Monday, April 20, 2009

Celebration of SRCM(California-1997) Master's Birthday!

Taken from a translation of an article by Alexis on Elodie's French Blog: Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg

Alexis has a blog called: SRCM=Danger and one called: Le Projet Sahaj Marg, translated to:
The Sahaj Marg Project.

4d-Don said: Does this "channeled" message not smack of "EGO" to some of you? Someone (a living person) made this up and it was not "BABUJI" ... Receiving messages from the dead (ghosts, spirits, etc..) is called "spiritualism" ... not spirituality and certainly not "Raja Yoga".

The "Freudian slip" of the typo in the message: "heat" rather than "heart", and then later: "blaze" (as in a "fire") when refering to the Mission, could be a manifestation of their autonomous "egregore" (Groupthink) taking on a life of its own. It would seem that at the SRCM(California-1997) the red (lower) frequencies of emotions that create "heat" are increasing rather than the cooler "blue" (higher frequencies) of intellectual and the upper "chakras" of spirituality.
The abhyasis (and their families, friends, etc...) are the ones being "burned" to create this emotional "heat".

The (synchronistic) similarity of increase in "heat" and "blaze", and the religious concept of "hell" do not go un-noticed.

First the "flood" at the Ashram, then the "fire" and the "blaze" that will "lend credibility" to the autonomous "egregore"?
(notice the word: "lend"... not "give"!! A loan has to be paid back. Look for further emotions after the "party". Look for a "hang-over" just as with other "addictive substances" such as with the "opiates of the Masses"...religion, with its egotistical and orgasmic pomp and ceremony! Add to this recipe, a large touch of "nationalism".)

Babuji or any "enlightened" person would not constantly appeal to the "lower chakras" (heat, blaze) and counsel against using the "upper chakras". That is why the "philosophers" and the "saints" can not in good conscience adhere to this Group ... There is an absence of the qualities of "spirituality" (love, forgiveness, UNITY) and "intellect", and an over-emphasis on lower-chakra "emotions"! Not very elevating!

Alexis said:

83 Years Old Soon

Kasturi was well informed. The only major event held by the SRCM(California-1997) this year is celebrating Chari's 83rd anniversary. Forgotten are Lalaji and Babuji, they (SRCM California-1997) are focusing on the only Master who really counts! Forgotten also is the site of Vadodara / Baroda in Gujarat, (where the celebration was to take place) mentionned two years ago, it is finally at Tiruppur in Tamil Nadu that will take place this Bandara ...

And it is (apparently) Babuji himself who announced this from his "Brighter World":

An Era of Hope and Opportunity

"... Prepare yourself for this birthday celebration, it will show to my son once again his growing importance from one year to another in the heat (heart?) of our brothers and sisters. He is loved and his action bears its fruit, beyond our hopes. May the blessed day of his birth on Earth go down in the history of our Mission as an event to remember. It makes it blaze and lends credibility to it. Be happy to be, once again, in this incarnation, living in the wake of this exceptional being ... "

Babuji Maharaj, Whispers from the Brighter World.

An era of hope and opportunity? Or a little too full of opportunism?


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