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Whispers, The New Ideology of Sahaj Marg

Taken and translated from an article by Elodie: "Whispers, Nouvelle Idéologie du Sahaj Marg", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

November 15, 2011
Whispers, The New Ideology of Sahaj Marg?
A third debate
Alexis opens a new series of reflections on the content of Whispers. Rather than reproduce his messages, I propose to discuss it.
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The dark side of Sahaj Marg
Label Whispers (Google Whispers)

While Alexis opens this new series, I realize that Whispers crystallizes my biggest disappointment vis-à-vis the SRCM of Chari and Sahaj Marg. My disappointment, but also my indignation and my anger, my cries of rage.
I overcame my inhibitions and created this blog in January, 2006 because of the commercial exploitation of Whispers by Chari and the Mission. When, much later, I lost my last illusions about Chari, it was still about Whispers, because of the content of the messages of the so-called medium of Babuji.
Before, and for a long time, I spent the towel on (whitewashed? brushed over?) so much. I was sometimes offended by certain words or certain acts, but it seemed a necessary evil, almost insignificant in such a large organization. Inevitably there must be some black sheep, the structure would inevitably generate some slag.
Without the excesses brought about by Whispers, I think I would have finally continued to whitewash everything. For me it was the trigger, the last straw. But then, Whispers exceeded all the vertices of the excess and madness that reigns within the SRCM, there are no limits. Since 2006, this drop of water was gradually transformed itself into a stream, and into a river and an ocean as a result of the oft-repeated so-called messages of Babuji.
If Chari's SRCMtm only swears by their Bible, Whispers, Sister Kasturi told Shashwat Pandey on February 20, 2009 that she objected to the release of Whispers which she considers harmful, because they peddle incorrect messages. I remind you that Babuji called her (Sister Kasturi) "the saint of Sahaj Marg". He was then alive and in full mental health.

Shashwat :


I have one more question, recently there is a book published by Sahaj Marg, called "Whispers From the Brighter World", which is said to contain messages from Lalaji and Babuji, and these messages are sold at a price of 250 euro’s which is approximately 12,000, Indian rupees, kindly throw some light on this as to what is this brighter world and what are these messages from the "brighter world".

Kasturiji : I have written the truth about these things in my book, because I know, that these things are going to be very harmful for the mission in future, this will not convey the correct message, you tell me one thing, did Chariji hear the name of “brighter world” during Babuji’s time, or before him or after him?

Shashwat :
(pause) you are correct.

Kasturiji :
(where) ever did he heard this name?

Shashwat :
you are correct, this all started since 2005 onwards.

Kasturiji :
even Chariji, he also use to do worship before, many big names use to visit him, did he ever hear this name “brighter world” (laughs..) and then there are messages from this place!! I will tell you the truth, and I have cleared this in my book, whenever someone is asked to come down to earth for some work, suppose Babuji was asked to come to earth for spirituality, there are some personalities who know before hand, that this divine personality will come down to work, such personalities leave their pleasure and allow themselves to protect that divine personality like a bodyguard, like lord Shankar, Narad Muni, and many others, whenever such personalities come down, they all are ready to serve such a personality, these are people who stay back after leaving earth, and they get the job done, they will inform, like you need to do this, you did a good job, but you need to do this also, and there is nothing of this kind in Chariji’s diary, I have read that diary.. it only contains information like, he is praising him, she is praising that fellow.. like this.. if there is expression of any kind of relation, than it is totally false, because relation are that place when spirituality ends, there are no relation for such people, all relations are part of earth, and they and they are left behind in this world only, when you leave this world then only divine bliss exists, and there are no relations there.. and in Chariji’s diary, all it contains is relations… I have not written his name because he is head of our mission currently, I have not taken any name, but I have answered everything, so that people can come to know the truth.

Am I the only one with Sister Kasturi, to believe that the ideology brought by Whispers is particularly harmful (noxious)? Am I the only one to believe that with Whispers, Chari's SRCM has attained some until now never accessed peaks of excess and madness?

I propose
to all to discuss it here.

Obviously, the other debates remain open. Thank you for participating, it will not work without you.



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