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Update Interviews: Amita Saxena (Umesh's wife), etc...

Shashwat has done some follow-up interviews with Puneet (brother of Navneet and grandson of Babuji), and Amita Saxena , wife of late Umesh, (son of Babuji and past-President of SRCM(Shahjahanpur-1945), who died (poison) a few years ago. Amita describes the invasion of Babuji Memorial Ashram by a gang of armed men (thugs).

To the Victim a Witness! (folk song)

From Youtube:

(Interview with Amita is in Hindi... Interview with Puneet is in English)

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Shashwat Said:

Latest legal status and Amita Saxena interview

Amita saxena (w/o umesh chandra saxena) narrates her side as what all happened with her during the capture of shahjahanpur ashram, in an video interview to me, she said, uma shanker bajpai, (Secretary of SRCM (California-1997) who was holding a gun in his hand asked her to accept chari as her guru, when she refused, she was mercilessly beaten dragged punched and pushed out of her home in shahjahanpur (allegedly) on orders of P. Rajagopalachari.

This show how spiritual this gang is, if you refuse to accept chari as master of this universe, you may loose your life!!

current legal status of SRCM is explained by legal advisor of SRCM also, all video's pls visit our channel on youtube

http: // www . youtube . com/user/exposingsahajmarg

4d-Don's Comments: This is where the danger of "egregores", groupthink, and/or blind obedience, becomes Reality. It is in the "crowd dynamics" or the "mob mentality" that the groupthink or the "autonomous egregores" become really "autonomous", hence DANGEROUS, and obviously so. It is now known and accepted by most sociologists, that the emotions and also the actions of an individual by him/herself, are different from his/her emotions and actions in, or as part of a group, an audience, a crowd, a mob, a team, a protest, a group conflict, (real or mock, as with Sports), etc ... It seems that the heat, or the emotions of the group compel many to "do likewise" without thinking (autonomous, mob mentality), and many are simply led by the emotions of the crowd, or "of the moment", as one may sometimes claim apologetically in retrospect. The actions of a group are not always led by the creator of the egregore, and the egrogores may take on a life of their own, sometimes creating chaos, and/or very undesirable outcomes... In a "protest" of mob action, the violence does not necessarily begin at the "front" of the mob, with the leaders, but at the outskirts of the crowd, where the less motivated and the more sheepish, the "holy innocent" or the expendable "martyrs" gather.

One could also see the use of "egregores" or groupthink in the marketplace in what is (or was) called "impulse buying", along with the strategic placing of products in the marketplace. Hence the creator of the "egregore" in this case, could be attempting to attract and to motivate the "buyers" to look at one's "brand" favorably, and to purchase it, without thinking (on impulse) or with "directed thinking".
The outcome is sometimes un-expected. Egregores are not efficacious tools for SPIRITUALITY where ONE or the ULTIMATE, is the goal. There is no room for "autonomous psychic entities" (egregores) in serious "spirituality". When ritualistic "autonomous" Egregores are created and used in a religious context, that is called "spiritualism"!

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