Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Sahaj Marg(tm)'s Medium #3 Challenged! Exposed!

Taken and translated from an article: YOU CAN NEVER FOOL MY COMPUTER, on Elodie's Blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.


The Anonymous French Lady Medium has added a new comment to your post "The Brighter World of the Hindus and the Mediums":

I offer my modest contribution to show that Babuji's messenger is less than a nobody.

I sent a nice message from the granddaughter of Chariji:

“Hello, I am Madhuri. My grandfather said Krishna is to old, Barghav too young to manage the mission in the future. Dad and my brother are unhappy, I am afraid what they will do. What will happen? What can I do? What do you think about it?”

As you will see on his blog, he (Babuji's messenger) said this:

“M****** please email me regarding your comment
Dear M******

You left a comment on my blog earlier asking some questions.

Please email me personally on babujismessenger@gmail.com so that i may answer your questions as they are of a personal nature and would be best discussed in private.
Also so that i can verify that it is actually you asking these questions as it may be someone who writes an anti Sahaj Marg blog pretending to be you........

Thank you"

I could feel the hit coming but I still sent him an email to see what he would do, "of course i am Madhurai"

Here at last is his final answer:


There is a very sad, nasty and immoral person who sends me messages pretending to be MASTERS granddaughter-Babuji has told me that this person is not who they say they are. I work with computers so i asked this person to send me an email so i could trace it and as i suspected it has not been sent from where MASTERS granddaughter is based.

This person is very very stupid-we must all pray that they find the right path and stop being so bitter against Sahaj Marg. If they do not approve of Sahaj Marg they should move on with their lives and stop reading this blog. If they continue to read this Blog maybe they should actually admit that they want to be a part of Sahaj Marg-THE GREATEST SPIRITUAL GROUP ON EARTH!!!!!

I will say no more on this subject.

I send out love to all the haters may BABUJI bless you and help you find the right path”

He had to wait for me to re-send him an email before being sure that I was not the person announced.
Why did he not immediately send his last message to my first communication?

Either he does not believe enough in what he says and as St. Thomas (the doubter) he must see the computer proof, or Babuji does not inform him at all and he is in need of proof. He should not say: "You Can Never Fool Babuji", but: "You Can Never fool my computer".

Well, it's all just bullshit, Catherine, Erin and Babuji's messenger are usurpers.

I am the only one to receive messages from Babuji, Lalaji and Sulochana (Chari's wife), the only daily to feed to Whispers from the Bright World. I am AFLM, The Anonymous French Lady Medium, and I defy you to prove otherwise.



Anonymous said...

WOOOOOO HOOOOOO :) I'm so happy I was right that Catherine Lauret was an imposter. "Babujis Messenger" "Catherine" whoever else there is in the world claiming to be receiving messages from BABUJI: Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Don I'm confused-has the REAL anonymous French medium actually posted that message at the end of this article? If it is-wow!!

Anonymous said...

I dont understand who was the person who sent the email to this Babujis messenger? Was it actually Madhuri? Or was it the writer of the blog?



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


I am Don's assistant.

To comment from Sheffield,UK.

I think that what is not in quotations, is from whoever wrote that article on Elodie's blog in French. Don just translated it. I don't understand french so I can't tell you much more, except that I looked at the french version and I removed the (3) in the opening sentence, as it is not visible in the french version. This message seems to come from: Anonymous French Lady Medium (AFLM).

(I have verified that with Don and we are both not 100% sure!).

It sounds to me, from the english translation, that the last paragraph is a challenge, but it could be irony or a 'put-on'. But ?? If anyone speaks french, they can ask Elodie in Europe directly, although she may not know either.

I believe many on her blog speak and understand english.

Elodie's blog:

To comment from Karen, Peterborough, UK.

The message seems to have been sent by the author of the article (AFLM?) pretending to be the young girl, and there does not seem to be a young girl involved in reality. At least I don't think so.

Trusting that clears things

don (2)

Anonymous said...

Wow this is all getting very confusing!!! Who knows who to trust anymore.

Anonymous said...

First of all let me swear on my family members, that chariji black magician has ruined my family and at no point of time we are happy. My son went to extent of hitting me saying that master is everything and he is nothing in front of him when i resisted to idea of marriage to be arranged by chariji. That is what is taught at srcm.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous

I empathize with your pain and the turmoil you claim was created in your family by Chari and his Sahaj Marg(tm) of SRCM(California-1997).

Could you expand on your personal experience with specifics, for the sake of our readers.

Please use a "user id" (a name or a number of your choice) so others can address comments to you directly, should they wish to.