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Iranian Woman Held by Police While Attending Sahaj Marg Program

Taken from Express Buzz at, thanks to an e-mail from Alexis.

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More allegations of "counterfeit and forgery" around the SRCM (California-1997) !! The "Natural" path to the ONE, the GREAT MORALITY is apparently fraught with allegations of "illegalities" from all quarters !! ;-)) But just wait!

That should stop once the "all-new" Sahaj Marg Bible is completely channeled by the anonymous French Lady Medium (with messages from the SPIRIT of Babuji, Lalaji, Chari's mother, Chari's wife, and "other" (don't ask... lol, lol... ;-)) ) spirits, (allegedly) from beyond the grave), and is finally written !! NOT!!

Apparently Babuji did not make it to the un-reachable "CENTRAL REGION" and is now communicating with a lowly "MEDIUM" (not even the "pseudo-living Master", Chari) from his lower "Brighter World" (one of the heavens??), which is apparenly "up there", and not "inside" (notice Chari pointing "up" in the video of his New Year's speech) ... Meditating on the LIGHT apparently does not take one very "high", as Babuji is reachable by a lowly "medium" (who is not a professional, according to Chari). Spiritualism or Spiritism is not SPIRITUALITY!! It certainly is not Raja Yoga!!

It seems that Religions with their "religious pilgrimages" are a good "cover" for money laundering schemes, and the police are keeping an eye on the "pilgrims"!! ...

There are even allegations in Europe (see Elodies' blog in Europe: Sahaj Marg, Long Life...Comment by Joelle) of Chari traveling around Europe in 1996, crossing many inter-national borders with (allegedly) undeclared cash collected from European abhyasis, from the pre-sale of Whispers from the Brighter World, (Chari allegedly wanted no cheques) delivered to him in cash in Denmark, by SRCM(California-1997) preceptors and the "zonal-in-charge". (the "zoned out" ones!! lol lol ) If the cash was undeclared at the various inter-national borders he crossed, it constitutes a criminal offense.

Joelle said (1996):
(see full comment here)


At Vrads (European headquarters for SRCM(California-1997), in Denmark. After the sale of "Augerans Castle" (the old Peugeot (automobiles) Castle) in the Jura district of eastern France, where the local villagers and the Media exposed the SRCM and it's practices, their headquarters were moved to Denmark.), Chari thus collected at least several thousands of Euros coming from all the European centres. All that to avoid paying the transfer costs between bank accounts. Then, he traveled across Europe with all that money camouflaged in his pockets, from Denmark, to London, then to the Arab Emirates, before returning to India.

No bank charges, no "duties" declarations either?

That is what our beloved Master has become, a vulgar "transporter of funds", worthy of the worse gangster films. (Did Chari lie about the "cash", at the European borders? What about "lies of omission"? Did others have to "lie" or "omit the truth" for him? Are these (in Machiavellian style) considered "white lies"? How much was saved from such practice?)

It's to cry in disgust.

Soon we will discover that he has accounts in Switzerland or in the Cayman Islands.



Excerpts from the Express Buzz:

Iranian Woman With Fake Notes Held

First Published: 30 Dec 2009 02:56:00 AM IST
Last Uddated: 30 Dec 2009 06:34:02 AM IST

CHENNAI: The city police arrested a 62-year old Iranian woman, while detaining her daughter for questioning, for allegedly possessing counterfeit Indian currency with a face value of Rs 25,000 here on Monday.


During enquiry, the two women reportedly told the police that they arrived in the city on December 3 on a month’s visa to attend a training programme in ‘Raja Yoga’ at Shri Ram Chandra Mission in Manappakam. They claimed that they had obtained the seized currency notes from Noor Money Exchanger, ‘under the supervision of Central Bank of Iran’, in Tehran.


During investigation, it also reportedly came to light that a day or two after their arrival at the ashram, the duo visited Kolkata in West Bengal and returned only on December 27. Since Malda district is used as a conduit by fake currency gangs operating from the State and neighbouring Jharkhand, the police are looking into whether the women had received the fake currency notes there.

(AJ Bhatter, Chari's chosen (hand-picked by Chari... not "elected") successor, is apparently a businessman from Kolkata in West Bengal)

According to the
India Times article:

"We are also verifying if she had contacted any other person during her stay in the ashram in Manapakkam. We inspected her room in Manapakkam and collected some documents" .... Mylapore deputy commissioner of police AG Mourya told The Times Of India. .

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Cult of Sahaj Marg (Shree Ram Chandra Mission): Fake Currency in Sahaj Marg

Is the punishment of the father (the Master) visited on the children (the abhyasis) ?

Christian Bible:
(Deuteronomy 5:9) - "You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, and on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me,"


Anonymous said...

Don, did you see this? What do you think about it? I'd like to have $3 Mil by the end of 2010 too, wouldn't you?

SRCM North America Bulletin, No. 2009.05
Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In this issue:
North American Ashram Fund (NAAF)

1. North American Ashram Fund
Dear Sisters and Brothers of North America:

The Shri Ram Chandra Mission has established a new fund to support its ashrams of North America. The North American Ashram Fund (NAAF) was created to financially strengthen the Mission's efforts in ashram acquisition and maintenance. Our Beloved Master has spoken about the need to create "Centers of Light" throughout North America and has given the green light to acquire new properties in New Jersey and California as complements to the existing ashrams in Georgia, Massachusetts, and Ohio.

At this time, our organization has encumbered a sizeable expense in this expansion effort and to meet the challenge, NAAF has the goal of raising US$ 3 million dollars by the end of year 2010. That is equivalent to 3,000 abhyasis contributing $1,000 a piece.

In order to insure the continued stability of the Mission, the abhyasis are being encouraged to take part in NAAF, using one of the following donation options. A team of regional volunteers has been formed to coordinate this effort. Team members will be contacting abhyasis during the next few weeks to consider making a contribution to NAAF.

The following options are offered as a way to participate in NAAF:

An annual donation of $1,000 per abhyasi.
A larger donation by those abhyasis who are capable.
A monthly donation plan of $80 per month, either payable by check or through an automated withdrawal program at your bank or by credit card.
Matching grant programs: the corporations currently participating are: IBM, Dell, Goldman Sachs, Meijers, Microsoft, Prudential, Wells Fargo, Chubb Insurance, Qualcomm, and others.
A creative donation approach where amounts and dates are flexible throughout the year, in order to best serve the needs of the donor.
Through the guidance our Revered Master, a worldwide system of spiritual refuges is being created for present and future generations to derive immense benefit. Please make your participation possible.

Donations made to regional initiatives will be earmarked for current projects to enable proper utilization of funds as per the Master's guidance. Contributions made to NAAF are tax deductable in their respective countries. Donations made on or before December 31, 2009 are tax deductable in this calendar year.

Please mail your donations to:

Shri Ram Chandra Mission
P.O. Box 70487
Marietta, GA 30007-0487

Shri Ram Chandra Mission
6 Madeline Road
Toronto, Ontario M2N 2S6

A link has been created at SAHAJMARG.ORG to assist abhyasis making on-line donations. For on-line donations, go to and click on North America Ashram Fund, and select North America Ashram Fundfrom the Item drop down menu.

Anonymous said...
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4d-Don said...

Hi Anonymous from Missouri...

"Opportunism" which was (and still is, by some) considered a character flaw, as it allowed one to take advantage of the "bad luck" our our fellow "brothers and sisters", is now seen by the BUSINESSMEN of Sahaj Marg as a "Virtue" ...

Like all profiteers, the SRCM (California-1997) inner circle will take advantage of the misery of their American "brothers and sisters" who have lost their homes to "bank foreclosures".

The same abhyasis, who would not help their neighbours as they lost their homes, will now fund this group of foreign pseudo-spiritual businessmen as they spread their business (not spiritual) empire across North America on the misery of our "brothers and sisters". Not theirs apparently!!

We are not surprised nor amused... That is the "all-new" and "spiritualist" Sahaj Marg with their autonomous and divisive "egregores" and channeled messages from beyond the grave (Spiritualism). That is the SRCM (California-1997) operated by businessmen and developers. But, not to worry, they will help the poor or those in financial trouble "later"!!
Maybe they only help their own with their "spiritual refuges" ... Could they be "racists"? ;-)) (in the Gujarat massacre, SRCM(California-1997) apparenly donated to one religious group and not to the other) Not possible, they claim, as they represent GOD!! A "male" and divisive GOD!! ;-)) How many other pseudo-spiritual groups have done the same throughout mankind's "religious" history?

And some have left so-called (by Chari) corrupt "Christianity" or other religions for that?? This is what they call: "corrupt" religions in others !!

Methinks they doth protest too much! (Shakespeare)

Methinks they point at other "religions" too much!!! (Don)

Let them operate as a business, but TAX THEM... These DIASPORA "projects" of the Chamber of Commerce of India are not "charitable" and don't deserve tax-exempt status, to "educate" the masses about their own "profiteerism" and "opportunism", under the guise of "charity" to build retreats (28 acre ranch) and clubs for the well-to-do?)...

Women will never become MASTERS in Sahaj Marg!! Will an "American" or a Canadian ever become the POPE of Sahaj Marg? I chuckle out loud!! (COL)

Yeah! Right!! Want to buy a "bridge" accross this religious "chasm"?

Let those who have sold their "morality" and their ethics for "titles" from Chari, donate to them ... in exchange for their "TITLES" (read "ego") ... (now... Chari will give everyone a TITLE!!) col, lol...

Don ...