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The Decline of SRCM (California-1997)

Taken and translated from an article by Alexis, on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg. Article: "Déclin 2"

Comments by 4d-Don in "red italics"

The Decline of SRCM (California-1997)

“(…) I have heard the reports. I am happy that the Mission is healthy, that two more ashrams are being added onto American soil. But you will bear with me if I say I am not impressed as far as the number of abhyasis are concerned, because over the years I seem to see a decline, rather than a growth. (…)”

That was the beginning of Chari's speech at the Chari Babuji Memorial Ashram, Manapakkam, for the Annual General Meeting of the SRCM U.S., in India, last August 16.

Chari heard the reports and congratulates himself for the financial health of the SRCM USA. He welcomed the acquisition of two new ashrams, properties that the SRCM just bought in New Jersey and California. But he deplores that the numbers and enthusiasm of his followers are declining, rather than progressing. The tone is moderate, he does not even have the strength to complain ...

Remember his vehemence in the past:

In 2000 : « The divine plan can only be realised by human effort (...) In 1972 I travelled with Babuji to the US. After three weeks there were 76 abhyasis but until 1984 it was arround the same number. What does this show ? Nobody worked. But today we have three thousand. Only work produces results, God works only through human beings.» Speech in Danemark (10/08/2000)

In 2003 : "(…) I really didn't expect to come back to the USA again, because I was pretty depressed about the general situation. Not of the economy, not of the politics, not of the country, you know, but of the abhyasis of the Mission. (…)I want to see an enormous audience of Americans here. I don't want to see less of Indians; I want to see more of Americans. More and more Indians, much more and more of Americans, and these halls should become too small for us." - Exerpts from "I only do My Work", Chari's speech in San Jose (CA, USA) 10/08/2003.

Sort of like your country, which has become too small for your population so you have to invade and migrate to other "lands" (Chamber of Commerce of India and their Diaspora) ... Have you and your "new religion" become a cancer?? Look at the example of China. Use your Yoga to control your "breeding", so as to attain "sustainable growth", and go home and do some community work, then meditate ... use your head!! Do you have to "develop" the whole of NATURE? Leave the rest of the world in peace!! We don't accept you, the materialists, spiritualists, businessmen, as "representing" ONE, what you call "God" which (not who) you claim to know is a "male" Person ...

Leave our "charity" dollars and tax incentives do the "charity work" it was meant to do ... "CHARITY FOR THE POOR"... not for wealthy businessmen to subsidize your "resorts and ranches" (SPUR ranch, Austin, Texas) so as to take a break from the "insistence of making money" (your (SRCM (California-1997) words) ... BE SPIRITUAL! NOW!!

In 2007 : " I remember with some regret that many years ago there were more than three thousand abhyasis in the U.S. We have actually slipped to about eleven hundred, I think, and we are now on a fresh wave of growth. And I am happy that Girish said we have about three thousand abhyasis back again on the slate. But that is where we were ten, twelve years ago, and now begins the growth, shall we say, wave." Speedch of 23/07/2007 at Tiruppur - India, to American abhyasis (The water of life)

Today, the proselytizing of SRCM can barely offset the start-up costs.

Decline! Chari's health no longer allows him to travel, he does not have the strength to mobilize his troops nor the inclination to get angry. The numbers are falling, the enthusiasm is gone ...

Chari declines, the SRCM too!

4d-don's Comment:

Numbers dropping even while they (SRCM (California-1997) are purchasing new properties and building Ashrams in the US ... Does that tell you something? Who will pay the "mortgage"?

The conquering businessmen, using religion to invade our western "markets", are not getting their return on their investment yet. Who are they? Blue Jeans, pharmaceuticals, hotels, restaurants, travel, accomodations, real estate, ranches, etc....

Notice the distinction made (in 2003) by Chari, between Indian (Chari is Tamil ... are his followers also mostly Tamil?) and American abhyasis ... Even the Indian Diaspora, the Tamil Diaspora, and the many claiming refugee status, does not make their numbers climb? They must be losing a lot of Americans, as the number of Indian abhyasis rises. Do they count them? Are their numbers "real"?

Oh! And what about Canada, and their "boat-loads" of illegals claiming refugee status? That can never happen in the US of A, right? First they invade and attempt to conquer the commercial markets (material wealth) using the banner of "religion" and "spiritualism", they buy real-estate (housing) and benefit from our "charitable" tax-exempt status, then boat-loads of "members" just arrive!! Then, (where only 12% of the population are (were) Tamil in Shri Lanka) ... what's next? A nationalist's "homeland" or a base of operation in North America?

Opponents and whistle blowers (bloggers) are met with charges of "religious descrimination" or racism (xenophobia). SPIRITUALITY??

First we have a movement to establish a new Kalustan" (Sikh), in northern British Columbia, and now, will we have a movement for a new "Tamil Nadu" in "Ontario" or accross the border, in the US of A?

SRCM(California-1997) and Chari and the Sahaj Marg (tm) businessmen, would not do anything "illegal"... would they?? Would they do anything un-ethical such as take-over and re-register a society in other countries? Would they do or say anything "nationalist"? Materialist? Spiritualist? They would not attack other's culture, religion, "spirituality"... would they?? Want to buy a bridge?

For now, they are investing in a future (religious) market, for a harvest that may hopefully never materialize. The masses seem to want "SPIRIT" and "spirituality", not Materialism, Spiritualism, with Mediums and "messages from the dead" and/or "occult craft".

We, who are spiritual, not wanting to conquer the Material world, will not be led by Materialists, and/or their CEO's ... or the Spiritualists, on our journey in (not "to") SPIRIT and REALITY ... where we live. We don't have to go to India, Jerusalem (New Salem) or Mecca to find ONE and/or ONE-ness ...

We've all seen the movies, "Ghost Busters" and we all know of Harry Houdini's (and many others) campaign to expose such spiritualist charlatanism, witchcraft, (or more accurately, "occult craft"), who try and profiteer from the gullibility of some "needy" and co-dependent few.

It seems that the world, thanks to the "information revolution", is becoming more conscious of REALITY, more educated and smarter, and most are not swallowing that spiritualist crap anymore ... Most true seekers seem to be using their "HEADS" to think and are not being fooled anymore ... except for a few ... the more submissive, the obedient, and their "manipulators", the "torch-bearers" and the preceptors. I would suspect that there are more "titled" (chiefs) members than workers (Indians) at Sahaj Marg(tm), controlled by the spiritualist and materialist "businessmen".

Give us, in the west, what we ask for, "not religion"... or "DECLINE" and find yourself and your "ism" in the "dust-bin" of history, like so many who have attempted to profiteer from spiritualist religious pap.

No more! We, the masses, don't buy your illusions, your sleight of hand, or the religious opiates anymore. So ... GET REAL! If you are going to proselytize and sell SPIRIT-uality, then don't call it SPIRITUALISM in your "constitution" ... amateurs ! You would lead the sheep ... "where"??

Page 14... Section 11 of SRCM(California-1997) Constitution and "Bye" Laws:

Improper and Evil Practices- Stoppage of

11. The mission will discourage and stop by legal and constitutional means (through persuations, writings, lectures, etc.) improper and evil practices or mistaken and wrongful ideas in the name of spirituality or in any way thwarting, degrading, suppressing, minimizing, or affecting the cause or standards of spiritualism of the Mission.

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Anonymous said...

Here is the newest propaganda / bullying attempt by the European SRCM - unique possibility - yeah right, just like every other meet you're supposed to go to instead of spending the time with real loved ones.
It'll be interesting to see if the 2000 target get's met. The last target for the Europeans to meet in Vrads certainly wasn't.

BTW what's with all this He/Him/HIM capitalisation crap. It seems to be gaining momentum.

*From:* Bernadette vanSteven

*Sent:* Wednesday, September 22, 2010 12:39 PM
*Subject:* With Beloved Master in December!

Dear sister, dear brother,

In less than three months from our next visit to India in December it is
important to prepare ourselves in order to benefit fully of our meeting with
Master. In this respect I like to forward the two messages below that are
also so appropriate for us all in order to expose ourselves to Him in such
way that He will be able to do with us what He wishes to do !

Most affectionately,


De: Christian Macketanz
Objet: With Beloved Master in December!
Date: Mercredi 22 septembre 2010, 10h24
Dear Ones,
we had a talk with brother Nagaraja, who spent some days with Beloved Master
in Pondicherry. Master was very happy there and telling everybody that He is
very happy to welcome the European Abhyasis in December! He said " they
understand that I can not travel so they come to India!" He also said
that Master is expecting 2000 Europeans!

The online registration will be available in the next few days. It is
important that everywhere all abhyasis realize this unique possibility to be
with HIM......
Thanks and Regards

Christian Macketanz