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Sahaj Marg (tm) and their Soldiers of Spirituality!!

Chari in his early years as "secretary" of Babuji's society, the SRCM (Shahajanpur-1945), started using military terminology and titles to arrange his "army" of abhyasis. His terms for preceptors, prefects, and 'zonal-in-charge" all followed the military model with it's pyramidal structure and strict obedience to established lines of command.

(The "Foundation" mentionned below (Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation) owns all the real estate of the SRCM (California-1997) and the directors of the "charitable" society own and control nothing. Chari is an addict to numbers, and of Sci-fi ... and Isaac Asimov ... he even has Asimov's Foundation Series at their CREST retreat centers ... as reading material. Spirituality ?? ... And now Chari recommends Hollywoods' fantasy movie: Inception, with Leonardo Di-Caprio. Now that is SPIRITUAL? )

Then in 2004, as self-titled and dictatorial President and Master of the re-registered SRCM (Calfornia-1997), he gave this speech:

Soldiers of Spirituality

A talk given by Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari
in Bangalore on 20th April, 2004


The first is here. We are hoping to get a donation of land just above Palghat up in the mountains at four thousand feet, a fifty-acre site has been promised to the Foundation. In Pune, there is a five-acre site also being donated to the Foundation. Like that, we will have to start with at least six or eight Retreat Centres in India. So that one batch of hundred at each Centre is eight hundred people per month. That is about, you can understand, nine thousand six hundred people a year, much more than we can do now. There will also be courses for prefects similarly rigid. It will be something like the training combining the army and the yoga, because without physical and social discipline, there is no proper yogic life.


All these have to change. You know, Sahaj Marg is out to revolutionize your approach to divinity. Take divinity away from everywhere in the world, you know, from temples, from mosques, from churches and from maths, and put it here (in Ashrams or retreat centers ??) [points to the heart] where it really belongs. So I think the time has now come to, sort of, select. When we have three grains of rice, you cannot do the shaladai [utensil used to separate the grain from the chaff] business. But if you have a bag of rice you start taking out the stones and the chaff. So we now have enough abhyasis to start playing with this cleaning process, really like the decoction of coffee.

So please be prepared for it; it is going to be tough, but we want soldiers of spirituality. You know, in one revolution in Europe, they were called "The Soldiers of God", but they were killers. We don't kill anybody. We only kill our own samskaras, our own bad habits, our own negative thinking. And, therefore, we emerge from within ourselves as divinised persons.

(Beware!! YOU ARE WITNESSING YOUR OWN corruption ... The so-called "Europeans" (in reality they are also Asiatic) SOLDIERS OF GOD were not told that they would have to kill either ... until much later!! And it's not called: "killing" but doing "God's will" or "serving and strict obedience to the Master"... or even: A Test of your "divinity"!! .

Spirituality is not pyramidal and it is not Spiritualist, nor "militarist"!! Which among you will strictly obey to the point of performing 'immoral" acts? ... such as " killing the mother"?? ... as is already suggested by Chari in his speeches?

Research on the net (google?) the term "Soldiers of God" and see who indulges in such dangerous rhetoric.
Words have meaning and power!! These are the structures which your children will be recruited into, thanks to your "involvement" in a spiritualist cult of a PERSON !! Not the DIVINE!! God is not a king, an emperor, or a soldier!! Who will control these military structures? YOU? Will you even know who controls them and what they do? If you obey now, will you not also obey then !! Will you ever be able to "dis-obey"??

So Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation will play a very big role in the future of Sahaj Marg. And the two organisations, Shri Ram Chandra Mission and the Foundation, will do the work together and, I hope, establish a sane, healthy, spiritual society.
It starts with brushing your teeth in the morning. I am sorry to say that most people today have bad breath. They are not aware of it, they deny it if you tell them. If you tell your friend that you have bad breath, you are in danger of losing a friend. There is a very simple test - [blows into his hand] and smell it. You can smell your own breath. And ladies are no exceptions. Just because they powder their face and use perfume, it does not mean they do not have bad breath. There are as many women with bad breath as men. Please apply this test and clean yourself up, because when some people come near me and sit, I get nauseated. And when I turn away they get upset. They say, "Sir, every time I come to you, why do you turn away?" Now I cannot tell them because I may lose an abhyasi.

You know I shouldn't say this in public but very often I don't know how husbands and wives can sleep together in the same bed with such bad breath between them. This is not a matter of joke. It comes out of bad eating habits, bad oral hygiene, and not using tongue cleaners. I know a friend to whom it was suggested and he denied that he has bad breath. He said he had never needed a tongue cleaner and he would take it as an insult if it was presented to him. It costs a few rupees.

So, you see, that is where it starts. And be prepared for it because this is going to be rigorous discipline, strict discipline. Prefects are no exception, office bearers are no exception, nobody is an exception.

So I hope you will donate well to the Foundation because it is a big program of work. The idea is not to make the Foundation rich, but to relieve the Shri Ram Chandra Mission of so many of its current expenses. And the Foundation is better equipped to deal with all these things.


It took a few years but now, the military structure is being created at the (Battlestar Galactica?) Natrampalli ashram, in Tamilhadu ...

Like other so-called "corrupt" religions, Sahaj Marg(tm), (registered for trade and commerce) will now have its own "soldiers" ...

The Roman Catholics had their Knights Templar, and now have their Knights of Columbus, Opus Dei, Jesuits, etc.. and their female equivalent. Judaism has its Jewish Defense League. Islam has its Society of Muslim Brotherhood". The Buddhists have the Shaolin Monks.

So much for Peace in the World, thanks to "RELIGIONS" or to "spiritualist" movements which claim to be "spirituality" (Raja Yoga... starting at step #7 of an "eightfold" system)!!

Like all religious "military" societies, strict obedience is a must. Why? Is it so "immoral" acts can be perpetrated against the "enemies of Spirituality" and then denied by the pyramidal "management structure" which will then dis-associated itself from the "lunatic fringe" they create?? This is very much like we see transpiring in other religions which constantly wage war against one another and each other, while claiming to be "peaceful". Religion is akin to "insanity"!! And the so-called "spiritual movement" is insanity with hysteria!

Soldiers of Spirituality, Karnataka South

From: Echoes of India, Jan, 2011

A two-day residential program "Soldiers of Spirituality" was organized for 47 abhyasis from |Kanatakaq South, on 13th and 14th of November, at Natrampalli ashram, Tamilnadu.

(That is the Ashram which was donated to Chari's SRCM (California-1997), and looks like a small version of "Battlestar Galactica". See here - page 10)

If "Idle hands are the devil's workshop"

What are the "idle eyes" of the religious fanatics who always look to the dust in other's eyes but who don't see the log in their own eyes?

Here is a song:


Key of B (Capo 4....Play G) in 4/4 Time-Folk

Hey You! With a double face

Who pray for peace, then serve the gods of war

What's that you speak? Turn the other cheek?

You gotta think the world is deaf and blind


Get out of here, not in my space

Join the human race, and become civilized

I was at ONE, my one in ONE

Then you came along, with your master song.


Hey You! Of the Holy Book

In your Holy Nook, with the words you bastardize

You sow the war, then you reap the war

You gotta think the world is deaf and blind

With the instrumental solo, as back-up vocals to solo

You got idle eyes... idle, idle, idle eyes

Idle, idle, idle, eyes... you got idle eyes

Idle, idle, idle eyes...

Don’t wanna think the world is deaf and blind

You got idle, idle, idle eyes… idle, idle eyes..

Idle, idle, idle eyes… idle, idle, idle eyes….


Hey You! Of the Master clan

With your Master plan, and the words you idolize

What about the child, who is brutalized

You gotta think the world is deaf and blind

Hey You! Who theorize

Proselytize, and then you criticize

You victimize, and you terrorize

You gotta think the world is deaf and blind


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