death: ?? (Intrigue # 1 ... anyone?? Why is the cause of death not shown anywhere? Do we have to guess?)

Lalaji's Naqshbandia Sufi Spiritual Master
(from 1896 to his death in 1931):
Hazrat Maulana Shah Fazl Ahemad Khan Naqshbandi Mujaddadi Mazahari r.a. (Huzur Maharaj) of Raipur (Kaimganj), Uttar Pradesh, India

After reading his grand-father's journal, this article by Dinesh, the dean of the NaqshMuMRa Sufi Order: Epitome of Sahaj Marg,NaqshMuMRa Nexus, appears on his site. 

(if article named: "Epitome of Sahaj Marg" not available on this above-mentioned site, see here for English version of "Epitome of Sahaj Marg")

"A letter dated
09.12.1930, written by Rev. Laalaaji Maharaaj, addressed to Shri Madan Mohan Laal, who was then the center-in-charge of Shahjahanpur, is meaningful in this context.

“… Because of your transfer from Shahjahanpur, there is a likelihood of the function being spoiled. So on my own behalf and on that of my elders, I invite the attention of Br. Pandit Rameshwar Prasad to agree to take up this work in hand during your absence. May God give him courage and perseverance. That dear one will, perhaps, establish a condition of honor after casting off that small portion of boyhood, which is very negligible in him now, due to the demands of his age. God may help him.
Brother Ram Chandra undoubtedly has ability and agility in this respect, but I am sorry that due to restrictions of his father, narrowness of heart and space, and intricacies of his home, my sagacity did not permit me for the time being to throw the responsibility on him..."


Babuji is apparently passed over by Lalaji, as a preceptor and center-in-charge of Lalaji's Sufi organization in Shahjahanpur, India:

Lalaji passes away Aug. 14, 1931, approximately one year after passing over Babuji for preceptor and the Center-in-Charge for Shahjahanpur.

Letter On
NaqshMuMRa Nexus site: In 1963, Babuji seems to attempt to replace Lalaji's Sufi organizations (the Mohamadan systems), with his new "Sahaj Marga". We know that the Naqshbandiya Sufi Order, of which Lalaji was the first "Hindu" (non-Muslim) Master", is still "breathing" today.

Excerpts from this letter from Babuji is dated: Feb. 14, 1963 addressed to Dr. L.P. Srivastava:


"Times have undergone radical changes but to my greatest regret, I find our brothers sleeping yet. The Mohamadan systems have all breathed their last and this, the Sahaj Marga, the only ONE has emerged out in their place. Its teachings and methods widely differ from those of the old systems in many respects."


Babuji (aka Ram Chandra (Saxena) of Shahjahanpur) was born: April 30, 1899. He met Lalaji for the first time in his early 20's, in 1922 according to his "Autobiography of Ram Chandra", and he only met Lalaji a few times before Lalaji's death on Aug. 14, 1931. Babuji was never a "preceptor" of Lalaji's organization and was by-passed by Lalaji. (see above for Lalaji's reasons). According to Dinesh, most of the contact of Babuji with Lalaji was "in his (Babuji's) dreams" ...

Fourteen (14) years after Lalaji's death, Babuji, according to his Journal, and allegedly instructed by messages from beyond the grave, founded the Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM-Shahjahanpur-1945) and registered it in India on July 21, 1945. (see original (1945) legal documents here)

Notice that in the document, Babuji's Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM-Shahjahanpur-1945) is set up as " a sort of dictatorship on the part of the founder (henceforth to be called the President").

According to Babuji (in Autobiography of Ram Chandra) apparently in "inter-communication" with Swami Vivekananda, Babuji was to have a: "registered body"... no mention of Lalaji (also called Ram Chandra ... of Fatehgarh) !!

Autobiography of Ram Chandra: p 21 (20.05.1945) Intercommunication with Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902):

"As you are to have a registered body 'Shri Ram Chandra Mission', call a meeting of the persons who are to be the members of this body to start with. (...) The body will be called 'Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur (U.P. - India)'".

Babuji dismisses Chari as Secretary of the SRCM (Shahjanpur-1945) in April, 1982. See the letter from Chari to Babuji questioning the reason for his "dismissal" as Secretary of the Mission dated: April 12, 1982, and the appointment of Chari's replacement dated: June 28, 1982. (see scan of letter for reason, and appointment of Chari's replacement)

Approximately one year later, Babuji passes away on April 13, 1983, after a European tour (allegedly from poisoning).

According to witnesses (see interviews on Freedom From Sahaj Marg), Chari was not invited to go to Paris, France (tour), but he went anyway and allegedly arranged to sit next to Babuji on the plane, and to occupy the room next to Babuji at the hotel ... then this letter surfaced:

See: Letter sent to Shri M.D. Jahagirdar allegedly signed by Babuji part 1 ... part 2 dated at Paris, France, 02-09-82.

Chari, in 1997, registers his "new" Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM-California-1997) in San Luis Obispo, California, USA, and the Sahaj Marg Research and Training Institute (SMRTI) in Austin, Texas, where Santosh (in charge of International affairs for SRCM (California-1997) now lives. That is fourteen (14) years after Babuji's passing away on April 30, 1983.

You may notice that Chari's SRCM(California-1997) constitution is a verbatim copy of Babuji's SRCM(Shahjahanpur-1945) constitution, except that the directors are different. (If the link "3a" on Freedom from Sahaj Marg site does not work, a scanned copy can be made available upon request.)

In 2003, according to Navneet, Babuji's grandson, and the "elected" President of SRCM (Shahjahanpur-1945), Umesh Chandra Saxena, Babuji's son and past-President of SRCM (Shahjahanpur-1945) dies (allegedly from poisoning). Navneet alleges that two other attempts were made on their lives. (one with a bus, and another on his person, with poison.)

Members of Chari's clan allegedly take over the Ashrams of the SRCM(Shahjahanpur-1945) by force. Some violence is alleged by members of Babuji's family. (See numerous copies of Newspaper articles on this blog and interviews on Freedom From Sahaj Marg site and on Youtube, Sahaj Marg Exposed! ... See also revealing interview with Sister Kasturi! the only "saint" in Sahaj Marg, according to Babuji)

Chari Appoints Ajay Kumar Bhatter as his successor: April 29, 2005.

See: The Tiruppur Declaration, April 30, 2005

May 2, 2010:
Chari a
nnounces that Ajay Kumar Bhatter has apparently "resigned" his position for "personal reasons".

(for those into numerology and synchronicity): Notice how many times the number "14" (which incidently adds up to "5", the pentagram of magic) comes up in this lineage. Even the date of Lalaji's death, 1931 adds up to 14!! ... ;-0)

Lalaji and the Sufi are looking very "SPIRITUAL" compared to what the Sahaj Mart(tm) has become: materialist, nationalist and specially, SPIRITUALIST (with mediums, messages from the dead, egregores, Babuji's magical ring with nine (9) planets (which disappeared after his death), inter-communications, etc.). The new Sahaj Mart Bible (Whispers from the Brighter World) is being written by an anonymous French lady MEDIUM!! Sahaj Mart (tm) is not a "system" of meditation, but a Faith (or a confidence ... as in a "con") system, just like the RELIGIONS, which Chari calls "corrupt" !

There is not much difference between Chari on a throne and the Pope in the Vatican, on a "THRONE" ... But at least, the Pope is now "elected" by the CARDINALS!! At Sahaj Marg(tm), the most "ruthless" or the one who is "better connected" (the brown tongues), will be the next GURU or MASTER !! And one must be of the right "gender"! Does one have to be of the right "race" also? Apparently! Can we nominate Sister Kasturi?? Or will the "golden ring" go to the anonymous French lady Medium #1, or to the French lady Medium #2, Catherine Lauret, as she predicted? Is there really only one French lady MEDIUM? How many Mediums can one crowd into a SPIRITUALIST Group? lol lol ;-))

Watch for the illusive "Brotherhood" of Sahaj Mart(tm)!! The SRCM(California-1997) pyramid controls their "milk-maidens" (the women), and makes liars of their "torch bearers" who attend their STP Training Program!! They will "train" (like one trains one's pet) those who will then be expected to lure the unsuspecting in their respective countries, and they will specially be expected to lure their families and friends, and their children !! They will be given the "standardized" vernacular or "buzz-words" (sound bites) such as: "brotherhood" and "spirituality for the modern man" ... The reality at the Sahaj Mart(tm) is "divisiveness" and SPIRITUALISM !

To all Abhyasis of SRCM (California-1997)

Is this really your Spiritual Path to take you to the "DIVINE", what Babuji called the "ULTIMATE?

Is this the path that is claimed to be "for the modern man" (or woman)?
I would like to think that the "modern man/woman" is more intelligent and less gullible than that. At least those who can read ... and who are not impressed or fooled by the Sahaj Mart(tm) materialism and the Bollywood Glitz, funded and supported by some of India's business elite and some nationalist politicians.

You now have all the information!! Make up your own mind about what you believe, and whether you want to fund and support the Sahaj Mart (tm) ...

Remember, there are still some POOR in your own country who also need your time and money!! Look at the public schools in your own country and then look at the "private schools" and the Ashrams and the many "Master's cottages" (houses) that you FUND for the wealthy !!

Then, blame the plight of the poor on their not having "libraries" as Chari does!!

Is there a copy of Ajay's "letter of resignation" addressed to Chari, the PRESIDENT of SRCM (California-1997) anywhere?? Could Ajay release a copy of his alleged "letter of resignation" for all to see? ... Does anyone (a spiritual SPY?) have a copy or a scan of it ??

Can some "moral and ethical" abhyasis (member of SRCM (California-1997) DEMAND a release of the "letter of resignation" of their deposed "dauphin"?

Will this (the reason for Ajay's resignation) remain for some time, as another partly-successful manipulation, an "intrigue", and a "secret" of this SPIRITUALIST "clan", until a new President releases it, after Chari's passing ? ... If it exists !!

Would the truly spiritual seekers not prefer to walk in NATURE, relating to SPIRIT, than to spend their lives in airports, planes, hotels, trains, buses, cars, to go and live like THAT, relating to the MATERIAL and to "spirits"? And then, call that BROTHERHOOD and/or SPIRITUALITY? ... with a straight face??

Give your head a shake ... and give the world a break!!
See also: Analysis of Chari's 1982 letter to Babuji (by Christian, phd psychology, and 18 years an abhyasi with Chari)


Anonymous said...

Could it be that Ajay had to resign after failing his test?
For obscure reasons SRCM set a target of at least 1000 abhaysis for Babuji's European birthday bash at Vrads (Egregores are greedy?)
Shortly before there were loads of reminders and extra buses etc. arranged to try to motivate more and more to go, with the statement that up till then 400 had registered, including children.
I don't know how many were eventually there, but it's pretty clear Ajay (as ultimately reponsible for Europe) failed the target miserably.
Could these targets be part of the reason for the hard sell tactics for the various meetings/seminars etc?
BTW Babuji's birthday party in Vrads was not free, but a Seminar for a fee, and alternative local (free) celebrations were forbidden.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame that we are discussing only about finances related to SRCM. The more serious issues such as exposure of children, brainwashing of members by the chain of inner circle, manipulation of imnformation / abhaysis for the ulterior motives of certain people flocking the President. Such issues are not discussed. SM has sort of become a Freemasonry. Its a pity that people don't want to question the practice/reasons behind their way of living.

4d-Don said...

Hi Anonymous ...

Do you have any specific information about the issues you bring up?

Would you like to "open the discussion" around such topics by writing an article...

Could you chose an ID or "user name" so we may address replies to you... There are already numerous "anonymous"..

Thanks for you comments...