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Testimonial of Modern-day (mystical) Transmission in Sufi (Islam)

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Thank you so much for your really kind message and the information on NaqshMuMRa It's really helpful and means a lot especially to me. What a pity that God's message which came in various different forms in Hinduism, Christianity, Islam etc to unite people rather people miss-understood the message and fought wars and divided people. I have an affection love for Sri Lord Krishna, Jesus Christ and Hazrat prophet Mohammad etc. I once saw a group of dervishes in my dream and im my heart love was sprung up and I also felt as If I’m next to Jelalauddin Rumi.

I'm very careful to who I talk to about esotericis but I fully have trust and no dounts could ever come into my mind about you. I have a dream to tell you about.

Very long time ago at least nearly a year ago I felt really sorry for how not only Mullahs that teach Islam to Muslims but also Islam followers hardly understand much about the life of Prophet Mohammad and I did a prayer invoking all the saints that brang a religious message from God and the same night in a dream I found my self right inside Mecca Madina and I felt as if Prophet Mohammad is there He appeared in a flash of light and I was enlightened and received esoteric transmission in a very emotional state of fear and it removed all the impurities in me and then love for the God and my heart was filled with so such powerful Ruhanniya and I felt a exisless state of total merging into the divine source and It was so powerful that i totally forget myself, though I belong to the Hindu faith Hazrat Prophet Mohammad did not even have a single problem for giving me the moment of enlightment . Hazrat Prophet Mohammad words, smile and his presence of him a true dervish was making me cry but a strong power did not allow it. just through his emotional way of smiling was enough my heart could only keep on feeling love. In mecca i did not see millions of people but I only saw 1000 companions of him and he commented there your protection. I felt as if i received many initiations from him in my dream from being really gross and evil to the divine presence I went through each stage from bad to holy and when he flashed and disappeared I saw nothing but only self-realisation of merginig into God as one.

I know that It was a dream and maybe God-forgive me if I wrote anything that which did not happen. I know It was a dream but maybe you could know more of what this is about.

I requested a dream meeting with prophet Mohammad but instead I received the blessing to give and serve this humanity all that it deserves with no consideration of any outer distinction of race, religion etc even atheists and he blessed me with spreading my words to people that will benefit from me but most people only judge me by my appearance. It's a pity I always fall in love with saints, dervishes and so many Sufis but I hardly get to meet them because I live in the U.K. I have also seen most people get turned away from me maybe because God is testing me or something but I see by judging people by appearance is not a good thing. Oh well people that live in Darkness usually always live in darkness and never notice what the other person can offer.

Take care


chirag gohil

chirag gohil wrote:
Sun, 10 Dec 2006 14:39:31 +0000


I want to introduce myself my full name is Dervish Chirag Gohil. My Father’s name is Kishore Gohil and my mothers name is Nayna Gohil. I'm studying at Higher Education College at New Ham College which usually takes me nearly 45minutes to reach by Bus and I'm from a high religious family. I have studied myself the Bhagavat Gita, Qu'ran and also some parts

Of the Vedas and the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus Christ and Hazrat Prophet Mohammad and the Puranas but my favorites two are the Bhagavat Gita and the Upanishads and as for Sufism I have countless Poetry of Sufis Which I have collected for example Rumi, Hafiz, Attar etc.

I had phoned you on Thursday to give my regards to you and about your and It's very nice and Informative about the Naqshbandiya Mujaddadiaiaya Mazahariya Ramchandriya I like the design It suites the NaqshMuMRa. I wanted to see the Golden chain of the Sufi Order. Is it possible if you could list down for me the saints of the Shijra?

I like all the saints because they were true human beings.

It may also shock you that also my parents have never visited India because they come from Africa and since they came from Africa to England they have never traveled to any country. If I could come to India I would definitely come but as I have never been to India also I have financial problems and as I'm a college student aged 20 It can be very difficult just like my friends to even travel the whole of England as well as I'm the only child of the family. My father has just turned 58 and my mother will turn 49 very soon.

I wanted to ask as I know that Mahatma Raghubar Dayal Ji was the younger brother of Mahatma Ram Chandraji so was Mahatma Radha Mohan Lal Ji the son of Mahatma Raghubar Dayal Ji?


chirag gohil


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