Thursday, July 31, 2008

Exodus of the "living dead" to LIFE

Taken from Freedom from SRCM-Sahaj Marg site:

People are leaving Sahaj Marg

According to this cults own testimonial, people have started to leave sahaj marg, finally understanding the mind control tactic's applied by this cult, on its victims...

This is taken from the SRCM site dated June, 2008:

Dear Sister / Brother:

During Rev. Master’s European tour it has been apparent that some of the abhyasis who were previously serving as preceptors are not attending the gatherings. Rev. Master has been enquiring about them, and, in almost all cases, it has been insinuated by others that these abhyasis had left the Sahaj Marg practice once their services as preceptors was discontinued. It would therefore appear to be dangerous to accept the responsibility of a preceptor, because if it is going to lead to a situation where a preceptor is going to give up the practice itself, is it not better that he or she should refuse to work as preceptor, and prefer to remain as an abhyasi who has every possibility of reaching the goal? This also applies to functionaries in the Mission, where there have been many in the past that are no longer in the present, which should serve as warning to those who are in the present to stay on in the future.

As Jesus Christ said, “What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world but lose his soul?

4d-don's Comments:

The hypocrite "cowardly" Lions of Sahaj Marg dare to quote the "lamb" of God as they are trying to intimidate their defecting preceptors who want to leave their new RELIGION, as SRCM is trying to steal Christ's sheep and the sheep of the other religions, calling all RELIGIONS "corrupt"... and not "spiritual".... They really speak from both sides of their faces. Or we can say: They have TWO FACES... made of material or "MATTER"... We can say that the teachings of Sahaj Marg do not MATTER anymore. (will not fool material people anymore).

In Webster's Dictionary:
Hypocrite: 1. A person who professes beliefs and opinions that they do not hold.

They quote Christ:

As Jesus Christ said, “What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world but lose his soul?”

Religions invent the illusive "Soul" (not spirit, or essence) and then sell us the "saving of our soul" and threaten the "losing of our soul" if we don't bow before them .... Sounds like the dirty work of salesmen of "terror" to me... The ONE, what some call God, is more "simple", natural, and just than that, and does not need the "terror" created by demons, hell, "losing our soul", etc... to "grace" us. What we have is an "insane" society playing with their monsters from the "id". The Mind is very powerful. These stories of "losing our souls" scare the children, the naive and the gullible.

Now that some Abhyasis are "free" from SRCM, they can "save their own souls" which were not lost and were always saved anyway... This "intellectual terrorism" and threats of the Religious HELLs, with their demons, and suffering in fire, by the religious fanatics will not sell anymore... We are all inside the UNIVERSE, and INSIDE THE ONE, what some call God... NOW lets live in PEACE... We can't blame the Religious Gods anymore for the "terror" and "horror" we create ... We can make this LIFE a HELL without blaming the ONE, what some call by the Germanic (Gothic) word: GOD

Here is a song by 4d-don...

By Don (SOCAN)
Key of B (Capo 4....Play G) in 4/4 Time-Folk

Hey You! with a double face
Who pray for peace, then serve the gods of war
What's that you speak? Turn the other cheek?
You gotta think the world is deaf and blind


Get out of here, not in my space
Join the human race, and become civilized
I was at ONE, my one in ONE
Then you came along, with your master song

Hey You! Of the Holy Book
In your Holy Nook, with the words you bastardize
You sow the war, then you reap the war
You gotta think the world is deaf and blind

Hey You! Of the master clan
With your master plan, and the words you idolize
What about the child, who is brutalized
You gotta think the world is deaf and blind

Hey You! Who theorize
Proselytize, and then you criticize
You victimize, and you terrorize
You gotta think the world is deaf and blind


On Michael's blog (Ex-preceptor) on
Inner Circle of SRCM
(This is from comments on Michael's last article on his the bottom of his page)

Anonymous said...(he seems to be a follower of Kasturi and could be her successor "in waiting", as she is aged??) ...see later discussions with Michael on same thread)


I am impressed by your analysis. I left after 10 years after feeling disgusted at the way SRCM functions in its current form. However, I still feel that the system itself has its merits,as I obtained great peace through this method. it is sad that it has degenerated into bigotry. Guilt, fear and temptation are regularly used. Abhyasis are told that they need to bring in new recruits to be 'good' abhyasis, if at all such a certificate was required in the first place.Those who dissent are labelled 'drops of poison'. Prospective new members are told that the system is 'free of charge', and that they are free to leave the system if they wish to. But behind closed doors, existing members are told that they must 'monitor' the recruits and ensure that they stay for 6 months, as it has been found empirically that if someone stays for 6 months, they will stay on for ever. The aim is to reach a 'critical mass' of 30 in every centre, so that the centre becomes self sustaining ( akin to a nuclear chain reaction?)

Prospective members must be informed that at some stage there will be an expectation to donate money, and participate in fund raising, and recruitment/proselytizing activities. Withholding this important information amounts to mis-selling.

The organisation that was created as the means to an end, has become an end in itself.

Ironically, in open houses the method is presented as 'meditation for human integration'. Perhaps what is meant by human integration is that all humans must become SRCM members.

If one reads the SRCM literature carefully, it is stated clearly that the real master has no name and no form. However, such books are now on the backburner.

12:37 PM, July 27, 2008

On Navneet's Blog: Tell Me Truth India (comments 311-312)

HariharanPG said...

Dear Navneet Kumarji,

I am Hariharan, an abhyasi from Coimbatore. Due to various reasons that are purely spirituality-oriented, I have distanced myself from the SRCM run by Mr. Chari. I am an ardent seeker of spiritual elevation and PURELY AND ONLY follow Rev. Babuji. I would request you to kindly let me have your e-mail ID and also to kindly let me have the Books with the lecturs and messages of Rev. Babuji Maharaj, including your Rev.Father's book, "Truth Unveiled".

I shall be so glad to hearing you,




Michael said...


Its so sad to see the Inner Circle disclose their agony as they struggle with its eroding base. The real hypocrisy is the how it is stated that abhyasis are "free to come and go as they please", yet Jesus is quoted (out of context as usual) to frighten those who might choose to go.

Meanwhile, on my blog I see constant attacks against me by SRCM members for embracing the core teachings of Jesus of Nazareth as part of my heritage!

It is time, my dear friend to treat this organization like the barking dogs chasing the caravan - ignore them, and they will loose their power over us. Hmm, wasn't that what is prescribed for dealing with "unwanted thoughts" in meditation? There might be a secret message in that teaching!

Blessings & Truth,

Michael Skai

Anonymous said...

He is a psycho, thats why many opposed his candidature i guess. I request all of you please look before falling prey to this Sadist.
Before it is not too late. There are many instances. He can go to any extent as doing black magic.