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Sahaj Marg(tm) And Its Mediums, Channeled Messages from the dead, and Flawed Theology!

This is an edited comment I placed on an article by Alexis: La SRCM serait-elle soluble dans l’humour des canulars médiumniques ? on Elodie's Blog: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

Hello to everyone ...

I'm just goffing around, that's all! (Marg Delahunte, on CBC- This Hour has 22 Minutes)

Apparently, our anonymous Medium (#3 - male or female?), does not understand French.

It seems that Babuji, despite now living in the Brighter World, also does not understand the language of God (or the gods) (French or Latin ... Roman, Greek, or Hebrew, Egyptian, Mayan, etc ...) lol lol

We know, since Saint Joan of Arc (1412-31), that God speaks French, and if we are to believe the story (the "REAL one ??"), God prefers French to English. So Babuji, now being illuminated in ALL subjects, if he is truly in the Central Region or in Paradise (Brighter World), is expected to speak French (and any and every language) or at least understand them ... ;-))

Errors in grammar, spelling and syntax in these so-called "inter communications", reveal that it is really "humans" playing with the minds of people, and not the spirits of elevated (but dead) and wise people who should now know everything about everything ... apparently! Or why should we believe them more than the "living" ... Do fools living on earth magically become wise on the other side? Do liars on earth, then magically become honest people on the other side? Do racists and homophobes on earth, then not also become more sympathetic towards the suffering of others? Not Babuji, apparently, as our anonymous Medium (male or female), depicts Babuji as still being intolerant and despising homosexuals and homosexuality. And the ghost of Babuji says nothing about his own (and Chari's) racism in his lifetime.

According to the Hindus, LIFE continues and it does not stop at the Brighter World, but we apparently all come back to the dreaded cycles of life and death, according to our Karma ("samskaras" for abhyasis of Sahaj Marg (tm), sins/virtues for the Christians) until we reach LIBERATION from the duality, the cycle of birth and death!

But not for the abhyasis of Sahaj Marg (tm), apparently! They go to heaven, their "Brighter World" directly ... and they even go to the Center of Heaven (central region?). Some of them anyway. It is allegedly a more desirable SPACE! lol Maybe there is no shade at the Center?

For the adherents to Sahaj Marg(tm)'s daily ritual of imagining the "light in the heart", light, being only a spectrum of energy and/or material, is apparently even more desirable than the reality of SPIRIT, as they affirm in their prayer to being "slaves to desires" ...
So they can be called materialists and spiritualists (Mediums, messages from the dead, spirits, egregores, etc...) and not SPIRITUAL, since they focus on Light (matter, shiny trinkets, the rush of energy, bliss) rather than on the reality, SPIRIT! God is SPIRIT is IT not? SPIRIT is ONE?

They (she) make mistakes in their theology (mythology?)!

God is not HUMAN!
God is not LIGHT! God is not MATTER! God is not RACIST, or Homophobe. God does not choose his son's wife by: "skin complexion, height, or cut"!

Apparently, according to the Christian Bible, God (a person) chose a Jewish woman (Mary) for Joseph (a Jewish man) and had a "holy ghost" (SPIRIT) impregnate her, begetting Jesus, the Christ, the Saviour of everyone in the world. (Honest to God!! That's the Gospel Truth!) God did not chose a European woman with a more "fair complexion"!
And God (allegedly) did not chose a darker (savla?) African either!

God is SPIRIT? (yes or no?) A fantasy? Or, the NOTHING of Buddhism?

You gotta laugh b'cause it's not funny! (Acadianism) lol ;-))



Anonymous said...

It is the system to fool innocent and screw their minds and lives by controlling their minds and enslaving their souls. Chari and dead spirits take away good things from the body while people are sleeping. What people see practically is illusion, ecstacy magical, behind the seen they are called reality. They are taking good karma and life force from people while transferring to their near and dear ones thrive, spiritually as well as materially. God is the only positive force on whom to survive

Anonymous said...


I have questions and perhaps information that you can help me to understand (or which may help you) concerning Catherine Lauret. I have personally met her as she is closely involved in the life of my much loved relative. Please tell me where/how I can contact you privately as I fear that posting too much information may harm our families connections with said relation due to his involvement with the powerful Catherine.

Thank you

4d-Don said...

Hi anonymous...

You can contact me at

I am away from my station for a week or so...but will get back to you when I am back home ...