Sunday, December 30, 2007

Chari Is Worth His Weight In Gold

This article was taken from Elodie's blog (France) and translated using Google Translate by 4d-don.

I have personally seen the same thing at "fundamentalist" Christian churches (Religion) where millions are raised by "charismatic" preachers for all sorts of "material" temples to the "glory of God". In this case, water fountains and landscaping for a park so as to make it look more "NATURAL" no doubt.


Master is worth his weight in gold

An unknown abhyasi sent me this transcript of Chariji's words of November 18, 2007 at Tiruppur without further comments.

Indeed it could go without comment. Chariji made the "collection", and benefits from the desire of every abhyasi to approach him, so as to pocket a passage ticket of 1,000 rupees ($25.50 US).


Master led the satsangh until 9:50 in the morning (from 9 am to 9:50). After the satsangh, the head of Tiruppur center said that Master was stopped by very young children as he was heading to the meditation hall. They handed a small pot (plastic) filled with coins and they said to Master: "Use the money for the development of your ashram." So Master said, "Our children know exactly where their duty lies. Here also, we need to contribute to the development. "

Immediately Master took the microphone and said:" I am pleased with what's happening here and I am happy to be here. In many missions, it is customary to give a weight equal to that of the guru in gold, and even sometimes in diamonds. The guru can weigh 150 kg. The sum may unfortunately be spent freely, in the company of the film artists he enjoys. But here I hope you can all give like this (he shows the pot, which should weigh 5 kg). So, do not weigh me, please give the equivalent of these 5 kg - but only on condition that there are only 1000 rupee bills. I want the surface of this park at Tiruppur DJ to become like a paradise so that whoever flies over (Air) this site should be able to see this paradise from above.

Will you help me develop it? "

All abhyasis said, "Yes, Master"

Master: "OK, now on to the donation itself. "All abhyasis rushed to Master with 1000 rupee bills. Brothers and sisters at the same time formed a long queue, completely filling the hall and made a personal donation to Master. Master took the money from each of them, saying "Thank you. "

All abhyasis had a great opportunity to meet Master himself while giving some money. Several couples met Master so that he bless their wedding day, or name their child, etc. Which also happened in the line-up. Master joked with the children and gave chocolate to each of them and said: "It's very expensive chocolate now because it costs 1000 rupees here," and he was joking with all while collecting the money.

Master remained seated for more than two hours. Once all abhyasis had given, Master said, "When I made the Sarovar (water castle) here at this site, many asked me why it was so named. It is a KRIPA SAROVAR because today I took out hundreds of fish. I am extremely happy to welcome you all and to meet you. I can not say thank you, but I bless you all. "

It was a moment of great joy and Master left us after that. All abhyasis were filled with joy and they had the great opportunity to talk to him face to face, and Master took the trouble to sit more than two hours to make our happiness.


Elodie said...

Bonjour et bonne année,
Merci de ton alerte mais j'ai changé de "template" il y a quelques mois.
Je croyais qu'il n'y avait plus de problème pour poster des commentaires.
PS : bravo à toi aussi pour tout ton travail en anglais

Unknown said...

Hello friend,
a man with limited understanding tends to hold on to stimulus that nourishes his identity.

The basis of any spiritual pactice, is as simple as undoing yourself for yourself. Only that exists. But we all
want to do something. A lot schools today provide a venue for that indulgence in doing something and norishing that

idea of ourself(ego) doing.- Hence the many forms and concepts of spirituality and mysticism today which have evolved through addendums.

To practice to sit and do nothing either with your body nor with your mind but just let it be..

a suggested guideline to lead the material life, your current reality is provided to help aid and accelerate.

This is all there is to *ANY* spiritual practice.

Like Babuji had said..the whole difficulty of a real spiritual system today is that there is no difficulty.

No guru is needed. For in truth the guide has always been inside of you.
Having an external guide saves "time" in this temporal world, who can lead you and put you in touch with the guide

within, inside of you, whom you have masked with your current identity of yourself.
quoting Babuji - "the fantasy of life is cured by another fantasy, called guru"

This life is short. Looking back, wasnt it just a moment ago you were in high school and youth and now you are

here. In another moment you will be old. and then everything will be forgotten. why waste one's time pointing

fingers at others. Does this not serve a lesser purpose than to forget judging this world around and do something for oneself?

It would be surprising to you that I started this practice an aethist with a cynical hatred more than indifference

to this Chari, the boring man who likes to ramble on. My greater purpose was to meet good looking women!

But then when He taught through silence. And I listened through silence. It was different.

Just my 2 cents, friend.

Anonymous said...

Hello Prahal...

Thanks for the comments...

Your first sentence applies to Chari perfectly. He is "a man with limited understanding" who goes about "pretending" to be a Master because of a position he usurped and a "ring" (Babuji's) he "took" according to those who know Babuji. His ego is visible to those who are truly "spiritual". To other materialists, who are "impressed" by the material power and those who "possess" it, he seems like a "superman" just like other materialists and icons such as the many capitalists and movie, sport and music stars.

I would say that spiritual practices should an "unfolding" not an "undoing". As the present unfolds, the past is not un-done but "folded" but remains so as to generate the samskaras that are not "erased" by simply performing a "ritual". There is a law of KARMA that will not be undone by the rituals of confession and "cleaning" or transmission. In confession as in transmission, we change as we become ONE with. It is our "at-onement" that transforms, not the ritual of confessing or the burying of the "actions" by what we call "other good actions", as if cleansing is a "good" action. All these rituals (confession, transmision, cleaning) are really egoist actions that do not "at-one" and/or "un-do" our transgression or self-indulgence, but tr to BURY it.

I agree that no guru is needed to be SPIRIT...WE ARE SPIRIT wether we like if or not...We are consciousness. We are LIGHT. It is our realization of this SPIRIT that we seek. And IT is inside us all as well as we are INSIDE IT...

There is no "TIME" to save because the SPIRIT is beyond TIME. Life is not a RACE and those who agree with one system or another gets there "FIRST"... There is no THERE but only HERE!! Life is a JOURNEY, not a GOAL... NO ONE WINS...and WE ALL WIN...

If a guru only manipulates and "divides" the families and the GROUPS in his surrounding, that are to be the "growing and testing ground" of spirituality according to Babuji and many other Wise people, then this GURU has not placed his disciples in touch with anything beside HIS OWN DIVISIVE SYSTEM of BELIEF and THOUGHT, not the DIVINE... He has just replaced the families, friends and groups for HIS OWN family and group. That is a SCAM and shows an EGO...

When you say: "you have masked". I say NO!. Maybe you have MASKED or you know others who have, but YOU don't know if I MASK or not. I see the REALITY not a fantasy. I don't need another fantasy that is a GURU. Another "fantasy" of a GURU will not and can't create the REALITY for ALL. This Guru creates a worse reality than what was there before. Where once there was UNITY, now there is DIVISION.
That is not LOGICAL and it should be to be true. RELIGION DIVIDES...Spirituality UNITES...THAT IS BABUJI also...but WORDS ARE CHEAP to those who see the MIND and the BRAIN as NEGATIVE.

When you say: "waste time pointing fingers", you forget that you just pointed at me for "wasting time" and "masking my identity", etc...

I am saying: Go home and MEDITATE and stop "POINTING FINGERS at OTHERS" pretending that your system is better than other RELIGIONS.

The family of your FOUNDER accuses the current leader of CRIMES!...It is not me POINTING but stating that you have negatively affected my family and the family of the FOUNDER by POINTING at me to my wife and having her believe that she is more SAVED or LIBERATED with CHARI than with Jesus, Buddha, etc...(all the other "isms")

Your Guru has divided another family in the name of RELIGION and his disciples (my wife) are doing the same in CHARI's name, proselytizing in times of crisis, and dividing so as to PROFITEER and serve the EGO of the DIVIDED GURU of a DIVIDED SOCIETY). Once the family is destroyed, the abhyasi then justifies "assasinating the personality and the character of their MATE...Like all religions, Sahaj Marg starts BATTLES and eventually, WARS...

You will get old too and die also.

Make good use of your time and go home and MEDITATE or reach your realization of the ONE...IT's name is not CHARI, who is truly a FANTASY according to BABUJI...If your group did something for itself, it would stay home and meditate but they instead travel around the world "PROSELYTIZING" and DIVIDING other families and stealing the "SHEEP" of other religions so as to profiteer, GROW CHARI's BUSINESS for the sake of his place in "history" that will last but a few short years if we practice war again in the name of religion...

Thanks for your 2 cent's worth...

These are the days of REVELATION! We will all become more realized of our SPIRIT. To attach this realization to a man is the FANTASY. WE are HARD-WIRED for the MYSTICAL experience. There are some astute and arrogant "BUSINESSMEN" who jump between us and the DIVINE and "sell" the Path to it as if IT had a location in SPACE and TIME. IT is not so...One would think that with all the many WISE men in INDIA, the masses would not follow the Indian version of our TELEVANGELISTS who promise EASY and NATURAL "salvation" in the other "brighter" world, who claim to receive messages from the deceased (SPIRITUALISM) and to be yet another "chosen" , another elitist Master RACE as the solution to Humankind's problems.

We are safely Tucked inside the ONE (what some call GOD, the MALE) where we LIVE...

I don't have to TRAVEL and increase my carbon footprint to find THE ONE...I am inside it and IT is Inside me... I am not a "spiritual tourist" supplying "Santosh Kanjee's" LOTUS hotels (and other "many-homed" wealthy, capitalist, foreigners with "MONEY" and "adoration", in the name of being a SEEKER!

May you be blessed with the realization of the ONE where you live, and find no need to "exhaust" the GAIA (earth) to death in your search for SALVATION.