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Lalaji and the NaqshMuMRa Sufi Order are not Sahaj Marg or SRCM (California-1997)

Taken from a post by Cyril Borg on Orkut Freedom from SRCM -Sahaj Marg : NaqshMuMRa Nexus Changed

Comment by 4d-Don
(in red italics) (Thanks to Shashwat and Dinaysh for revealing the TRUTH for all seekers.)

Dinaysh (Dinesh) Kumar Saxena, is the grandson of Lalaji and Dean of the NaqshMuMRa Sufi Order, of which Lalaji was a Legitimate Master.

See also on the same site for a detailed explanation:
Epitome of Sahajmarg

We are now waiting for Sahaj Marg of the SRCM(California-1997) to also respect the TRUTH and change their sites and their Promotional Material. Spirituality means REALITY does it not? Your "Brighter World" could also be much "hotter" as well as "brighter". (Hell or Hades, or Venus ... Chari thinks that Babuji will send him to Venus at his death.)

"Dreams" (or forged letters) are not an accepted or "legal" method of transferring "succession" in the "AGE of INFORMATION".


The sheep are now knowledgeable, and they demand that their SPIRITUALITY reflect the TRUTH, or they will "lead themselves" if the RAM and his proxies are lost in "DREAMS".
Mankind is now too powerful to trust in, and/or be led by DREAMS!!

Meditation is not SLEEPING! To look at the adherents (adhesive, glue, stuck) to Sahaj Marg, the "navel-gazers", one could make the mistake of thinking that they are simply "sleeping", and then believing their "dreams" and thoughts to be "visions". They are also instructed to believe in the dreams of an "anonymous French Lady medium", who channels messages from the spirits of the dead, they call: Whispers from the Brighter World, and which they are told, will erase their "samskaras" (allegedly being impressions on their soul from their actions) if they ritually repeat the messages (whispers) "seven or eight times".
At SRCM (California-1997), Spirituality has become "spiritualism" or "spiritism" with mediums, messages from the spirits of the dead, and egregores.

Another "dream" no doubt!! Ah! The "Opiates of the sleeping and dreaming Masses" under the guise of the King (or the science) of SPIRITUALITY: Raja Yoga!!

Those who would have you not use your "brain" or your "intellect" but to use your "heart", the lowly pump (for blood), to think, will be using their brain and intellect to organize your life and hence, control you. And those who would have you push away pleasure will be having pleasure of their own, or "missing it" and "wishing for it".

From Chari's "
Message for North America" at the October, 2009, Molena, Georgia, USA seminar:

"And I wish I was forty years younger so that I could start life all over again, building the ashram there, clearing the weeds, getting sick in the foot, things like that! Those were fun days. We had a great deal of fun, we had a great deal of almost-adventure, and that was how the Mission was built. You know, it is what you Americans call the pioneering spirit."

Is that not "PLEASURE" and sensation and "wishing" for "more, more, more"? But they (the neo-religious) will say that theirs' is a "special" pleasure, and that it does not bring "samskaras"!! And some will believe them... and THAT!!

The ALL (Nature) will not care that the "capitalist developers" who used to "pave paradise" for material gain and personal "PLEASURE", are now paving paradise for Spiritual gains (Spiritual capitalism), and Religious "FUN" or Pleasure. (Our "Gang" is going to our "invented" Brighter World, and you're not!!). :-0)

"You gotta laugh b'cause it's NOT FUNNY!!" (an old Acadianism)

PS... Chari says that the American abhyasis are near a "coma" or in "sleep mode". As I said earlier, they (the Sahaj Marg Abhyasis) think they are "meditating"!! ;-))

"So I am happy to see that all of our abhyasi sisters and brothers are getting a little revitalized, because to me it appears that the Mission in the U.S. had gone into some sort of — I won’t say coma, but a partial sort of sleep mode."

The Message on ORKUT (Freedom from SRCM (Sahaj Marg)

Hi all...

Apparently, Lalaji is now taken out of Sahaj Marg by Dinaysh of NaqshMuMRa Nexus:


Besides above places Kaimganj is known for Chewing Tobacco cultivation and processing. The district Farrukhabad produces about 8 Lac tones of Potato per annum and has about 61 Cold Storages perhaps largest number of cold storage in a city. The district is also known for its Sunflower cultivation. Apart from this, the city attracts much of tourists’ values on account of the birth place of a worldwide practiced spiritual system of ‘Sahaj Marg’, the Samadhi and the house of founder Master- Parampujya Laalaaji Maharaj."

See the section on "Economy" now changed to:


Besides above places Kaimganj is known for Chewing Tobacco cultivation and processing. The district Farrukhabad produces about 8 Lac tones of Potato per annum and has about 61 Cold Storages perhaps largest number of cold storage in a city. The district is also known for its Sunflower cultivation. Apart from this, the city attracts much of tourists’ values on account of the birth place, Samadhi Shrine and the house of H H Mahatma Ramchandra Ji (Parampujya Laalaaji) Maharaaj, a Worldwide acknowledged Householder Sufi Saint of Naqshbandia lineage. His school of spirituality is now known as 'NaqshMuMRa Faith' and the head quarters, of which, is presently known as 'Laalaaji Nilayam', situated at- 01/45-A, Mahatma Ramchandra Marg, Talaiya Lane, Fatehgarh 209601.

Thank you to Dinaysh and the Sufi for upholding the TRUTH.

Cyril Borg


Anonymous said...

I would like you to look at something else today. It's called the alpha course. I want all of these religious organzations to be seen as the same. Sahaj marjis still believe they are unique and always will for as long as it takes until they become bored out of thier skulls. I would suggest cathrine cheng and yogiville. I believe her family are still looking for her. This history will not work. It's like telling a battered wife this is what happened to a woman a hundered years ago. Religious organizations are rife and exist on a moral high ground invented soley by the hierarchy who are obviously complete atheists. They do not practice what they preach. And blatently do what ever suits their needs. Which you have proved beyond reasonable doubt. Reasonable doubt does not exist in religious organizations. It
now a situation of having to listen to the trained robots spilling out their preist/minister/gurus thoughts on the world. Of which I am somewhat tiresome.

4d-Don said...


Thanks for the comment...

If you find something interesting, you can make it known here ...

Looking forward to hearing your expose of some specifics !!


Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote the commentary on Sahaj Marg? I have heard about it and a much of the above said has not been researched properly or has been written with knowledge out-of-context.

I hope that it improves so it will be worth reading.

4d-Don said...

Hi Anonymous...

Have you read it yourself? Or did someone tell you about it? How do you know if it is well researched or not? Do you have the journals of Lalaji as the author seems to have?

The article is on Lalaji's grandson's site, NaqshMuMRa Nexus. I presume that the author, Dinaysh Kumar Saxena, Lalaji's Grandson and dean of NaqshMuMRa Sufi Order, wrote the article called: "Epitome of Sahajmarg"

If you have something specific to add or to comment on, then please to but a 'general statement" such as "researched properly" or "out-of-contenxt" is pretty shallow.

One would have to assume by the shallowness of your comment that you are a disciple of Chari and his schism, the SRCM (California-1997), registered in California, USA, in 1997, as the Board of Directors of the SRCM (Shahjahanpur-1945) founded by Babuji in 1945, would not accept Chari's nomination, calling it a "forgery".


Anonymous said...

You are on the right path as far as exposure is concerned. The history is distorted and will be distorted as long as gains are being made within sahaj marg. I focus on the break up of the already built community between people which these leaders manage to fragment. Within a short space. It is really shocking, and I do look at other organizations, set up the same way, same outcome and I wander why no one notices or pays attention. So I think one thing I can do. Warn everyone I know about these criminals and make them fully aware this goes on in the world we live in. The ones I lost are lost from me now. I will never be a zealot, would not befriend a zealot or introduce children to a zealot. I think in sahaj marg there called perfectors.

4d-Don said...

Hi Anonymous..

That could be: Preceptor, or Prefects... but it's close enough... ;-))

Keep the faith... This is the TIME for Change and RELIGIONS will see their numbers dwindle as the technology make the abuses of such "ISMS" available to the MASSES... In the past, we relied on the MEDIA and the MEDIA Barons to tell us what was going on "behind the scene", and of course, as the abusers were also the "purchasers of commercial space" in the MEDIA, the TRUTH did not come out...

With the INTERNET, the MEDIA is US... and it will now all come out...

The future looks a lot brighter now with the INFORMATION Machine into the hands of the PEOPLE... the INFONAUTS... WE will TELL our STORY... It's up to the readers to decide what to believe...

So documents and "court" information is very important in our struggle to EXPOSE these "DIVIDERS" of Mankind... Those who have divided us, the PEOPLE, in the past, and even in the PRESENT, even to violence and to WAR ...