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Sahaj Marg Feeds the Ego!! (a testimonial)

This comment was left on Frank's Blog: Pitfalls of Spirituality in the article: Positive Thinking 2- Groupthink and Denial

Note: Frank, the author and owner of the blog: " Pitfalls of Spirituality", was SRCM (California - 1997) Preceptor and Zonal-in-charge for the Netherlands. He is now an ex-abhyasi.

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4d-don's comment: For others who are beginning to have "doubts" about the SRCM (California - 1997) GANG, it is time to realize that all the other Religions of their "Brothers and Sisters", are now considered "corrupt" by these "neo-spiritualist" businessmen of the neo-religion called: SRCM (California - 1997). Is not what these salesmen actually selling, simply another kind of nationalist "social engineering", materialism, and "spiritualism" disguised as spirituality? The traditional religions of their "Brothers and Sisters", were also once, and are still widely considered "ideal, special, and unique" by them, even though these same "religions" may also have historically, (and they may still) fed the ego of the disciples of what Chari now-calls: "corrupt" religions. These are our "brothers and sisters" of all religions which, incidentally some (many?) "abhyasis" refused to join, and even refused to gather with on a social level, in fear of being lured, trapped, snared or enticed. Some even went as far as calling the adherents to other religions "hypocrites", "liars", or other such defamation. Now, they (SRCM) would teach that same arrogant divisiveness and separateness to "your children" under the cloak of "Brotherhood and Sisterhood". One can only be "SPECIAL and UNIQUE" it seems, if one joins them (SRCM (California - 1997), the One and Only "Natural Path", they claim! Are they (religions) not all the same? (See the SRCM (California - 1997) curriculum at their Private School, LMNOIS, built with your "donations" - VBSE)

Most of us who don't adhere to " organized religion" anymore (for obvious reasons), realize the power and the "pitfalls" of this spiritualist and "groupthink" (egregores) modus operandi, which is now and always has been, proselytized and sold by the "businessmen of religion", alongside "rewards on the other side" and/or "insured beyond the grave" and/or "Whispers from the "BRIGHTER WORLD" and/or other forms of "special, or unique, liberated, saved, few, chosen, etc..." but which are in reality, all using the same tool of the same BEAST: Feeding the EGO of the "mark" with an intellectual "opiate"!!
The defense of their (our) ego has, and will always be: "But it feels so right or REAL"!! Much as it did for those true "adepts" and moral and ethical seekers who left other so-called "corrupt" RELIGIONS!! It always "FEELS SO RIGHT and so REAL"!!

And now, for those of us who are considered the "enemy" of (this type of) SPIRITUALITY (or spiritualism), by Chari, Sovereignty and Freedom from it also feels so RIGHT and REAL!! The "only" way to UNITE and make the world ONE (we think) is to belong to ONE, and only ONE group (which includes the whole species?) which includes ALL. It does not UNITE anything when one simply sheepishly and obediently becomes a member of yet another Gang of the few, the "SPECIAL or the UNIQUE", the illuminated, the chosen, etc ...!

Is Brotherhood and Sisterhood the REALITY in Sahaj Marg or is the REAL Reality "REAL ESTATE", to be paid as spiritual "rent" (donations) by the future neophytes and true seekers of REALITY but controlled by nationalist businessmen? Sahaj Marg will offer "REAL Estate" or the "Material" for a "price" or a "donation". Such is Spiritual Capitalism!! Such is RELIGION!! (See SRCM (California - 1997) latest acquisition in Timisoara, Romania, near a Polytechnical School) (see also the Protestant (Christian) Reformation and specially Pope Leo X, and the sale of "indulgences")

Where is your FAMILY? Your One TRUE family which was given to you by LIFE? They are not in Sahaj Marg as they are too "SPECIAL and UNIQUE", just like the rest of US!! That's what it means to be "Sovereign and FREE". It means having the integrity to stand "alone" and hence to have the ability to be at ONE with ALL, including with the members of the allegedly corrupt SRCM ( Shahjahanpur - 1945) and SRCM (California - 1997). Well, almost ALL! Do we allow membership to those who grow their so-called " Special and Unique" pseudo-spiritual business, which is really a nationalist/spiritualist pyramidal business, by defaming other groups and hence not acting as a "BROTHER and/or SISTER" to them? ;-))

It seems that UNITY and Brotherhood is not something that is a REALITY with the Sahaj Marg (the Easy Path) of these two (or more) divided GROUPS (clans) . Maybe the ISRC is smart to call their method by another name: Pranahuti Aided Meditation (PAM), so as not to be associated with the now-tarnished: Sahaj Marg of Babuji. (The not so "Easy Path" and certainly not the "Natural Path")

But... YES!!! ALL means ALL ... not just a "chosen few"!! So we are all ONE!! We are all in the same "Boat", Gaia or EARTH ... Like it or not! ;-))

June 14, 2009 12:46 AM

Dear Frank,

Ten thousand thank yous for your website.

I didn't want to leave SRCM but there was no way to stay.

I am grateful that you talked about the fear because the "opportunity may not come for 10,000 years" the promise of being "liberated" the "unique transmission, etc." These are all hooks that can cause a lot of grief when one disengages. These hooks caused a great deal of stress, fear and pain inside myself.

It's amazing to observe the collapse of the ego. Didn't realize how much "the system" keeps the ego alive. For instance, feeling special because you have found the Master or feeling special because you are part of this small group. The ego likes to have something to identify with and SRCM fits the bill. Anything that divides and separates keeps the ego strong.

Hopefully one day I will be able to pass it on and be able to help someone else who is struggling with the loss of their "spiritual practice" or I should say, religion.

Thanks again.

Wishing you peace and well being,

Triple Gem

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