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Beyond the Grave Messages for SRCM succession-Lalaji-Babuji

This is taken from Elodie's blog "The Desperate Abhyasi" or in "Long Life Sahaj Marg" (in French)

The comments are to article titled: "Une première circulaire de Tiruppur", by Elodie, dated Jan. 28, 2007.

This is the official version of the succession of Lalaji's succession into Babuji via dreams and a 14 year delay after the death of Lalaji. The researcher is Alexis from France:

Alexis said…

Christian, in connection with the inter-communications (beyond the grave) Lalaji-Babuji and the transmission of the (succession) torch, here is what I also found :

1 On the ISRC website

-On August 15, 1931 (the day after Lalaji’s death), “a great flow of power” that they claim as being the beginning of fusion (Lalaji-Babuji). Then on October 12, 1932, improvement of the process of fusion….

Then, in April 1944 when Babuji prays his Master during several days to show him the light (like Moses on Mount Sinai, it is them (SRCM) who make the comparison). On August 14, 44, he starts to pray to Lord Krishna…

2 From SRCMtm:

In an interview for a newspaper, Chari speaks about transmission about 1944-45, without specifying. In an old “Sing Voice”, magazine of the mission in Singapore: Babuji met Lalaji for the 1st time on June 3, 1922

Transmission: They say that this comes from the autobiography of Babuji (Volume 2, 1st English edition, p. 20), i.e. the version SRCMtm (the 20%). On August 6, 1944: Lalaji (allegedly in a dream) ordered. "There should be an announcement in the Bhandara that I (Lalaji) have appointed you, Ram Chandra of Shajahanpur, as my heir-apparent and representative (…) Those who oppose you shall not derive any benefit for me."

Without references, they add that Babuji would have also then taken instructions from Swami Vivekananda, Lord Krishna and Buddha, only that…

It is Vivekananda who would have given him instructions concerning the emblem of the mission. Then, on January 3, 1946, Babuji invents/bequeaths his method. On January 12, 46, Lalaji dictates the words of the prayer to him.

It is a circus atmosphere… and anything goes!

-He meets Lalaji on June 3, 1922 and does not see him again but 3 other times (approx).
-He dreamed much about Lalaji and Baqi Billah, but he was afraid of the reactions of his parents.
-The fusion starts the day after Lalaji’s death
-A great vacuum until 1944, but he apparently visited the successors of Lalaji.
-He hesitates nearly 14 years to begin his work.
-April, 44, he (Babuji) requests Lalaji to give him the light (hence he does not have it yet!).
-He obtains on May 22, but Lalaji confirms it only on August 6.
-During this period, he (Babuji) and Lalaji fear his competitors (to the succession)
-As of on August 14, 44, he prays also Vivekananda, Krishna and Bouddha
-Vivekananda gives him instructions for the emblem
-1945 the creation of the SRCM with Shajahanpur
-January 3, 46 The method of Babuji becomes public
-January 12 46, Lalaji dictates the prayer to him (Babuji)

In your dreams… as the young people say!!

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