Monday, January 29, 2007

Why Do SRCM Abhyasis Reflect Arrogance and Ego?

Why do SRCM abhyasis reflect arrogance and ego?

This is short comment by Christian, Phd, and research psychologist on Elodie's blog, translated with Google Translate.

Elodie's blog with comments by Christian to article:
Jan 28, 2007 "Une premiere circulaire de Tiruppur"

To return to what Babuji says about the "ego" in a post-hoc comment in his journal. (Part I Volume 1):

“page 56

p56 - Comment added by Babuji to his journal entry of the 17th January 1929 (autobiography commented on publication?)

"The ego gives you strength for all the work. It points out to you that you have got the power to do a certain thing. But we identify ego with the body, instead of with the soul. It is the production of God which you cannot annihilate. You should modify it."

I think that we have THE answer to the question that everyone is asking about “spiritually advanced” persons who adopt a pathologically egotistical stance, to egoist and to egocentric persons. If the traditional ego (of a person not practising spirituality) is centered on the body and the ego of a spiritual candidate is centered on the heart, it may be also that the ego - as for example that of an abhyasi of SRCMtm - is centered on the navel (metaphor) , i.e. neither the body nor the heart, but the "individuality".

It was the thesis which I defended initially on SRCMVEROLEE (Christian's old blog), while detailing why the (SRCMtm) practices led people to be centered on themselves instead of being centered on the divine one.

It becomes completely possible to obtain the kind of monstrosity which we could all observe in SRCMtm, and nothing any prevents such an ego from hypertrophying when the practices are not directed correctly. For ME it is a small sentence which brings much sense to what I observed in the others and in ME. Which means that this obsession of the abhyasis, the prefects (preceptors) and Chari on the ego is completely inadequate.



Anonymous said...

Please note that who ever has written this article has not understood the Method of the Original Shri Ram Chandra Missio+n laid down by Babuji.

Babuji always stated that we start from the heart. Naval was and is never the centre of our transmission.

It is absolutely wrongly stated in this comment as "....example that of an abhyasi of SRCMtm - is centered on the navel, i.e. neither the body nor the heart, but the "individuality."

If this is a system followed by SRCMtm headed or introduced by them. It is a complete lack of basics of the system.

.... Anon

4d-Don said...

Hi Anon...

If I can defend Christian, (I added the word "metaphor" in brackets in the article) I beleive he means the Navel as a metaphor and he is really saying the "individuality", themselves, etc. That would explain why, as instructed by the SRCM Method under Chariji, the "goal" has become more important than the "journey" and the abhyasis are driven by "pre-apocalyptic" fear of not "getting there" in this lifetime.

This, according to my POV, is what makes the followers of SRCMtm "un-loving" and un-caring for "family", society, planet etc..It would explain my experience in my family.

Under Babuji, we (I) did not see this "fundamentalist" zeal and fervor that is so prevalent in "cults" and "extreme" religions. I saw more the focus on "quality" rather than "quantity" and that was the appeal of the Mission before Chari. We were just "doing our duty" rather that being driven by a goal of "reaching perfection". That is the self-serving, individualistic, egotistic focus of the Mission today.

This is just my POV and I did not write the article...